A Girlfriend’s Guide After Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) – [BLOG POST]

There are things that you are open to talk about with everyone, but there are those that you can only share with your closest girl friends like your plan to get the nose job of your dreams. You are lucky if you have a girlfriend that knows a lot about the subject because after all, you have the “same feathers,” so to speak.

But one thing’s for sure – you can never get enough information on getting surgery and it would be best to consult professionals too. Below are the essentials you need to know before someone touches your nose.


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a girlfriends guide after nose job surgery10 Important Things to Know Before Getting the Nose Job

1. Take a Break

After the procedure, you can expect some bruising or swelling to happen and the healing period may progress differently for everybody, which is often around 7-10 days.

2. Expect Bruising and Swelling

As a normal part of a nose job, the bruising and swelling is expected within the first 3-5 days and should be gone within 7-10 days. Just keep your head elevated and try to avoid strenuous physical activity.

3. Think 12-15 Months Ahead

The procedure does not end after you get the nose job. Keep in mind that there is a possibility for the residual swelling to take 12-15 months to completely disappear.

4.  No Exercise for the Meantime

Because the nose job is still in its healing stage, avoid exercising within the first 3-4 weeks. This is specifically more important for those who had a nasal or septal surgery. An increase in your heart rate above 100 can worsen the swelling, thus making it longer for you to heal.

5. Sensations After Surgery

Be prepared to feel some amount of pain and a little discomfort after the surgery. There may also be a stuffy feeling within the first few days and while the splint is on. All these are normal, and you must keep the nasal airway clean with regular tap water.

6. Think of them as Normal

Although the signs are alarming by usual standards, it is normal for a patient to feel congested and experience swelling around the face and eyes after the operation. Some bleeding from the nostrils is also expected to happen within the first several days after the procedure. It can also be expected that you might feel tired due to some discomfort and medication side effects.

7. Pain on Your First Post-op Visit

Since there will be some internal and external nasal splints for removal on your first post-op visit, you may be advised to take some pain medication before going to your surgeon. You may not be advised to drive afterwards because it might have side effects that might render you risky to drive. When the splints are finally gone, breathing would be significantly better, but it might swell again for those who got a septal surgery. To keep the swelling down, use a significant amount of saltwater solution to irrigate the nostrils.

8. Time When the Nose Looks Normal Again

Do not be shocked or disheartened, but it might take a year for the nose to look as normal as you would like it to be. Expect the tip of the nose to get swollen longer and numb up to the first six months after surgery. However, it doesn’t mean that you would stay holed up in your room the entire time. Your nose will look presentable, but the results will take almost 12 months due to the healing that have to take place internally. What you need to be concerned about would be complications which could be displayed as redness, fever or chills, and pus coming out of the nose. These need immediate attention.

9. Get the Right Surgeon for You

Being the most difficult cosmetic surgery procedure to perform, you must get the best one to do the job. Look for someone with whom you are very comfortable with and someone who is willing to give you the big picture and not just the words that you would like to hear.

10. There Might be a Revision Surgery

Though not common at all, a revision surgery might be necessary when there is a residual dorsal hump, the tip would still be bulbous, or when there is obstruction of the nasal airway. Ultimately it would be the patient’s decision, but with advise by the surgeon.



The Ten Questions You Need to Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon

1. Ask if he is board certified

Never get someone who is not board certified and be sure the “board” he gives is the real and recognized one. ASPS and ASAPS are some of the best answers in this department.

2. Ask how many procedures the surgeon has done

More than the credentials, it would be important to know how many patients he has had. Demand for before and after pictures of his patients to know the aesthetics of the surgeon.

3. Ask if the surgeon is devoted to rhinoplasty alone

There are some doctors who decide to shift expertise and move to rhinoplasty as the next one. If this is the kind of doctor in front of you, know where his priorities and expertise are.

4. Ask for the last time the surgeon performed rhinoplasty

Like any other skill, rhinoplasty requires constant practice. A surgeon who has not performed it in a while is not the best one for you.

5. Ask for the surgeon’s satisfaction rate from the patients

The satisfaction rate of the surgeon is the best indicator of the surgeon’s expertise. The doctors know this and would usually have a record to show for prospective clients to go over.

6. Ask for revision policies

This might not be the first thing on the patient’s mind, but it would be good to know the contingency plans for the procedure in case something goes wrong.

7. Ask for revision rates

It is smart to be aware of how much you will be charged in case something goes wrong with the procedure.

Ask for the duration of the procedure
It helps to know how long the procedure will take, what is involved, and the important things to expect. It is also important to know the recovery time to be aware if you are healing on schedule.

8. Ask for possible complications

Not to belittle the abilities of the surgeon, you just need to know the complications and the possible ways to avoid them.

9. Ask for the specific rhinoplasty technique

There are different techniques in the market with the different implications and requirements. Know the exact one your surgeon is going to use on you.

10. Silicone Versus Gore Tex

Now that you have basically decided to push through with the rhinoplasty, a crucial element is the material that is going to be used for the implants. Nowadays, you have Gore Tex and silicone as your options. They are used to fit the nasal characteristics of the patient.

Gore Tex is made of fibrillated polymer of polytetrafluoroethylene and has pore sizes in the range of 22um. This lets the tissues grow and has a good track record with the surgeons who have used it.

Even if this was the case, silicone is still the best implant for rhinoplasty because it is the most compatible among all the implants, and it has the ideal qualities to create natural-looking results. One of its biggest advantage is its ability to allow the growth of limited tissues while staying stable. It can also be placed within the tip in a strategic manner to support tip and raise it to the level that is needed. This kind of stability is important in achieving the natural looking nose that you have been dreaming of.

To learn more about getting a rhinoplasty in Australia, book your consultation now with Dr. Andre Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic. Dr. Kim is board-certified and has a long list of satisfied clients. Call us now or simply fill-out our inquiry form to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim today!

Differences Between Double Eyelid Surgery and Eyelid Tape



For some people, they would go to great lengths to achieve their ideal image. It could be to feel better, get the attention from peers, or help them reach career success.

In certain cultures, it seems that the eyes are truly the windows to the soul and a rounder shape tends to brighten up the face like no other feature can.

However, for some East Asians, this can be difficult to achieve because they naturally do not have the double eyelid crease. However, there are numerous options to choose from to have bigger and rounder eyes. Among these options are the double-eyelid tape and the double eyelid surgery. One can immediately dismiss the latter as the more extreme solution, it being a surgical procedure. But before making a decision between the two, here are the pros and cons to provide you with a deeper insight on these two choices.

What are double-eyelid tapes? 

