If you look at your listings, you can probably find a handful of surgeons in Melbourne offering rhinoplasty services.

But you just don’t go booking the first person out on a whim. In order for you to ensure that you get a safe and successful nose job, you have to be very critical in choosing the surgeon who will perform it. Since once is enough to mess it up, it is important to make the effort in booking a highly qualified surgeon.

Here are some guidelines that you should follow when going through with the process.

First of all, there are some surgeons who may not upfront and honest with you when it comes to their specialty. Rhinoplasty is a very delicate procedure that requires extensive training. Since a regular surgeon may not have the skills to pull it off, this is why it is important to ask about your surgeon’s educational background.

When researching on your doctor’s credentials, see to it that he is board certified in either plastic surgery or otoralygology (Surgery for Ear, Nose and Throat). The surgeon should be able to understand both the aesthetic and functional aspect of the procedure to achieve successful result.

Even if a surgeon is an ENT, you still need to ask whether he routinely performs rhinoplasty surgery. You need to know this because rhinoplasty requires a considerable amount of training and expertise for good results. Therefore, ask the doctor to specify how much he devotes to rhinoplasty surgery in his practice.

Ideally, a good rhinoplasty surgeon should have performed a large number of rhinoplasty procedures in a year. The total number should be over a hundred. A surgeon should also be doing nose surgery for at least five years, but preferably 10-15 years.

The surgeon should also be well versed on advanced rhinoplasty techniques, such as an open rhinoplasty. This means that he has a wide range of skills to be able to cater to certain cases.

A nose surgeon should ideally be experienced with rib cartilage grafting or ear cartilage grafting to be able to perform a challenging revision rhinoplasty. Also, you will be paying more for this type of nose surgery, so see to it that the surgeon is highly qualified.

Another important thing that you need to ask about is a portfolio of past cases. Most surgeons keep a collection of before and after photos which they keep in a folder or you can browse through on their website. It is here where you can tell how your potential results are going to look like.

A dependable rhinoplasty surgeon should also take the time in performing the procedure. Although it is important that a surgeon have more than a hundred cases in a year, but he shouldn’t also be accommodating too many patients in a day.

You can also ask the surgeon for simulated results of your procedure. He can take your photograph and analyze it and give you a graphical presentation of the intended results. Some may even have special software to do this, while some use a tracing paper to overlay on your photo.

In the end, to find the best nose job surgeon in Melbourne, you also need to trust your instincts. He should be able run on the same wavelength as your goals, expectations and desires. Communication is also important, so that you can build trust and confidence in your surgeon.

Keep this closely in mind when doing your research, and you just might be well on your way to a successful rhinoplasty result.

Seek Professional Advice

While it is great to have better knowledge and understanding about rhinoplasty procedure, no amount of research is substantial than getting a professional advice from your doctor. A consultation with your doctor will allow for a proper assessment of your condition. This is also a great opportunity for you to raise some concerns, hesitations and your expectations in getting a cosmetic surgery. Plus, your doctor will be able to explain to you how best you can achieve the eyelid surgery results that you are longing for.

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