Rhinoplasty is still among the top procedures that are requested today. It has been practiced for several years; however, there are still cases where it resulted to poor outcome.

So how can you ensure that you get the right nose for you after surgery? How can it give you the cosmetic and emotional benefit that you are looking for?

It is evident for some individuals that the size and shape of their noses are not well proportionate to the rest of the face. This can result to an imbalance which can even take more attention on the face instead of other more attractive features.

Since every person has their unique look, there is no boiler template that will determine the nose that would suit everyone. There are factors that have to be considered in determining this, such as face shape, ethnicity, age, and even personality.

But even with the different physical difference, there is also a commonly accepted view that would make a “perfect nose”. First of all it should have a narrow tip, a straight bridge, an appropriate projection and width ratio, and a moderate dip in the transition from the bridge to the top.

A cosmetic surgeon even makes use of the golden ration to best define the appropriate angles and symmetry that will create harmony on the person’s features.

However, aside from the technical aspect of rhinoplasty, it is more important that the surgeon and the patient engage in an in-depth conversation about the goals and expectations of the surgery. The specifics of what constitutes the ideal nose will be taken into account, but a good surgeon will combine this with what the patient wishes to accomplish.

According to Dr. Tae Ho Kim, who is an assistant professor at New York Medical College, “A person considering rhinoplasty should understand that the goal is a nose that looks attractive, but also fits well into their particular facial structure?”

He also adds that with a realistic understanding of what is surgically possible and appropriate for their face, a patient is more able to attain a positive emotional outcome after their nose reshaping procedure.

So if you are considering rhinoplasty, here are some important reminders.

If you want to emulate a certain celebrity’s nose, and it’s not wrong to do so. But you have to remember that a good surgeon would see to it that it would suite well with your own face. If he easily goes with what you want, go to another surgeon right away. It is important that you are given a realistic understanding of what is possible and what is the right course of action.

It is also important that a cosmetic surgeon share the surgical goals and expected outcome of the procedure. While doing so, it is also vital that he explains how this will be achieved and what certain measures he plans to take.