As miniscule as they are compared to the other parts of the body, the eyelids complete the symmetry of the face but unfortunately, there are people who are not happy with their uneven eyelids or monolids. This is a condition that is not limited to Asians, althought this feature is often linked to this race. The asymmetry caused by an uneven eyelid is found in every continent and is a concern that bothers some of those who have it.

With those who are just slightly bothered by the uneven look, there is the eyelid tape to do the job. The eyelid tape should not be mistaken for the eyelid glue, which is also popularly known as the “eye putty”.

Originating from Japan in the 70s, the original goal of the eyelid tape was to get rid of the monolid where a person has no eyelid crease to speak of. So the idea was to create a crease and then create a more defined double-eyelid for all to see. Even if it is a fleeting solution, people just love it for the illusion that it created.

Easy and Convenient to Use

As far as the use of the double-eyelid tape is concerned, it is designed for those who do not really have the time to fix their face, so to speak. Prepared in pre-cut double-sided strips, they are very easy to apply and can be immediately done.

Sticks Efficiently to the Eyelid

The eyelid tape also lasts longer and can withstand ordinary weather conditions. This is not the case with eyelid glues that would often dry out quickly.

Proper Use

Should you decide on this option, just be sure to get tapes that are medical grade to prevent any possible irritation that to the eyes. Since they are in strip form, you have the option to fashion the kind of crease that you want, wherever you want them to be. For maximum control and ease of application, you should get an eyelid fork or tongs that would help you press back the eyelid tape to your eyeball area, securely sticking the eyelid to the tape.

The proper application of this ingenious invention is absolutely important to the way your face would look. Before leaving the house, always double check and be sure that nothing that should not be seen is peeking out.

Why Double Eyelid Surgery over Eyelid tape?

Double eyelid surgery can give you more than a crease or a lid. This surgical procedure is done to remove the excess fat (usually comes with excess skin and muscle) from the lower and upper eyelids. This helps improve the sad or disinterested look associated with uneven eyelids or monolids. On top of that, it also widens the eyes and gives the patient a rejuvenated appearance.

Compared to eyelid tapes, double eyelid surgery is the permanent solution to get the desired lid, and do away with the time-consuming procedure of putting on things on your eyes to make them look wider and youthful. This kind of procedure is mostly recommended for those who do not have a prominent upper eyelid crease.

Best Candidates for Double Eyelid Surgery

There are specific conditions that benefit more from this procedure and they are the ones with small and monolid eyes that are found in most Asians. People who often look tired because of their eyes can definitely come out with a happier and more pleasant appearance.

Perennial eye bags can be finally and permanently removed along with that sunken eye appearance that makes you look a lot older and the dark discoloration that makes the face look more tired that it really is.

Post Surgery Care

After the surgery, there will be a need to lubricate the eyes of the patient with an ointment. The patient should expect some degree of tightening and soreness as soon as the anesthesia loses its effect. Post surgery care would require some pain relievers.

Expect some swelling and bruising within the first week or two after the procedure. While recuperating, the patient should keep the head elevated with the use of two to three pillows. Cold compress also helps reduce the swelling and bruising. Itching and dryness of the eyes are expected, but this can easily be remedied by eye drops.

Aside from the aforementioned concerns, the first weeks are expected to give the patient great sensitivity to light, temporary blurring of the vision, and excessive tearing. Wait for 2-7 days for the stitches to be removed. While all of this is happening, it would be good to wear the right eyewear and a potent sunblock to protect the area.

Don’t Scrimp on the Surgeon

If you decide to have the procedure, one very important concern is to carefully examine the credentials of the surgeon and his team. Focus on the experience that the doctor has had with this specific procedure. There are legitimate doctors who advertise the service, but their experience on the procedure is very limited.

Avoid these doctors at all cost.

You do not want to jeopardize the health and look of your eyes with one careless decision. And one more thing, the experience should also match the aesthetics of the doctor.

Expertise is nothing when the doctor cannot professionally examine what looks best for the patient. To get a good idea of the aesthetics of the doctor, ask for before and after pictures of his previous patients and see how well the results are. Look for symmetry and how subtle the doctor was able to perform the surgery. The procedure should make the face look more evenly balanced without directly pointing to your eyes as the reason for the wonderful change that they are wondering about. If the changes are that subtle, yet still noticeable, your doctor just gave you your money’s worth and more.

Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, who specializes in double eyelid surgery, in Australia. Dr. Kim is known for his aesthetic eye for detail and technical skills in performing the procedure.

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How Rhinoplasty Affects Your Life



Not all are born equal. Some are born with beautiful eyes, high cheekbones, gorgeous hair, and a really elegant nose.

However, there are those who do not belong to this category having to wake up every day to features that may be a bit far from what society perceives to be beautiful. This is not an issue for most people, but for those who have the motivation to change their looks, it can be a life and death decision.

Rhinoplasty deals with the part that is in the center of the face, which draws attention to itself and basically controls the symmetry of the face. It is for this reason that those who have had the procedure can really tell the difference that the procedure makes in the face and lives of the patients. But how does rhinoplasty really affect a person’s psychology?

Why People Have Rhinoplasty

With a big number of those who undergo rhinoplasty being middle-aged or older, there is a growing market for the 20-30 age group.

But one thing they have in common is the insecurity caused by society’s perceived and proclaimed idea of perfection and how they feel they fell short of it, or sadly, how the people around them made them feel that way.

The Influence of Society

Appearance is the first thing that other people notice in you and this makes if of utmost importance to look your best all the time. Some would scoff at the idea and easily see the vanity behind the facade. But those who actually go for it have been embarrassed so much by their looks and just decided to change their lives by beginning with their nose.

Society has really put a premium on looks that some people need to do what they can do to enhance or completely change their looks to be accepted. Peer pressure also plays a big part in the decision of those from the younger set and most of those who succumb to it eventually regret having the procedure and makes the confidence of the person go into a tailspin. This consequently leads to destructive behavior, begging them to get more revisions to achieve that perfect nose that they want on their face.

The Cons of Rhinoplasty

There are some reasons why getting rhinoplasty might negatively affect the patient. Some of them are more lasting than the others, but all are definitely valid.

Feeling Ill Afterward

After the procedure, the patient tends to feel down a bit because as much as it can do wonders to the patient’s face, it also has its bouts of painful episodes as it heals. Minor discomfort and the feeling of having a cold lingers and it sometimes include a very uncomfortable feeling of constipation that could worsen the entire situation.

Such feelings aggravate the feelings of doubt that the patient might have and in some cases, drive them into paranoia.

