How to Rejuvenate Eyelids Minus Surgery?

Are your eyelids looking puffy, droopy and tired? Are dark circles making you look old or ghoulish? Are your eyelids looking puffy, droopy and tired? Are dark circles making you look old or ghoulish? Then some of you may already be considering surgery to correct the problem. But in reality, you only have to save surgery for worst cases scenarios because there are still a range of non-surgical solutions that you can follow instead.

The very first step that you can take is to take care of your eyes. As they say, prevention is better than cure. That is why you need to take gentle care particularly of this area in order to prevent and totally eliminate the incidence of dark circles and puffy eyes. In doing this will help the eyelids and orbital appears younger and firmer.

A very simple way to avoid eyelid puffiness is to drink plenty of water. This may sound so basic but when it comes to the particular problem in question the lack of water content in the body can cause the body to hold on to whatever. This can result to the eyelids to appear droopy and puffy.

Drink adequate amounts of water because too much can also result in the same thing. This would also depend on the type of fluids that you are taking.

It is important to watch the amount of caffeine and sodium that you are taking daily. These two have high water retention properties, causing the eyelids to become puffy.  Too much can also cause the skin too look dry thus making the skin to look dry.

This can be difficult for some, especially those who run on coffee in the morning or those who are not too disciplined with their diets.  But a simple thing that you can do to prevent eyelid puffiness is to splash cold water all over your face. It reduces facial swelling because it helps constrict the blood vessels.

But you can feel peachier in the morning if you give yourself a more restful sleep. Yes, a quality doze with adequate amount of hours can result to less puffiness and even prevent dark circles from forming. Prolonged lack of sleep or a quality one can even create eyelid drooping as it denies the cells from properly repairing themselves. That is why wrinkling and sagging results.

You also need to avoid rubbing your eyelids. This may be something that we may be unaware of especially when we get tired. This can tear the delicate tissue along the eye area which can easily cause the area to become darkened. You may use high coverage concealers, but you can even save more simply by not rubbing it.

Sometimes you’re sleeping position can also be an inexpensive way to avoid the problem. This prevents water from building up in the orbital or eye area resulting to puffiness.

Home remedies such as teabags, cucumbers and even chilled spoons applied to the area can relieve this problem. Try it and you can improve the puffiness and sagging of your eyelids and lessen the appearance of eye bags.

Eyelid surgery is something that should only be considered when one observes not only aesthetic problems but also functional concerns. For instance ptosis of the eyelids may be too severe for the person to see properly.

Before having anything invasive done, it is imperative that you also consider the risks involved. Eyelid surgery may have created successful results but it is something that has to be thought through with caution. So exhaust all other options first before you give the surgery a tap.



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