There is a multitude of things that you have to consider before you go under the knife because things like these will not only tweak you out aesthetically, but it can also be risky and expensive.

By now, you pretty much have an idea of how a cosmetic surgery gone awry would look.

So before saying yes to the scalpel, here are the important questions that you have to ask yourself and your surgeon. This decision is going to change your life, so make sure that it will be for the better.

Am I doing this for me?

You should never undergo cosmetic surgery for the purpose of trying to impress someone. This is one of the major sins that you would do to your body, and maybe even something that you will regret. The decision to go under the knife should come solely from you and something that you should do for yourself. Other people won’t live with the effects whether good or bad, it is you who will be reaping it, so make sure that it is something that you really want.

Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

Not everyone can be considered as a qualified candidate for cosmetic surgery. This could either be for health or psychological reasons. A good surgeon would see to it that you are clear to have the procedure done, and you have to take heed to the advice because this could save you from being unsatisfied with the results, or maybe even fatal consequences.

Do I have the money for quality cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery would undoubtedly cost you thousands, so before you decide on it, see to it that you have the means to afford a good surgeon and procedure. With cosmetic surgery touted as the “wild west” of medicine, you can expect that there are a lot of unqualified practitioners who offer cheaper services. This can be highly tempting, especially if the budget is tight, but it can also be very risky and sometimes even deadly. So if you are seriously considering cosmetic surgery, see to it that you have the money for a reputable surgeon, quality service and maybe for succeeding sessions.

What are the possible risks involved in this procedure?

Any surgery would involve risks, and these are something that you have to consider closely because not only could this possibly lead to complications, but this could also be fatal. When considering the risks, you have to factor in any health conditions that you may already have, and medications or even supplements that you are taking. Your vices and any type of activities should also be considered because all these can have the tendency to affect the course or outcome of the surgery.

What more do I need to know about this procedure?

It is important to know what you are really getting yourself into. The results can be a lifetime commitment, therefore it pays to be sure of what it is you are subjecting your body to. For instance, if you get a hair transplant surgery there is a possibility that you may get another one in the future as per advice by the surgeon depending on the turnout. The information you will gather here will let you foresee the lifestyle changes or preparations that you need to do.

Where will the surgery take place?

A cosmetic surgery may be done in a hospital or outpatient basis. The reason why you have to know this is to check the place out and to know whether these have complete facilities that will be a safe environment for you. Never settle for any place where you are uncomfortable. Sanitation is also of primary importance when considering a clinic.

What are the surgeon’s experiences with this particular cosmetic surgery?

Did you know that anyone can perform cosmetic surgery even though they are not duly qualified to do so? You might have heard of dentists performing rhinoplasties or nose job, when this should not be the case. It pays to have someone who is trained, qualified and experienced to perform the procedure that you request for. It is important to know how often the surgeon performs this procedure, and how many patients he accommodates in a day.

What is the surgeon’s policy on revisions?

Since not all the time does a procedure turn out excellently, it is important to know about the surgeon’s revision policy. This will help you save money in the event that you do need revision work done.

Seek Professional Advice

While it is great to have better knowledge and understanding about cosmetic surgery, no amount of research is substantial than getting a professional advice from your doctor. A consultation with your doctor will allow for a proper assessment of your condition. This is also a great opportunity for you to raise some concerns, hesitations and your expectations in getting a cosmetic surgery. Plus, your doctor will be able to explain to you how best you can achieve the eyelid surgery results that you are longing for.

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