Feeling of Discontent

When the patient goes to the clinic for the wrong reasons or for expectations that unrealistic, there is a big chance that the patient shall never be happy after the procedure. It turns into a vicious cycle with the patient constantly obsessing with the nose and looking for every way to improve it.

So when it finally dawns on them that they shall never achieve the look in their dreams, they are left with a nose that is disfigured in their heads and are usually helpless at this point. Such a scenario is very stressful and should be taken seriously by those who have yet to book an appointment for their dream nose job.

Feeling of Waiting in Vain

A lot of patients tend to forget that as a procedure, it actually takes time for the effects of the procedure to become noticeable at the very least. To top it all off, while waiting for that to happen, it is expected for a lot of swelling and bruising to happen to the nose soon after the procedure. In such cases, the patient just has to be reminded of the estimated healing time and that the procedure is a work in progress with the masterpiece unveiled in due time.

Feeling of Helplessness

This happens a lot to those who have or indulge in an active lifestyle. Because the wounds need to heal first, patients are advised to rest and stay away from the strenuous activities until the wounds are all healed. It is sheer torture to let go of your sporty lifestyle, but it is necessary for the quick healing of the procedure.

If that is not enough, think of the difficulty of sleeping and finding that right angle that would not allow for the damaging of the nose. Such a situations create many sleepless nights, making it harder for the patient to adjust to the temporary situation. Having said them, the patient needs to consider these setbacks as temporary challenges that they shall overcome very soon.

The Pros of Rhinoplasty

Getting work done on your nose is a decision that puts into play a lot of factors that psychologically magnifies the emotional effects of rhinoplasty. It also heightens the benefits you get from deciding to do it. You can liken the experience to getting a promotion and all your efforts are finally rewarded after a long time of working hard for it. Below are some of the benefits that really make rhinoplasty worth your while.

Great Confidence Booster

For the people who have long been ridiculed for their looks, no matter how slightly imperfect they are, it would mean the world for them to get out of the house without anybody looking or saying about them. They do not need to be told they are beautiful. They just want a life without unnecessary attention.

So when they finally get the chance to change the way they look and the procedure succeeds, they are over the moon and their self-confidence begins to overflow. The changes do not need to be overt. Even the slightest change can empower the individual to start dealing with other things aside from their noses. And with the confidence comes that glow that people love seeing in other people, opening doors to the other aspects of their lives.

Fulfilled Health Expectations

Most patients did their homework and really did a lot of research before taking the plunge. For them, it was necessary to come up with a completely informed decision before.

Psychologically prepared for the procedure, they have a very accurate idea of what is going to happen and shall never be disillusioned after their nose job.

Because of this mindset, these patients are the ones who are generally happy about their procedures.

Though most of the patients get it for aesthetic reasons, there are still some who need it for nasal issues. For such people, the relief they get from the nose job is almost like a dream come true, ridding them of a physical burden that they have been suffering from for a long time.

Getting the Edge

The workplace is a tricky arena where you have to compete with your colleagues to reach the top of that proverbial ladder. Employers would never admit it, but they actually base their career decisions on the appearance of the employee. This shall never be written in the employee handbook, but is a reality that needs to be considered. It is also a concern among family, friends, and even strangers.

That is why it becomes a big deal when an employee suddenly changes his or her look through surgery, especially when it turns out for the better. People begin to appreciate the new look and praise the person, multiplying the amount of self-confidence that the person had before surgery. This alone makes it worth the money and the risks that one has to contend with in getting a nose job.

In a life decision such as getting rhinoplasty done, it is best to reap the positive outcomes and benefits from it.

Get the procedure done professionally and medically right with Dr. Andrew Kim at Advance Cosmetic Studio in Australia.

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Rhinoplasty versus Non-Surgical Nose Job



When getting the nose cosmetically enhanced, there are two things patients want to achieve: Its for the result to look as if no work has been done, but also enough to also rake in positive comments.

To achieve this effect, there are two possible methods available, either through a non-surgical nose job with the use of dermal fillers or the more permanent rhinoplasty. Both are expected to change your nose into one that’s ideal for your face, but there are things you have to consider to know which one is better for you.

What is the Difference Between Rhinoplasty and Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Technically speaking, rhinoplasty, or what we commonly refer to as nose jobs, is a procedure that corrects and reconstructs the nose to restore some functions, but mostly to aesthetically improve the appearance of the nose.

This part is pretty important, as far as the overall look of the face, because it is right in the middle of the face easily attracting attention. With this procedure, the imperfections of the nose in terms of shape and function can be permanently corrected by the procedure. Common concerns that are solved by this surgery include disproportionate noses, breathing problems, and birth defects.

Non-Surgical nose jobs, on the other hand, use fillers to correct nose defects. Starting out as a creative option for patients who do not have the money for rhinoplasty, non-surgical nose job became more popular and common place over the years.

However, due to its non-surgical nature, the entire procedure can be completed in 15 minutes after getting the initial consultation.

The usual fillers used is Juvederm, and it is injected in the different areas that need corrective treatment. Such a subtle move can be used to disguise not-so-serious concerns like covering a small hump or increasing the height of the bridge and even reshaping it. Aside from Juvederm, the other possible injections include Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, and Perlane.

For those who cannot seem to make up their minds, below are some points that might help you determine what you really need for your nows.

Pros of a Non-Surgical Nose Job

More cost-friendly than the real deal

Not a lot of people have the capability to pay for a nose job with costs in the thousands of dollars at this point. If you are one of them, then the $750 price tag of this nose job can be a very attractive offer to refuse.

However, aside from the procedure itself, do not forget to factor in the long-term costs that are required because this might actually make this procedure an expensive one.

Reversible for the undecided

Perfect for those who have not really made up their minds for those who are just too curious to know how the procedure would look minus the complications of a permanent nose job. Being reversible, you have the opportunity to see how your face shall look like and have the option to push through with it or not. Think of it as if you are fitting a new nose before you actually purchase one. Fillers are expected to dissolve on their own so there is no need to extract them from the nose.

Down time is not required

Like most non-surgical procedures, this can be done in a matter of 15 minutes, which means you do not have to stop your daily activities or disappear from your neighborhood for a while. There is also a very slim chance for the patient to experience pain, which is good for those with low tolerance for it. Just expect some notable bruises and swelling for about a week or so. You can spot a little redness immediately after the procedure.

Pros of Rhinoplasty

Easier breathing

One of the biggest benefits of rhinoplasty is that it is the procedure of choice for people who have breathing issues and want to improve the functionality of the nose, something that non-surgical nose jobs cannot provide. Apparently, there is a rising number of people who are suffering from breathing problems. Some of them are minor, while the severe ones are really dangerous to ignore. The most popular type for this purpose is the septoplasty. A broken or deviated septum is the primary cause of breathing problems but a lot of people are not even aware that they have one. The septoplasty is expected to tremendously improve airflow.

