Double eyelid surgery is most often requested by Asians who long to have that well defined and rejuvenated peepers. It has long created highly satisfactory results, but in addition to that it is also accompanied by certain side effects. Let us go through each of the possible side effects here and how you can best manage it.


Swelling at the corners of the eyelids is a common side effect which is a result of the trauma created to the area. This is a natural response of the body, and it can be controlled when cold compress is aptly applied to the area.

Difficulty in keeping the eyes closed

This side effect can be due to swelling and the stitches made at the area. This is temporary side effect which can be resolved after a few days to a week. To avoid eye dryness, you can apply eye drops to keep it moisturized.

Eyelids turn yellow after double eyelid surgery

The skin turning yellow can be a result to bruising that has been days old already. A yellow tint on the skin can remain for weeks, sometimes even months. There isn’t really something you can do about it now once bruising is already at this stage. You can conceal it with makeup or if you just had the operation, you can avoid this from happening by applying Arnica or some cold compress.

Vision changes

Eyelid surgery can also cause temporary vision changes, and in some rare cases it can be permanent. This can be blurred vision,  double vision or decreased visual acuity. This can be due to possible damage to certain eye structures which can lead to permanent vision loss. To avoid this from happening, you need to ensure that you only get your procedure done in reliable clinics and highly specialized cosmetic surgeons.


Another side effect of double eyelid surgery is the pooling of blood beneath the skin surface. This would require surgical treatment to remove the problem.


Undesirable scarring can also be a problem after the procedure. In some cases this can be associated with unattractive discoloration. Just make sure that you practice safe aftercare and apply the prescribed ointments to minimize and prevent the problem.

Dry eyes

After double eyelid surgery, the eyes can have a tendency to feel dry or irritated. It can result to itching, burning, or grittiness. This can be due to the fact that you won’t be able to close your eyes properly for the first few days. You can use a warm compress gently applied over the area done on a daily basis, a gentle eye massage (which you should first ask your doctor about), blinking your eyes more often would also help although this ability may not be as forceful just yet, and artificial tears or eyedrops would do the trick. Also make sure that you give yourself enough sleep.

Excessively watery eyes

On the other end of the spectrum, some patients also develop teary eyes. This is a natural response of the eye to the increased evaporation of its moisture due to the poor blinking ability. Some patients in effect will produce the type of tear that you shed when you cry. This is the body’s way of relieving the eyes from dryness.

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