Pre-Double Eyelid Surgery Questions and Answers

1. How should I prepare for double eyelid surgery?

When planning to undergo double eyelid surgery, it is important that your system is generally healthy to avoid experiencing any complications. It is important that you avoid medications, cigarettes, and alcohol at least two weeks before surgery because this can cause bleeding and prolonged healing.

Double eyelid surgery is also quite expensive therefore you have to prepare your budget not only for the surgery itself, but aftercare expenses.

You also have to prepare yourself emotionally and psychologically. By that it means that you must have a realistic view of the outcome of the surgery. Otherwise, any result will not please you no matter how good it may be.

2. What are the contraindications to this procedure?

Double eyelid surgery is contraindicated for those who have bleeding tendencies and those individuals who are allergic to anesthesia.

3. What other approaches are there with double eyelid surgery?

There is such thing as an Asian double eyelid surgery. The techniques of this procedure is suitable for Asian eyes to create double lids while maintaining their ethnic appearance.

4. Who is a good candidate for double eyelid surgery?

Individuals with hooded eyelids or what is called Mongolian folds are the right candidate for this surgery. It is also important that an individual is generally healthy to significantly minimize side effects and complications. Someone with realistic expectations of the procedure is also essential. You also have to be of the right age to qualify as a good candidate because surgeons will not perform surgery on patients who are below eighteen.

5. What are the benefits of double eyelid surgery?

Double eyelid surgery can give more definition to the eyes as it creates another fold. It can improve the person’s vision especially for those who have severely hooded lids.

6. Are the results of this procedure permanent?

Yes, the results of a double eyelid surgery are permanent. The surgeons’ uses sutures that melt on creating a permanent crease. A double lid when created will last long.

7. How should I choose my surgeon for double eyelid surgery?

It is essential that you choose your surgeon carefully because not anyone is experienced or has the training and skills to perform it with quality results. Yes, anyone with a medical license can do this procedure, but it takes someone with the right skills to do it successfully.

It is important that you ask the surgeon as to the number of double eyelid surgery cases he has done in his practice, and ask about his success rate in all of these. You can also guage the quality of his work through the number of revisions that patients come in for regarding his work, and whether he performs corrective surgery as well.

A surgeon who puts a premium in his work will also put a reasonable price on it. Someone who quotes a significantly low cost on the surgery should be a red flag in terms of safety and quality. An expensive work also doesn’t guarantee quality results but you can ask for before and after photos or testimonials from previous patients.

8. Is this procedure covered by insurance?

Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance. But this would be dependent on the evaluation of the doctor because if the hooding is excessive impeding the visual field of the patient, some insurance providers might cover part of the expenses.

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