Aside from clearing your of your sleeping problems, it is also the best for chronic sinusitis, which is basically the inflammation of the sinuses that is usually caused by an infection or another nose condition that allows for the production of mucus that drains into the nose. Once the nose is swollen, it blocks the sinuses and ultimately gives pain to the patient.

Great sleep

For some who find it hard to sleep, it would be wise to check your breathing and how it might be exacerbating the condition. Sleep apnea, which is a severe kind of sleeping disorder, can actually block the airways of the nose and create a lot of health problems for the patient. Though there are other remedies for the problem, corrective rhinoplasty is the best alternative. Like with any type of surgery, be sure that your surgeon is qualified and certified because they are the only ones who could help the redesigning of the nasal passageways.

You can also say goodbye to snoring with rhinoplasty. As trivial as it sounds, snoring is a big concern among couples with a sizeable number of them sleeping in different beds to deal with the situation.

Less complications

There are some surgeons who are hesitant in performing the non-surgical procedure because it has a higher risk of complication because of the filler injections used for it. One of the most feared complications is the intravenous injection of the filler onto a blood vessel. Such is possible when the filler is mistakenly injected into a blood vessel of the nose. This causes the cutting off of the blood supply to the nose and when not reversed, would leave the nose black and dead, causing a terrible disfigurement of the patient. To avoid such issues, always go to a board-certified doctor.

More permanent, lesser touch-ups

The biggest advantage of getting a rhinoplasty done is that it is permanent. This lso means that rhinoplasty is more cost efficient in the long run. A non-surgical nose job can only last about six months to one year, which can cost about $600 to $1,000 per filler. At this rate, you probably paid for a nose job in a matter of seven years time. If you want to save money and time, then a rhinoplasty is way to go.

The idea of a permanent change on your nose seems like a daunting idea. That is why it is very crucial that you get the services of a qualified and board-certified cosmetic surgeon. This will allow you to get the right professional treatment to achieve your realistic expectations.

If you are seriously deciding on getting a rhinoplasty done, Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic in Australia is the one to approach for expert advise. Dr. Kim brings with him years of experience and a long list of satisfied clients.

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Here’s why ethnic cosmetic surgery does not mean denying racial identity


There’s a certain dilemma that plagues us the moment we consider to go under the knife.

It’s not about whether it demands beyond the depth of our pockets or the fear that results might wind up poorly—but it’s more about a question about other people’s perception on us based on our ethnic identities. Our desire to look better is sometimes contested by our fear of being lashed out with criticism and scorn:


“Going through ethnic cosmetic surgery means erasing one’s racial identity.”

“You are trying hard to be Caucasian.”


Of course, we shrug in refusal to these unwelcomed thoughts. But, we cannot also deny what we see in the news or surveys which a lot of African-Americans or Middle-easterners get ‘nose jobs’ or a lot of Asians rave in excitement about ‘double-eyelid surgery’. These patterns which narrate the explosion of cosmetic surgery demand have attracted quite a fair share of critics. Critics assert that this is a movement to mask native identity as well as to easily ‘assimilate’ with Caucasian western standards. But are these critics somehow right?

Let’s find out.

The influence by the media, entertainment and fashion have placed Caucasians or white people in the limelight as if they won the ‘first prize’ trophy for genetic superiority for beauty. They also seem to have been able to set up ‘gold’ standards—which works favorably for them, implying that being beautiful means being white.

If this is so, does it mean Caucasians don’t ever feel the need to step in a cosmetic surgery clinic?

Statistics tell otherwise.

From the 2015 American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics report, 70 percent of the procedures were done for Caucasians, prompting an idea that even them have no qualms about plastic surgery—that they too, have something they want to change physically.



The studies done on facial symmetry have unveiled ‘the golden ratio’ for beauty, proving that there’s actually a math behind beauty. (Image Source: www.goldennumber.net/beauty)

Science couldn’t agree more with this. The sentiments expressed support the research which reveals that the way we perceive ‘attractiveness’ has something to do with ‘balance’. The people we seem to be the most physically attractive are the ones who perfected the standards of facial symmetry.


 Thus, the pursuit is not to be ‘white’, but for the golden ratio.

We may not be sometimes aware of it, but what we seek all along is to have every facial feature work harmoniously with other feature. What we have long strive for in this pursuit of beauty and perfection is the ‘golden ratio’ while retaining our ethnic identity.

The best surgeons are experts in both technical and aesthetic aspects. The client can freely express how she might want her nose or lips be, but the doctor, with the help of computer imaging technology, will also discuss with the client if the results would give a ‘balanced’ and more attractive look.


There’s more to ethnic identity than we are aware of.

Most of the time, when we refer to ‘ethnic identity’, we basically link it to the skin color and other physical attributes that make up a person. However, what we seem to know is just a part of a much bigger whole of the concept. As Trimble & Dickson puts it, ethnic identity is an affiliate construct in which a band of people share likeness in physical characteristics but also in common customs, traditions, historical experiences and geographical residence (in some instances).


This whole concept just put the critics in their own rightful place. Altering one’s physical feature does not really mean denying or erasing his or her ethnic identity. We have to take into account that our sense of being connected to a particular race also speaks about on how we value our heritage and how we put on our hearts on the traditions we try to keep.


If you want to learn more about the ethnic cosmetic procedures available today, feel free to consult board-certified and industry expert, Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetics Surgery. 

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Double Eyelid Surgery: The Eyelid of Asian Dreams


The Asian culture has been revered for its significance to the advancement of humanity and for the innate and exquisite beauty it possesses.

The west has always been in awe of the difference that the Asians have clearly honored and kept on from one generation to another.

Unfortunately, Asians seem to have found this fascination for the western face and have either internalized the idea that their Caucasian  counterparts are superior in every other way, or were just given the seed that allowed them to see a whole new world outside the borders that they are used to ruling.

Whatever the reason, the soaring popularity of getting wider eyes through surgery for Asian people speaks volumes on how they view themselves as part of this globalized earth and the extent of what they are willing to do to pursue their white dream.

Look Straight at My Asian Eyes

As far back as this generation can remember, Asian representation in mainstream culture, otherwise known as Hollywood, has always had that funny Asian character who is ridiculed for their “slits” and the peculiar, somehow aggressive way of saying things, even in the calmest of situations.

Regardless of this unfortunate image that Asians have been trapped into, there is an ounce of truth to some of the popular stereotypes that continue to pervade popular culture up to now.

