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It’s the controversial cosmetic trend that’s altering facial features across the country.
A growing number of Australians say a desire to fit in is driving them to have their eyes widened
through double eyelid surgery.

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Racial Facial: Asian Eyelid Surgery


As surgical cosmetic procedures become increasingly common, different ethnic groups get on board the nip and tuck train.
Asian double eyelid surgery – which widens the eyes and creates a crease in the eyelid for those who weren’t naturally born with one – is now among the most common cosmetic procedures in the world.Fans of the surgery say it makes them look prettier,
less angry and more awake, while others argue they are betraying their race by submitting to European beauty standards and trying to look white.
So is Asian double eyelid surgery imperialism for the face, or something a little more nuanced?

Dr Andrew Kim was interviewed on an episode of Racial Facial, which aired on 12.May.2011

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Beauty Race


There’s a growing trend for people to alter their ethnic features – from double eyelid surgery, to chin implants, to skin lightening or darkening.
In some cases, patients undergoing such ethnic cosmetic surgery say they are doing so to achieve a more ‘western look’.
Others say it has nothing to do with trying to look more Caucasian – it’s just about being more beautiful.
Insight looks at the growing number of people who are willing to change their racial features in the quest for beauty,
what is spurring them to go to such lengths, and what is considered ‘beautiful’ today.

Dr Andrew Kim,his patients Heidi Liow and Glenda Bui were guests on an episode of Beauty Race, which aired on 16.Aug.2011


SBS Insight :

Heidi Liow kept a video diary during her recovery from Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation.
She talks about how she feels before and after the surgeries.*

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*The recovery process after the surgery may vary depending on individuals.


Australian Institute of Hair Restoration


Dr Andrew Kim surgically restores hair with permanent results.
Going through hair-loss and restoration surgery himself, Dr Andrew Kim and his efficient team provide quality and service.

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