After having no study conducted in 2013 for procedures done in 2012, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has finally released its Global Statistics for 2013.

This is after data has been collected and collated from 1,567 participating plastic surgeon-members from all over the world. At an astounding figure of almost 23.5M procedures performed for both surgical and minimally-invasive treatments in 2013, this marks an immense rise in the cosmetic surgery industry compared to the measly 14.6M procedures found in the ISAPS 2011 data.

So, let us take a look at the top 10 cosmetic surgery countries and see who are the top gainers in the field of enhancing natural beauty.

1. United States of America

The top rank goes to the United States of America with 3,999,631 combined surgical and non-surgical procedures, which accounts for 17% of the total statistics worldwide. As a breakdown, cosmetic surgeons in the USA were able to perform 1.452M surgical procedures and dominated in performing breast procedures to 517,012 patients. It also ranks number one in having the most number of estimated plastic surgeons with 6,133 in total. The most common procedures in the US are breast augmentation, liposuction, lipostructure, double eyelid surgery and tummy tuck.

For non-surgical procedures, it also got the top slot with 2,544,275 treatments performed. This is comprised of Botox injections with 1,271,739 procedures performed, followed by fillers, non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments, laser facial treatments and laser hair removal.

2. Brazil

Runner-up in the list is the South American nation known for its sexy women and muscled men – Brazil. While it only showed a total of 2,141,257 procedures performed, it has overtaken the top slot from the US in operating face and head procedures with 380,155, which comprises 10.1% of the worldwide data. Also, it has dominated body and extremities surgical procedures with 1,491,721, a very close match to the USA data of 1,452,356. Brazil ranked first in performing rhinoplasty and tummy tuck. However, its top five surgical procedures performed include liposuction, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck and double eyelid surgery.

For non-surgical procedures, it also ranks second to the United States. But falls way behind with just 649,536 total procedures performed. Botox and fillers are the most procedures performed.

3. Mexico

Mexico inched its way two slots up from its number 5 ranking in the 2011 data. It toppled China and Japan out from the top five list and overtook the number 3 spot. It showed an overall 10% change from 2011 with a total of 884,353 procedures performed. It has almost doubled the number of total surgical procedures performed, but slipped a few percentage in non-surgical procedures compared to 2011. It placed consistently in number 3 for popular procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, lipostructure and tummy tuck. However, it ranked number 2 in rhinoplasty following Brazil.

4. Germany

Another big leaper is the European country of Germany. From its number 10 spot in 2011, it jumped all the way to the number 4 slot in 2013. It has performed 654,115 surgical and non-surgical procedures. It is consistent in the number 4 rank for head and face, breast and non-surgical procedures, but falls one spot down to number 5 for body and extremities procedures. With an estimated 1,101 plastic surgeons, they were able to perform the most on breast augmentation, liposuction, double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and lipostructure.

5. Spain

But the biggest rise goes to yet another country in Western Europe, which is Spain. It previously ranked number 12 with just 276,123 total procedures performed in 2011. Now, it reigned in an astonishing 38.25% increase with a total of 447,177 surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in 2013. Its top 5 common surgical procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, double eyelid surgery, threadlifts and lipostructure.

Other Contenders

To complete the top 10 list, contenders for the number 6 to 10 slots are mostly surprise up and comers. The number 6 slot goes to Colombia, which was previously on the number 11 spot. It was able to perform a total of 420,995 total procedures. It is followed by Italy in the number 7 rank. Italy has slipped one spot from its 2011 ranking and showed an immense drop in the number of procedures performed with just 375,256.

The number 8 and 9 spots go to Venezuela and Argentina, respectively. These South American countries were listed way below the top 10 slots in 2011. Both showed almost twice the number of procedures performed with Venezuela performing 291,388 procedures and Argentina with 287,823. Both countries listed breast augmentation and liposuction as its top two surgical procedures.

However, the biggest surprise is Iran, which completes the list and taking the number 10 spot from out of nowhere. It reflected a total of 174,788 procedures and has even ranked number 4 as the country with the most rhinoplasty performed, making it its number 1 most common surgical procedure. It has even been named the nose job capital of the world according a Dailymail UK article in 2013. This is followed by lipostructure, liposuction, breast reduction and breast augmentation.

Missing in Action

Interestingly, there are several popular cosmetic surgery countries that have fallen out of the top 10 list. The biggest surprise is that South Korea, which has gained worldwide popularity as THE cosmetic surgery destination in Asia, is nowhere to be found in the list. This is despite the growing obsession in creating doll-like features and where plastic surgery is a “normal thing” as described by a young South Korean woman in an ABC News article.

Also, out of the list are two other Asian nations known for dramatic cosmetic procedures. China and Japan were included in the number 3 and 4 spots, respectively, in the 2011 ISAPS Global Statistics. Also, countries like France, India, Greece, Taiwan and Thailand, which are also known as cosmetic surgery capitals, are nowhere to be found in the list.

This can be attributed to the data collection changes that ISAPS has employed for its 2013 statistics, which may have changed their ranking status. According to ISAPS President Dr. Carlos Uebel, they have improved their strategy in data collection since their last survey in 2011. They based their results in statistically sound samples and only country-specific data are shown for countries that provided sufficient survey response to be considered valid. Dr. Uebel further added that, “This has been an effort on the part of our society to further enhance our survey methodology and make it more comprehensive.

Also, unlike the 2011 data, which listed the top 25 countries, the 2013 data only ranked the top 10 cosmetic surgery countries. Previously, Australia garnered the number 23 spot with a total of 108,124 procedures performed. About 40% of the number was for surgical procedures. Based on the 2011 data, Australia listed breast augmentation, double eyelid surgery, lipoplasty, rhinoplasty and liposuction as the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures.

Looking for a Credible Cosmetic Surgeon in Australia

But in the 2013 Global Statistics, it also presented the top 30 countries with the most number of estimated plastic surgeons, where Australia has maintained its number 22 slot with 317 doctors.

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