Asian eyes are characterized by the slits they possess on the sides of their faces. Unwittingly, this facial characteristic has given the impression that Asians are always tired or angry even if there has been no word out of them to suggest even the remotest idea that they are. The thin slits do not allow the eyeballs to come out in their full, energetic glory and do not allow other people to see what they are truly feeling inside. That alone in itself is a valid reason for anyone who wants to change the look of his or her eyes.

Double Eyelid Surgery Statistics

On a global scale, double eyelid surgery has become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures among the top ten countries according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Ranking third on the list in 2012, there were no signs of its popularity waning in the near future with a 5.4% growth and has maintained its number three position since 2003.

In the United Kingdom, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has ranked double eyelid surgery a strong second in list of top five surgeries in 2013, a very significant increase from its 2012 figures.

As for the Australians, they have caught up with the trend as early as 2009, with the procedure representing a whopping 23% of the total cosmetic surgical procedures, translating into 15,000 procedures in that year alone.

With the said figures mentioned, it should still be curiously mentioned that eyelid surgery remains to be an Asian thing, deservingly earning its Asian eyelid surgery moniker.

The Asian Reasons for Eyelid Surgery

It would be inaccurate and unfair to lump all Asians and come up with the reasons for their preference of eyelid surgery in a huff. But there are several truths that are worth discussing and looking closely into.

The Physiological

Double eyelid surgery on its own is beneficial for a lot of reasons that are sought after by other races.

For one, it gets rid of the sagging or loose excess skin on the upper eyelids that has the potential to impair your vision. On the aesthetic level, it reduces the puffiness in the upper eyelids that makes anyone look forever tired. The crepe-like wrinkles on the lower eyelid are also taken care of, along with the bags and puffiness or dark circles under the eyes that gives the weary look.

Western Idolatry versus Asian Perfection

On the surface, it would be so easy to conclude that Asians get eyelid surgery as their sign of unwavering admiration for their western counterparts. And why wouldn’t they? History, culture, and media have claimed the supremacy of the Caucasian look that there is virtually no choice for Asians but to look as similar as they can to that “ideal” face.

However, when you ask the Asians who have gotten the procedure, you would be pleasantly surprised that it is not the case at all. A majority of those who have gotten the procedure had very strict instructions to not make them look Caucasian. So what does that mean? That they are fully aware of the limitations that their facial features have as far as aesthetics is concerned but they will not be sitting ducks, not even when they have the means to change their face.

It was because of this that the Asian eyelid surgery was born. Though a double eyelid is as Caucasian as it can get, this version is a very subtle one. The kind that you would not think of any, but would notice some changes that seem to make the patient look her or his prettiest. The idea is just to enhance the face, and not change it. The subtlety is comparable to the psychological reasons behind it.

A Better Life

Parents have nothing on their mind aside from the great well-being of their children. And if they are in the position to secure that, along with the bright future they so want for them, they will definitely do it.

Here is where the irony strikes. The parents are supposed to be the first to plant the idea of self-worth into their children’s minds, but are now the ones who are willing to finance their kid’s surgery, sometimes elevating the procedure to the prize for the good grades they were able to get.

Can anyone blame them? These adults have walked the earth and seen how those who do not meet society’s idea of beauty have fallen off the radar or simply lost the competition to the prettier ones. And this is not without merit. Employment for a lot of Asian companies has favored those who are refined in their features, never mind how obvious the procedure looks. For these companies, your bravery for getting that job done is an indication of your dedication to your career and how far you are willing to take it.

For those who have gotten the surgery, the rewards are indeed there and the wise words of the parents would have proven the wisdom of their years. They get to live a better life compared to their peers and the opportunities keep on knocking and preparing them for bigger things that are now available to them because of that one bold step to get that double eyelid surgery.

This happily-ever-after ending does not necessarily leave those who have decided to keep what they have out in the cold. Because it is interesting to note that not all the kids want the procedure, but are coaxed or coerced by their parents to do it. And this shows hope. That someday, looks would be as variable as skin color and would never deny anybody the right to employment or acceptance in a community.

If you are determined to refine your Asian eyes with a double eyelid surgery, learn all the facts first with Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetics Surgery. His knowledge and understanding of the Asian eyes will provide you with a comprehensive consultation and treatment plan.

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Around the World for Rhinoplasty 


A face shall never be complete without a nose and because it is positioned in the center of the face, a lot of attention has been given to it, sometimes leading to surgery.

Though there are different reasons for getting rhinoplasty, one thing remains to be true, and that is the desire of people to improve their physical selves no matter what.

Let us analyze each of the top eight countries for rhinoplasty and find out how pervasive this surgical solution is. Interestingly enough, every country has a different story to tell and the figures can never lie.

South Korea

The country did not earn the position for nothing. With 102,597 patients in 2014, South Korea was the clear winner of the lot. That roughly translates into 1 in 72 persons having had some plastic surgery done on their faces.

And why wouldn’t they? In a society that sees appearances as solutions to survive this very competitive world that we have, the looks have become the priority and the predetermined ideals of beauty have been mastered by the plastic surgeons in the country.

Aside from the number of patients who have gone under the knife, South Korea is also famous for the expertise of its surgeons, leading to its 24% of the total market share that translates into 5 trillion dollars to be exact. As of this writing, there have been 300,000 medical tourists that have entered the country, which has been acknowledged as the best among the top 5 countries for the category.

Among the types of surgery trends in the country, eye and nose surgeries are definitely on top of the heap, representing 80% of procedures done on the medical tourists. With regards to the sexes, the men are  behind but also represent a big chunk of 30% versus the 70% of the women patients. This highlights the growing need of men to improve their looks either to advance their careers or to win the hearts of the women they love.


With the natural beauty of its citizens, it was a bit surprising to see Brazil at number 2 with 83,025 or 9.8 % of the pie. Though home to all people, places and things of hotness, Brazil took up fourth place in the list, and liposuction and breast implants were the most popular invasive surgeries among the population.

Though most of the procedures are related to the breast and the buttocks, rhinoplasty has also found its niche in the country. According to a study conducted by the Rhinology Research Society in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins University, the rate of nose jobs per capita is a staggering seven times that of America and it is as prevalent in the Islam Republic as it is in Brazil.

The conditions are very inviting too. As far as the culture of the people is concerned, there is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery and, in fact, has become a coveted status symbol of society. Government-based tax deduction systems have been in place to support the plastic surgery goals of its citizens as well as making them deductible from the income tax with discounts going back as far as 2004, making it really possible for its citizens to avail of these life changing procedures. Such support further pushes the government’s philosophy that the losses shall be outweighed by the income that comes into the country because of plastic surgery.


