A face shall never be complete without a nose and because it is positioned in the center of the face, a lot of attention has been given to it, sometimes leading to surgery.

Though there are different reasons for getting rhinoplasty, one thing remains to be true, and that is the desire of people to improve their physical selves no matter what.

Let us analyze each of the top eight countries for rhinoplasty and find out how pervasive this surgical solution is. Interestingly enough, every country has a different story to tell and the figures can never lie.

South Korea

The country did not earn the position for nothing. With 102,597 patients in 2014, South Korea was the clear winner of the lot. That roughly translates into 1 in 72 persons having had some plastic surgery done on their faces.

And why wouldn’t they? In a society that sees appearances as solutions to survive this very competitive world that we have, the looks have become the priority and the predetermined ideals of beauty have been mastered by the plastic surgeons in the country.

Aside from the number of patients who have gone under the knife, South Korea is also famous for the expertise of its surgeons, leading to its 24% of the total market share that translates into 5 trillion dollars to be exact. As of this writing, there have been 300,000 medical tourists that have entered the country, which has been acknowledged as the best among the top 5 countries for the category.

Among the types of surgery trends in the country, eye and nose surgeries are definitely on top of the heap, representing 80% of procedures done on the medical tourists. With regards to the sexes, the men are  behind but also represent a big chunk of 30% versus the 70% of the women patients. This highlights the growing need of men to improve their looks either to advance their careers or to win the hearts of the women they love.


With the natural beauty of its citizens, it was a bit surprising to see Brazil at number 2 with 83,025 or 9.8 % of the pie. Though home to all people, places and things of hotness, Brazil took up fourth place in the list, and liposuction and breast implants were the most popular invasive surgeries among the population.

Though most of the procedures are related to the breast and the buttocks, rhinoplasty has also found its niche in the country. According to a study conducted by the Rhinology Research Society in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins University, the rate of nose jobs per capita is a staggering seven times that of America and it is as prevalent in the Islam Republic as it is in Brazil.

The conditions are very inviting too. As far as the culture of the people is concerned, there is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery and, in fact, has become a coveted status symbol of society. Government-based tax deduction systems have been in place to support the plastic surgery goals of its citizens as well as making them deductible from the income tax with discounts going back as far as 2004, making it really possible for its citizens to avail of these life changing procedures. Such support further pushes the government’s philosophy that the losses shall be outweighed by the income that comes into the country because of plastic surgery.


Number three on the list is the United States of America with 54,873 or 6.5%. Though not as impressive as the top 2, it should be noted that the figures included a 12% over increase in the number of cosmetic procedures in the country. This has been the highest since the Great Recession in 2008 with 11 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures amounting to more than 12 billion dollars.

The technological advances and the rebounding economy have made the procedures really attractive. They are now and less-invasive and more accessible to the public.

Among those have had the procedures, women had more than 10.3 million cosmetic procedures, representing 90.6% of the total, not to mention that this is a 47% increase compared to 1997. Among the top 5 procedures, rhinoplasty was the lowest at 53%.

An emerging and quite alarming trend is the gaining popularity of these procedures on the young adults and teens bracket. People are quick to attribute this to the popularity of media celebrities and the addicting selfies, both requiring the victim to change their looks into what the media feeds them. Young and impressionable, these kids do not know any better and marketing mavens have taken notice of this, heavily attributing to the increase in the figures of this demographic.


With 38,828 or 4.6% of the procedures performed in Mexico two-thirds were for women and a third were for men.

And because this country offers the procedures at low cost with world-class quality, a surge in the number of visitors who have visited for cosmetic purposes has been observed. Most of the surgeons in the country have had experiences in the U.S. and this have made the Americans flock to this country, with 45,000 having benefited from their services and producing $650 million back in 2009, with the figure increasing at an annual rate of 25%. Figures are expected to hit the $1 billion mark in no time.

The country is very ideal for those who are going to finance the procedure themselves and the ones who live near the country, like the ones from the U.S.


For this year, there were 38,779 patients at 4.6%. Such a figure actually represents the growing trend of cosmetic surgeries in Asia and Japan has taken note of this by producing some of the most reliable surgeons for the task. By focusing on the technical know-how, Japan has joined the list of countries that are first considered for such procedures.

Primarily focusing on keeping the Asian face while enhancing them, those within the region have bought the look and are thrilled to be getting minus the cost of going to the U.S. or Europe. As we speak, there is an ongoing obsession for beauty in the region and this sparked the ongoing trend of cosmetic procedures in the region. There is also this desire among the people to look more western to advance careers or just to increase self-esteem, fueling the surge in the country.


For a country that is known in the pageant world for their ravishing beauty, Colombia is not surprisingly included in the top 8, with 17, 803 patients or 2.1% of the pie.

Tourism plays a big part in the increase, with the figures steadily rising for the last couple of years because of the countries natural resources and medical tourism, getting the attention of foreigners and turning the country into one of the premier sites for plastic surgery.

Price is also a big factor as it costs less, but still gives the kind of service that you can get from the other top countries.


For the Germans, there has been a steady increase with the figures doubling over the past five years and reaching 12,188 or 1.4 percent of the patients.

In the past, the men just comprised 10% of the patients, but have dramatically increased to give the women a run for their money.


Last but not the least is France with 11,666 or 1.4% of the population. Among the 22% who had surgery, 8% were for rhinoplasty, which was the second to the lowest surgery compared to breast surgery, which was number one at 20%, rhinoplasty at 17%, blepharoplasty at 13%, and breastlifting at the last place at 7%.

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