Double eyelid surgery has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, particularly among Asians. Characterized by eyes that look less open and less bigger, this feature gives the impression that they are aloof or disinterested even when it is the complete opposite of what they are feeling.

By creating a natural double eyelid that is done by removing the excess fat and skin around the upper eyelid area, the eyes opens up and are made to look bigger and more appealing. But is everyone qualified to get this surgical enhancement? The answer would completely depend on the factors that would dictate if you are actually qualified for this surgery or not.

In Good Shape

The most important requirement for a person to fulfill to be able to get a double eyelid surgery is a good health condition. There are specific health requirements that should be considered. First, there should be no history of excessive bleeding nor any irregularities with your blood count.

Next would be to check the condition of your heart. Surgeries tend to create stress and your heart should be able to handle it. Unfortunately, there are patients whose bodies cannot handle this kind of stress and it would be in their best interest to take care of this first before undergoing the procedure. Safe to say, heart-related diseases or conditions should be completely ruled out to get a clearance for this procedure. No escaping this one because pre-operative tests are required upon consultation with your surgeon. Among the tests would be some blood work, ECG, and chemical panel test. There would be certain cases though that would require more like a chest x-ray, urinalysis and even a pregnancy test for the ladies.

Absolutely No Smoking

Cigarettes cause a lot of health problems, and it is also a reason for doctors to consider you an unfit candidate for a double eyelid surgery. Reduction of the blood supply to the skin and the consequential constriction of the blood vessels is one of its effects on a smoker. When this happens to a patient, it impairs tissue oxygenation as normal blood flow is affected.

Smoking can also lower a person’s white blood cell count, which is worrisome because it would increase the chances of wound infection that would impede its healing process. It would also increase the pain you are going to feel because it lessens the effects of your anesthesia. The only remedy for this is to cut smoking for at least a month.

No Drinking Too

After discussing the effect of smoking on a person, consider cutting on drinking alcohol as well. Alcohol thins out the blood and dilates your blood vessels increasing your risk for excessive bleeding during and after surgery. If you have a low tolerance for pain, you should know that an anesthetic does not work as efficiently when you have alcohol in your system.

A also dries up your skin. As minor as it sounds, this would simply prevent your surgery from healing properly. So, do yourself a favor and avoid drinking for two weeks before your surgery and until your wounds have healed completely.

Excess Skin on the Eyelids

A double eyelid surgery involves the removal of excess skin, fat, and muscles in some patients for the creation of a natural upper eyelid crease to progress. There should be excess skin on the eyelids for this to happen and the excess amount would determine what technique should be performed on the patient.

There are Risks

While it is certain to change your look and your life, any professional surgeon would tell the patient that there are risks and complications that might be encountered. Though these are words any patient would not want to hear, a potential patient should know that bleeding, infection, scarring, poor scar healing, the inability to temporarily close the eyes, and dryness of the eyes are some of the complications that can be experienced. The good news is that they only happen when the surgeon is not as skilled as he presents himself to be.

Real Expectations Should be Present

When a patient comes inside the clinic, the expectations should be set right off the bat. A double eyelid surgery may enhance your eyes but it doesn’t necessarily westernize your appearance.

On that note, the patient should not expect the surgery to make every dream come true because it will not. It might make life a little easier but everything else depends on how you live it. Nor should you get one simply to please others because this doesn’t guarantee satisfaction and happiness if not done out of your own volition.

With the right intentions and the best surgeon, you can actually benefit the most from the procedure and use it as the next step to any of the goals that you have in mind.

Getting a double eyelid surgery begins with knowing if you are qualified for it. You will know this through a thorough consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. At Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery, you are ensured that you will get the answers you are looking for. Our resident cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Kim, has years of experience under his belt in performing double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.

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