Number three on the list is the United States of America with 54,873 or 6.5%. Though not as impressive as the top 2, it should be noted that the figures included a 12% over increase in the number of cosmetic procedures in the country. This has been the highest since the Great Recession in 2008 with 11 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures amounting to more than 12 billion dollars.

The technological advances and the rebounding economy have made the procedures really attractive. They are now and less-invasive and more accessible to the public.

Among those have had the procedures, women had more than 10.3 million cosmetic procedures, representing 90.6% of the total, not to mention that this is a 47% increase compared to 1997. Among the top 5 procedures, rhinoplasty was the lowest at 53%.

An emerging and quite alarming trend is the gaining popularity of these procedures on the young adults and teens bracket. People are quick to attribute this to the popularity of media celebrities and the addicting selfies, both requiring the victim to change their looks into what the media feeds them. Young and impressionable, these kids do not know any better and marketing mavens have taken notice of this, heavily attributing to the increase in the figures of this demographic.


With 38,828 or 4.6% of the procedures performed in Mexico two-thirds were for women and a third were for men.

And because this country offers the procedures at low cost with world-class quality, a surge in the number of visitors who have visited for cosmetic purposes has been observed. Most of the surgeons in the country have had experiences in the U.S. and this have made the Americans flock to this country, with 45,000 having benefited from their services and producing $650 million back in 2009, with the figure increasing at an annual rate of 25%. Figures are expected to hit the $1 billion mark in no time.

The country is very ideal for those who are going to finance the procedure themselves and the ones who live near the country, like the ones from the U.S.


For this year, there were 38,779 patients at 4.6%. Such a figure actually represents the growing trend of cosmetic surgeries in Asia and Japan has taken note of this by producing some of the most reliable surgeons for the task. By focusing on the technical know-how, Japan has joined the list of countries that are first considered for such procedures.

Primarily focusing on keeping the Asian face while enhancing them, those within the region have bought the look and are thrilled to be getting minus the cost of going to the U.S. or Europe. As we speak, there is an ongoing obsession for beauty in the region and this sparked the ongoing trend of cosmetic procedures in the region. There is also this desire among the people to look more western to advance careers or just to increase self-esteem, fueling the surge in the country.


For a country that is known in the pageant world for their ravishing beauty, Colombia is not surprisingly included in the top 8, with 17, 803 patients or 2.1% of the pie.

Tourism plays a big part in the increase, with the figures steadily rising for the last couple of years because of the countries natural resources and medical tourism, getting the attention of foreigners and turning the country into one of the premier sites for plastic surgery.

Price is also a big factor as it costs less, but still gives the kind of service that you can get from the other top countries.


For the Germans, there has been a steady increase with the figures doubling over the past five years and reaching 12,188 or 1.4 percent of the patients.

In the past, the men just comprised 10% of the patients, but have dramatically increased to give the women a run for their money.


Last but not the least is France with 11,666 or 1.4% of the population. Among the 22% who had surgery, 8% were for rhinoplasty, which was the second to the lowest surgery compared to breast surgery, which was number one at 20%, rhinoplasty at 17%, blepharoplasty at 13%, and breastlifting at the last place at 7%.

However, you need not look far to get your noses done. Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery in Australia offers rhinoplasty that suits your needs and realistic expectations. The clinic’s specialist, Dr. Andrew Kim, is board-certified and well-trained to perform nose jobs. Dr. Kim has a long list of satisfied clients who benefitted from his years of training.

Call us now or simply fill-up our inquiry form to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kim today!

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Perfect Cosmetic Surgery Combinations for those Who Need Them

Cosmetic surgery has evolved from a deeply hidden secret into an option that is available for anyone who so desires  it.

Altering ones facial features has become so normal that the question is no what was altered, but how well it was done. While in the process of having your dream features, it would also be the perfect time to highlight them and improve the other areas to maximize the effects of the cosmetic changes that went through. Below is the love story of some of the most popular treatments and what goes well with them.

Reality Check

While you are on your way to that life changing moment you have been pining  for a long time, it would be good to have a heart-to-heart talk with your surgeon and try to have the most accurate picture of what shall happen to your face after the procedure. Be wary of surgeons who cannot offer you a detailed and blow-by-blow account of how the finished product would look like because more often than not, they really do not have any idea how the surgery is going to turn out.

Aside from confirming the professional capacity of the surgeon, this conversation will give you the most honest expectations that you need to set your mind to form the right expectations. A lot of patients have ended up regretting their procedures because the reality of things did not match the fantasy in their heads, causing a big amount of stress, or even regret, which they have to face day in and day out.

Rhinoplasty with Other Treatments

nose job australia

Photo credit: thinkpanama via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or more popularly known as “nose jobs” is the procedure used to correct or reconstruct the form of the nose for aesthetic and physiological reasons like breathing problems. Though most patients seek nose jobs to look better.

There are actually two types of rhinoplasty: closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty. The surgeon creates a functional, aesthetic, and facially proportionate nose by separating the nasal skin and the soft tissues from the osseo-cartilaginous nasal framework and then correcting them according to the need of the patient.

Rhinoplasty goes with Dermal Fillers

A lot of patients want to avoid or delay surgical time and they really dread this a lot. For such patients, there are fillers that are used as camouflage for this procedure. Though considered a relatively simple procedure, it should still be applied with great care to avoid possible complications.

Rhinoplasty with Chin Augmentation

A very prominent part of the face, the chin actually accentuates the shape of the face and it therefore one of the most requested areas for surgery. For this part, implants are used to change the underlying structure of the face, which is meant to balance the features of the face. There are some who need to reduce the height and this is addressed by chin rounding or what is also called as osteotomy.

Since the nose is strategically placed in the middle of the face and actually creates the right perspective for the other parts in relation to it. Surgeons would also recommend getting rhinoplasty after the procedure, specifically when the change on the chin is very drastic. Rhinoplasty should come after the chin augmentation, right after the face has adjusted to its new size and look.

Rhinoplasty with Face Lifts

For those who are aiming for maximum results, they get the nose job done with a face-lift. And if the patient really wants a complete overhaul, cheek and chin implants are recommended to them. The complementary treatments can be performed at the same time with the rhinoplasty.

As easy and convenient as it sounds, it would still be a good idea to get a surgeon who really understands proportion because the treatments combined with the nose job can drastically change the way the patient looks. If you are just looking for enhancements, they may not be the treatments for you.

Blephroplasty with other treatments

What is Blephroplasty?

