“Dreams come true!” June 2002. This was the slogan flown over the seat of the red devils during the World Cup frenzy that swept the world that year. And true to the shouting of Koreans that dreams come true, the Korean national team made the first cut ever in its history of the World Cup and eventually made it to the semi finals.

The lives of humans are beautiful because humans have dreams. Anchor In Yong Hwang always mentions that he dreamt of being a news anchorman ever since he was a child. So even when he was delivering newspapers every morning he would shout, “Hello viewers all over the nation”

One of Korea’s former presidents mentions that his childhood dream was to become a president. He always had a sign reading “Korean President, his name” in front of his desk as a student.

I had a dream as well. It was a dream of me blowing a saxophone as the sun was setting and my fair blowing in the wind with the reddened sky as the backdrop. A dream from when I was a sensitive teenager, it was the picture of myself in my sixties.

I had always learned the piano and the flute as a child and I always thought that it would be easy to play the saxophone. I used to smile at myself imagining myself playing the saxophone with the backdrop of an Australian sunset.

But something unexpected began to worry me recently for a person with such a dream. The beautiful Australian sunset was great and so was playing the saxophone, but the problem was with the blowing hair. At some point my hair started to thin and I could tell I was losing hair. I was beginning to be concerned that I’ll be bald soon. Being only in my thirties, I was beginning to have doubts whether I will have any hair left by the time I reach my sixties and be able to play the saxophone in the setting Australian sun with my hair blowing in the wind.

I felt like I needed to start taking care of my hair in order to keep my saxophone dream. For some reason it didn’t seem right to have a bald old man playing the saxophone in the setting sun!

Everybody live their lives with a dream. “A dream is beautiful because it is a dream,” says professor Dong Gil Kim in his essay. Maybe it’s trying to pursue a dream that is more beautiful than the actual dream itself.

I have an elder colleague who has a particularly nice smile. When she smiled, it fluttered the hearts of all men near her. But at some point she stopped showing her nice smile because she became worried and scared of the wrinkles around the eyes.

Now that I have become a cosmetic surgeon, I can now remove her wrinkles and help her find her smile back, but unfortunately she is now living in far away America.

For some reason my childhood dream of playing a saxophone with the setting sun with my hair blowing, and the nice smile of the elder colleague, somehow crossed my mind today.