When the term “cosmetic surgery” is mentioned, who is the first person that comes to mind?

Definitely, you would not associate it with a man. There is no denying that cosmetic surgery is still a female-dominated industry. In the 2013 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report of ASPS, 91% of all cosmetic procedures performed in that year were done in women with a total of 13.1 million procedures.

On the other hand, male cosmetic surgery only reflected a total of 1.2 million procedures. This translates to only 9% of the total statistics. This number actually is a steady figure if you compare it from the ASPS data since 2005. However, the male cosmetic surgery took a 5% dip back in 2008 and slowly gained back the increase the following  year until it sustained the figure in 2012 and 2013. However, a quick fact overview shows that the 1.2 million figure is actually a staggering 44% increase compared to that in 2000.

This is supported in a separate report from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), which also revealed that the male demographics had more than 1 million procedures performed, rendering a 9.4% turnout of their data gathered. Also, this number of procedures in men shows a 273% increase from that of 1997. Clearly, more and more men are getting in on the trend of enhancing their features, clearly treading close behind the ladies.

Why Men Seek Cosmetic Surgery?

In an article posted in the men’s website AskMen, author Jake Brennan dissected the reasons why men go the cosmetic surgical route. And in a surprising revelation, the reasons are not at all different from that of women. However, one key difference is the fact that men, in general, are competitive. Men, especially those in the older spectrum, get cosmetic procedures to compete with the more attractive and more marketable younger generation. Apart from the underlined reason on vanity, the article delved into the reason that men get these procedures to emulate their favorite Hollywood stars.

However, in a Business Insider article, this is not the main reason. It also highlighted that the demands in the job market is a big contributor in the increase of cosmetic surgery in men. According to Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, “Men get surgery as a key tool to help them succeed. In a marketplace where looking fit, younger and more masculine is imperative, the better you look, the better your chances of ascending the corporate ladder.

In fact, Dr. Steinbrech claimed that their services include a website that caters exclusively to the male clientele, which outlines the four “types” of working men who get cosmetic procedures. These include the “Male Model”, who wants to work on a modeling career and seeks for sharper features. Procedures include jawline augmentation, hi-definition liposuction, hi-definition pec enhancement and gluteal enhancement.

The other type is the “Body Builder”, who seeks to have more definition but are having trouble in responding to exercise. The other two are the “Athletic Dad” and “CEO/ Boardroom or Forbes Facelift”.

However, other reasons should also be considered such as, correction of birth defects, injuries, medical conditions and correction of past cosmetic procedures.

The Top 5 Male Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

The 2013 ASPS Statistics Report also outlined the top male cosmetic procedures. Topping the list is male rhinoplasty with a total of 57,391 procedures. However, it took a 7% dive compared to the data in 2012. Unlike rhinoplasty in women, male rhinoplasty involves a slightly different approach to make its form and shape more masculine. The angle and size of the implants are highly taken into consideration. Add to the fact that the male skin is thicker, making the procedure all the more complicated.

Trailing closely behind in second place is double eyelid surgery. There was a total of 30,398 out of the 204,032 male surgical cosmetic procedures. Unlike the male rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery in men showed a 7% increase in 2013. This is followed by liposuction with a total of 23,558 procedures performed, which is a 3% increase from that of 2012. This is gleaned from the fact that men want to achieve that flat stomach that will show off their hard-earned abs through exercise (or even through surgery).

The top four is breast reduction in men or gynecomastia. There were a total of 22,939 procedures performed, which reflected an impressive 12% increase from 2012. Lastly, the top five list is completed with facelift surgery, garnering a total of 12,699 procedures performed.

Male-dominated Procedures

Just a few numbers behind to enter the top 5 list is hair transplant surgery, which is probably one of the more male-associated procedures. In fact, 71% of the total hair transplant procedures were performed in men. There were a total of 10,675 procedures performed in men to combat the signs of male pattern baldness.

However, the most surprising gainer for cosmetic procedures in men is probably one of the last body parts that you would think the guys would want enhanced. A procedure called calf augmentation showed an immense 32% increase from that of the 2012 data. The procedure is performed by placing an implant in the calves to emphasize the bulk of the calf muscle. Out of the total calf augmentation procedures, 57% of the procedures were performed in men. Another male-dominated cosmetic procedure is otoplasty or ear pinning surgery, with 51% of the total procedures were performed in the male demographics.

Male Facial Cosmetic Procedures

But in terms of the bulk of the male cosmetic procedures, it is the minimally procedures that took most of the statistics. There were a total of 1,045,007 minimally invasive procedures performed. Botox injections topped the list, followed surprisingly by laser hair removal, then microdermabrasion, soft tissue fillers and chemical peel.

Consult a Cosmetic Surgeon in Australia

Statistics show that male cosmetic surgery is in a steady pace of showing an increased demand over the years, with some procedures even dominated by men. But whether you are a man or a woman, getting successful results from a cosmetic surgery involves having realistic expectations, as well as choosing a credible, well-trained cosmetic surgeon with years of performing a specialized procedure.

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