This kind of surgery aims to correct the defects or deformities of the eyelids and to aesthetically modify the eye region of the face. Excess tissues are removed or re-positioned with the use of excisions. It normally gets rid of functional and cosmetic problems of the periorbita, which is the area from the eyebrow to the upper portion of the cheek. A majority of the patients are women and only takes anywhere form an hour to two hours to complete the procedure.

Blephroplasty with Double Eyelid Surgery

A recommended treatment after, the double eyelid surgery refreshes the eyes natural contour, which is done by the removal of the excess skin, fat, and muscles from the eyelids.

It also makes the eye area more attractive by correcting “hooded eyes” that will make them look wider and youthful. The muscles around the eyes are also tightened which makes allows the contour to appear more natural. More than aesthetics, it is also supposed to improve your vision because of the excess skin that it was removed.

Blephroplasty is also given with a procedure that removes that epicanthal fold (i.e. epicanthoplasty). Canthopexy, which is a type of stitch, is then placed under the outer corner of the lower eyelid inside the tissue. This effectively keeps the eyelid’s position to remain fixed as it heals and shall be dissolved after 4-6 weeks.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

For women who want to have breasts that appear fuller, rounder, and even perkier, there is breast augmentation to do the job. For the effects to be completely realized, it is often partnered with mastopexy, which is more popularly known as the breast lift.

This particular lift prevents the nipples from pointing downwards and is usually done simultaneously with breast augmentation for the nipples to be positioned in a younger looking way. It is a great way to treat breasts with implants that add volume to the upper pole. On the other hand, a breast lift alone may not allow the patient to get the desired results.

Combined breast augmentation and lift are performed by removing the excess skin using strategically placed incisions. These leave what they call lollipop scars. For the implants, silicone or saline may be used.

Eyebrow Augmentaiton and Tinting

Though not the first thing to notice on a person’s face, the eyebrows are also considered a major facial feature. A lot of procedures have been developed to alter it, either to add more hair or lose it and even to change its color.

To remove hair, electronic tweezing, waxing and threading are the most common methods to use. In some cases, small scissors are used to trim the eyebrows. The aforementioned techniques are confirmed to be painful. But as most patients think, “no pain no gain.” To help ease the pain, ice cubes can be put on them to help them become numb to the pain. For those who prefer the thick brows, there are eyebrow transplants for this purpose. This involves the use of individual strands of the eyebrow that are mimicked for that sought-after natural look.

Now there would come a time when the plucked hair will not grow again, patients who do not want to wear eraser-ready brows have opted to have them tattooed. As a permanent solution, the tattoo also gives the patient the liberty to choose the kind of eyebrows that the patient needs.

If you are considering getting rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery in Australia, Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic is the one to approach. Dr. Kim has an extensive experience in the field of cosmetic surgery with a long list of satisfied clientele.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Kim, call us now or simply fill-out our inquiry form today!

What’s Behind the Rise of Double Eyelid Surgery in Teens


Asian teenagers have accepted the western lifestyle and culture with open arms and this includes what they consider as the ideal look of their generation.

At a time when teenagers face the most brutal criticisms about their looks and everything else about them, they cannot resist the charm and the power of having one of the most quintessential aspect of the western face and that is the double eyelids. Determined and passionate, these teenagers have learned how to convince their parents who want nothing else but the best for them. This equation may have some good consequences, but a majority of them should be considered with great caution.

Eyelid Surgery Statistics

It should be noted that there has been a steady increase in the Asian market for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Leading the pack is South Korea, which has dominated and stayed in the top five. It has reached the point that one in 72 South Koreans have had some plastic surgery done on them. In 2012, it could be claimed that 20% of women between the ages of 19 and 49 in Seoul have gone under the knife.

Japan and Taiwan have also joined the list and in 2014, Japan took the lead with 1,260,351 at third, place while South Korea clocked in 980,313 to earn its respectable fourth place. For the type of surgeries taken in that year, double eyelid surgery is the number one for cosmetic surgical procedures at 1,427,451, which reiterates the upswing trend of this surgery in Asia and all over the world.

Age of Consent

The issue of getting double eyelid surgery as a teenager is not as straightforward as it seems. Both the parents and the teenagers themselves are reacting to how society sees Asians, and surgery seems to be a really good option to begin with.

As imperative as it sounds, both the parents and their children should realize the value of having positive body images. However, parents want to protect the interest of their child and the kids do not want to be outcasts.

As such, quite a number of parents have given way to double eyelid surgeries as graduation gifts, a rite of passage, and an assurance that with a new face come a brighter tomorrow. Though it simply hits two birds with one stone, it just misses the point. Empowerment from external sources has a price to pay and it is not an amount you can pay with money.

Why Teenagers May Not Be Ideal Candidates

Generally speaking, not everyone is an ideal candidate for double eyelid surgery. The ones deemed as the right candidates understand that they are getting it because of some really specific benefits that include the removal of eye bags, smoothen puffy upper eyelids, and the restoration of vision that was impaired by excess sin and fat in the eyelids.

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, there are some ophthalmic and medical conditions that prevent that patient from having blepharoplasty. Next to these reasons is the age factor. Exactly why teenagers may not always be ideal candidates for the procedure.

Physically Unready

Some teenagers grow-up quickly and you can immediately see that. However, there are those who take time to grow into their skin, literally speaking. When a person alters any parts of his or her face, it affects the symmetry of the other features and might affect the overall look of the face in a negative way.

This is why it is important to find a good doctor who would be able to give the patient a good idea on what is going to happen to the face once the surgery is done. Looking at the portfolio of the doctor would give you a good idea on the kind of work the doctor can give to you so never skip this process when determining the right surgeon for you.

Unrealistic Expectations

A lot of teenagers grow up to be bullied and rejected by their peers and this encourages them to find solutions that include literally transforming their faces with the hopes of gaining acceptance or even popularity.

For those who actually get the really good doctors, there is a big possibility for that to happen. However, on the other end of the spectrum, those who are waiting for a miracle to happen might just be disappointed with the results they might get. Some forget that we are just talking about an eyelid and it does not change the face that much unless the eyelids are so thick they could cover half of your eyes.

At this point, it is the surgeon’s duty to set realistic expectations for the teenager to know what to expect and avoid getting disappointed. In some cases, the disappointment can get severe and shall hound the teenager for the rest of his or her life. This is a responsibility that all surgeons take seriously, so if your surgeon hardly says anything about this or barely asks questions about your expectations, you can almost be sure that he is not a good one.

free consult at advance beauty cosmetic surgery today

Photo credit: Helga Weber via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

Lack of Maturity

Because the procedure is life changing, having it at such a young age might alter the youngster’s perception of himself and the world completely. The motivations of the young and the old are pretty different and this should be acknowledged. There are some instances when the teenager is not pleased with the final product and would no know how to handle this change that was brought upon by themselves with others ending up suffering from more anxiety and inexplicable sadness.

