Vanity can bring out the best in you or the most cunning. And this applies to those who do not just want temporary nip tuck enhancements to their faces or bodies.

To those who are braver, the knife does not scare them, but the price just might. That is why it is no surprise that the exodus to countries that offer cosmetic surgeries for a fraction of the cost is a continuously growing trend.

Figures have shown that there are 15,000 Australians who go all the way to Thailand to have their cosmetic surgeries there. And there are no signs of the numbers going down with a recorded 15% increase per year.

The come-ons are awesome and target women in their early 20’s who want to enhance their image of beauty and success with procedures like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Cost is the biggest reason to go to another country for body enhancements. Priced at almost a third of the cost in Australia, Asia seems to present the most cost effective option for all types of procedures. Just do not forget to factor in the travel cost to your budget. If the procedure you want is a minor one, it would not make sense to travel across the world to get it.

However, such packaged cosmetic trips could never go wrong because they combine the experience of going to exotic locations apart from the body enhancing experiences, and newly found or strengthened friendships with other women who have the same “interests” in life. On top of all of these, you get to have the privacy of having your procedures without the prying eyes of family members, friends, and even business associates. For such trips, Thailand and Malaysia top the list of popular cosmetic surgery destinations for Australians.

Like other rapidly increasing fads, there is always the concern of quality and safety, especially for these procedures that require great technical expertise.

Unfortunately, there have been a number of sad news about botched operations and even deaths that happened overseas, bringing more potential customers to thinking how sane the idea of getting cosmetic surgery thousands of miles away truly is. Below are the reasons why it is still better have your procedures in Australia.

Why is it always better to have your cosmetic surgery in Australia?


Genuine and Reliable Surgeons versus Demand Produced “Surgeons”

Aside from the being interchangeable, there is a big difference between cosmetic and plastic surgeons. For a cosmetic surgeon to become a bonafide plastic surgeon, there is a specialist training that the surgeon has to undergo with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. This takes anywhere between eight to ten years and guarantees the patients of the quality of the services that they provide.

If you are still unsure of the surgeon in front of you, there is the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to go to. This is a not-for-profit organization that was institutionalized to develop and promote the integrity of plastic surgeries in Australia.

For the complete trust of their clientele, all the members are required to hold Fellow of Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS) qualifications, hold their operations in accredited facilities, strictly adhere to the code of practice of the ASPS, and continuously meet professional development requirements. These assure you of quality work and very high standards of professionalism that should be evident in procedures like rhinoplasty or double eyelid surgery.

In great contrast, the booming cosmetic surgery market in other countries, particularly in Asia, are bound to encourage the establishments of surgery clinics with no assurance that they are all legitimate ones.

Aside from the obvious language barrier, there would always be the general sentiment of protecting their kind which comes from the sense of community that most Asian countries have, make it harder to detect the fake ones. If there is no first-hand information or review of the clinic, it would be difficult to trust most of them.

Proximity is Key

Looking for the best surgeon is hard to do as it is. By doing this in a foreign land, you multiply the level of difficulty and the risk of getting a bad surgeon, which should be avoided at all cost. Some people simply rely on third-party sites and are easily bedazzled by the pictures and sworn testaments of their supposedly happy clients.

But like all businesses, even these sites are suspected to be just marketing tools used by the foreign clinics to seduce the naïve patients of the world. And this is where word-of-mouth comes in and you would trust the source a lot more if he or she comes from Australia as well.

The worst possibility is running into fly-by-night supposed cosmetic surgeons and encounter post surgery problems. Going back to the country to have the problem fixed would definitely jack-up the price, losing the initial benefit of the entire ordeal, with no assurance that the doctor can actually rectify what needs to be fixed. And if you happen to be just so unlucky, you will need to find another doctor multiplying the cost and increasing the risks some more.

Genuine surgeons recommend a period of 18 months to be absolutely sure that you will not encounter any problems or complications caused by the procedure and in such a period of time, anything could happen and your doctor is far away.

Besides, if the facility is in the same country, it would be easier to further inspect the credentials and facilities of the clinic, which can be more difficult to do with a foreign clinic. This is part of the canvassing for the best surgeon in town and should not be taken for granted.

Honest Care and Comfort

It is important for a good surgeon to let the patient know exactly what he or she is getting into, both the good and bad sides of it. The patient should be given the complete picture, recommended the best treatment to achieve the realistic expectations, and the risks that go with every procedure they offer. Not to say that the surgeons from other countries are not, but it is easy to miscommunicate such information and blame it on the language barrier, something that you do not have to worry about when you deal with a local.

Care comes before, during, and after the procedure, with a majority put into the consultations prior to the surgery itself. Post-surgical concerns are also sure to increase as the patients undergo recovery because they are bound to ask a lot of questions as the healing progresses. Cosmetic surgeons in Australia can provide these with great ease, which is something that their foreign counterparts cannot.

Local surgeons also provide a level of comfort that could never be found from someone outside the country. Sounds a bit too weak or lame for some, but in reality, you will be asking someone to be in charge of your body and it is important for you to be able to express yourself in the most open way possible, without worrying how the surgeon would react or feel if there is a cultural divide in the way. This also builds your confidence with your surgeon which is a key factor in the success of any type of surgery.

Deciding to get a rhinoplasty or double eyelid surgery done is a very important decision you need to make. That is why, deliberating through every single detail of your quest for enhanced beauty needs to be carefully considered, including where to get your procedure done.

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