Asian teenagers have accepted the western lifestyle and culture with open arms and this includes what they consider as the ideal look of their generation.

At a time when teenagers face the most brutal criticisms about their looks and everything else about them, they cannot resist the charm and the power of having one of the most quintessential aspect of the western face and that is the double eyelids. Determined and passionate, these teenagers have learned how to convince their parents who want nothing else but the best for them. This equation may have some good consequences, but a majority of them should be considered with great caution.

Eyelid Surgery Statistics

It should be noted that there has been a steady increase in the Asian market for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Leading the pack is South Korea, which has dominated and stayed in the top five. It has reached the point that one in 72 South Koreans have had some plastic surgery done on them. In 2012, it could be claimed that 20% of women between the ages of 19 and 49 in Seoul have gone under the knife.

Japan and Taiwan have also joined the list and in 2014, Japan took the lead with 1,260,351 at third, place while South Korea clocked in 980,313 to earn its respectable fourth place. For the type of surgeries taken in that year, double eyelid surgery is the number one for cosmetic surgical procedures at 1,427,451, which reiterates the upswing trend of this surgery in Asia and all over the world.

Age of Consent

The issue of getting double eyelid surgery as a teenager is not as straightforward as it seems. Both the parents and the teenagers themselves are reacting to how society sees Asians, and surgery seems to be a really good option to begin with.

As imperative as it sounds, both the parents and their children should realize the value of having positive body images. However, parents want to protect the interest of their child and the kids do not want to be outcasts.

As such, quite a number of parents have given way to double eyelid surgeries as graduation gifts, a rite of passage, and an assurance that with a new face come a brighter tomorrow. Though it simply hits two birds with one stone, it just misses the point. Empowerment from external sources has a price to pay and it is not an amount you can pay with money.

Why Teenagers May Not Be Ideal Candidates

Generally speaking, not everyone is an ideal candidate for double eyelid surgery. The ones deemed as the right candidates understand that they are getting it because of some really specific benefits that include the removal of eye bags, smoothen puffy upper eyelids, and the restoration of vision that was impaired by excess sin and fat in the eyelids.

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, there are some ophthalmic and medical conditions that prevent that patient from having blepharoplasty. Next to these reasons is the age factor. Exactly why teenagers may not always be ideal candidates for the procedure.

Physically Unready

Some teenagers grow-up quickly and you can immediately see that. However, there are those who take time to grow into their skin, literally speaking. When a person alters any parts of his or her face, it affects the symmetry of the other features and might affect the overall look of the face in a negative way.

This is why it is important to find a good doctor who would be able to give the patient a good idea on what is going to happen to the face once the surgery is done. Looking at the portfolio of the doctor would give you a good idea on the kind of work the doctor can give to you so never skip this process when determining the right surgeon for you.

Unrealistic Expectations

A lot of teenagers grow up to be bullied and rejected by their peers and this encourages them to find solutions that include literally transforming their faces with the hopes of gaining acceptance or even popularity.

For those who actually get the really good doctors, there is a big possibility for that to happen. However, on the other end of the spectrum, those who are waiting for a miracle to happen might just be disappointed with the results they might get. Some forget that we are just talking about an eyelid and it does not change the face that much unless the eyelids are so thick they could cover half of your eyes.

At this point, it is the surgeon’s duty to set realistic expectations for the teenager to know what to expect and avoid getting disappointed. In some cases, the disappointment can get severe and shall hound the teenager for the rest of his or her life. This is a responsibility that all surgeons take seriously, so if your surgeon hardly says anything about this or barely asks questions about your expectations, you can almost be sure that he is not a good one.

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Lack of Maturity

Because the procedure is life changing, having it at such a young age might alter the youngster’s perception of himself and the world completely. The motivations of the young and the old are pretty different and this should be acknowledged. There are some instances when the teenager is not pleased with the final product and would no know how to handle this change that was brought upon by themselves with others ending up suffering from more anxiety and inexplicable sadness.

This is exactly the reason why patients below the age of consent need to get the consent of their parents before having anything done on them. Parents should be informed of what’s going to happen to their kids and should personally evaluate the emotional maturity of the teen patient before going through another careful evaluation by the certified surgeon.

Loss of Character Formation

When kids are raised to live a life of seeking approval from other people, be it the parents, schoolmates, relatives, and neighbors, they tend to lose the biggest thing they need in this life to survive and that is their belief in themselves. Completely thrown out of the window, these teenagers become slaves to what society has established for them and in the process, they lose their identities and the vision that every human being should have for themselves.

These are the reasons why a parent should reconsider having their teens undergo cosmetic surgery, such as double eyelid surgery. Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic is a well-respected board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Australia who follows ethical standards.

Dr. Kim will help you and your young patient understand the procedure and properly evaluate the expectations of the patient.

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