This is exactly the reason why patients below the age of consent need to get the consent of their parents before having anything done on them. Parents should be informed of what’s going to happen to their kids and should personally evaluate the emotional maturity of the teen patient before going through another careful evaluation by the certified surgeon.

Loss of Character Formation

When kids are raised to live a life of seeking approval from other people, be it the parents, schoolmates, relatives, and neighbors, they tend to lose the biggest thing they need in this life to survive and that is their belief in themselves. Completely thrown out of the window, these teenagers become slaves to what society has established for them and in the process, they lose their identities and the vision that every human being should have for themselves.

These are the reasons why a parent should reconsider having their teens undergo cosmetic surgery, such as double eyelid surgery. Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic is a well-respected board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Australia who follows ethical standards.

Dr. Kim will help you and your young patient understand the procedure and properly evaluate the expectations of the patient.

To learn more about the procedure and get the safest advice, call us now or simply fill-out our inquiry form to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kim today!

Choosing the Wrong Cosmetic Surgeon and the Drastic Effects on Your Career

The word career has become one of the biggest priorities of our time and has taken its toll on all of those who want to move forward at all cost, including plastic surgery.

Though it was almost considered taboo to have your face surgically enhanced, society has become more accepting of those who chose this path.

However, not all stories end like fairy tales do, and in the hands of the wrong plastic surgeon, the dream can come down crashing immediately as quickly as you had the procedure. The scary part is that this shall unravel after the procedure and there is nothing to do but put your complete and unadulterated trust on your surgeon. So what are the effects of surgeries gone wrong and how can patients avoid them? Read on and find out how change can be for the better or for the worse.

Effects of Bad Surgery from the Wrong Doctor

Physical Damage

For a lot of careers that put a premium on good and youthful looks, the competition is definitely stiff. Coming from that environment, you are forced to keep up, or even surpass the physical beauty of your colleagues. For those angling a promotion, plastic surgery can be the next step. Unfortunately, not all surgeons are that skilled to give the desired results. And if it is the face you had done, then there is no way to hide it and you have to suffer the prying stares of your colleagues.

Even for those that do not need Hollywood beauty, an overly done plastic surgery can also take its toll on your career. Apparently, there are people who are so insecure with others who look really attractive and you easily get their ire when you all of a sudden look stunning. Not only that, there are those who do not take beautiful people seriously. There are some women who know this for a fact and tend to dress down or downplay their beauty in order for their voices to be even heard. In such cases, the patient should be very specific with the changes that you want to happen and make sure that the surgeon is gifted in making those subtle yet natural-looking changes.

Psychological Damage 

Those who undergo surgery have a great need to change their physical looks to feel better about themselves. They do their research; they opt out of vacations and probably work a side-job to save up for this momentous event in their lives, and carefully plan their schedules at work to accommodate this life-changing career move. A lot goes into getting surgery and you cannot blame them for expecting the best results that can humanely happen.

So when the patient looks into the mirror and finds that slightest hint of imperfection, all hell breaks loose. Of course, you need to consider the healing time to finally determine if the surgeon got it or not. But the real test is when you meet someone for first time after the procedure. The expectation is to hear compliments, or at least, something very positive. To get a polite response or the dreaded question of what did you do to your face is devastating.

Down goes the drain your self-esteem and your sanity. All of a sudden, your life shall revolve around the idea of people talking about you behind your back. This level of paranoia affects the way you deal with people and in an environment where physical contact is the norm, you cannot help but be burdened by what your peers have to say. If you are made of weaker stuff, going on recluse might be the next best thing. But of course it is not an option. And you can’t blame them. The mistake might have been really drastic that it was impossible for them not to detect it.

The worst part is thinking of what to do next, now that something permanent has been done to you. Stressful thoughts like these can take its toll on your performance at work and the company will not cut you slack for that. Humiliating as it sounds, there is no choice but to either face the music or go for reparative surgery.

Tarnished Reputation

Though surgery has become more acceptable in society, the more conservative employees of the company would always see it as a minus for you. To them, surgery is not an enhancement, but a desperate attempt to get rid of your flaws. To a society that encourages you to accept who you are, regardless of how cruel it can be to those whose physical traits are not as remarkable as the rest of the flock, your surgery tells them that you need psychological help.

On a personal level, their opinions should not really matter. But professionally speaking, they can make or break your career, make you miss a couple of promotions, or be the favorite small talk topic for a very long time. And when you get that dreaded answer to your promotion, they will come up with so many excuses and never cough out the real one. In such a situation, the prospects of a career growth happening in that company shall become nill and it might be the time to say goodbye to it, or continue to slug it out and face the situation every single day of your working life.

Financial Worries

Surgical procedures are not cheap and they become more exorbitant to those who really save-up for it. A botched-up procedure usually costs more to be corrected and that would mean a longer period of anguish for the poor patient. Some even try to borrow money from the company or from those institutions that offer personal loans. Because the expense was never planned, there is a big possibility for the bills to rack-up and the stress level of the patient is increased, effectively affecting the performance of the employee in a negative way.

Why You Need to Get the Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is no ordinary procedure with effects that are intended to be permanent. If this is the kind of investment that you would like to get in for yourself, it would be ideal to get the best in the field and not just some doctor who placed his or her ad on the internet. There have been a lot of cases that not only led to irreparable deformities, but also to untimely deaths. Scrimping on this part of the procedure is definitely not advised.

How to find the Best Surgeons in Australia

When looking for the best surgeons in Australia, look for the credentials first. There is always a “Checking Your Credentials” section that would reveal the doctor’s expertise and experiences. This section would contain non-geographical factors that would help you chose the best surgeon. Such information includes an explanation of the board certification, general licensing information, and the Internet references that would help you do your research some more.

Thanks to the 1999 New South Wales Cosmetic Surgery Report that really questioned the definition of a ‘surgeon’ it has become a requirement for surgeons to have training as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) or its equivalent. This has become the standard for being appointed to public and private hospitals.

Another important qualification is the membership of the surgeon in the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. This organization requires its members to be a FRACS before they are accepted.

And last but not the least, make sure that the surgeon’s license is still active in his or her territory.

Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Australia who has an extensive experience in performing rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery.

Dr. Kim has trained abroad and has a portfolio of satisfied clients. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim, call us or simply out our inquiry form today!

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