When you look in the mirror, you want to feel good. You want to see someone who is attractive, confident, and ready for whatever the world has to offer.

Sadly, that is not the case for everyone and for those who are willing to change the situation, they resort to a more extreme and permanent solution – cosmetic surgery.

With a great majority basking in the success of their procedure, people have begun to realize how it can positively affect their relationships with their loved ones, while staying true to the core of their beings. Read on to find out how this actually pans out.

The Figures

Cosmetic surgeries, like rhinoplasty, have been on the rise since the beginning of this decade and this led to a closer look at the lives and loves of those who have gone under the knife post-surgery.

With media mercilessly scrutinizing celebrities and praising those who have taken the challenge head on, it was certainly interesting to see how the lives of these patients have changed. Numerous studies have suggested positive results in the patients’ lives. Those who have experienced the opposite have unrealistic expectations or downright terrible procedures from unqualified doctors to blame.

One of the studies at the Center for Human Appearance at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine has recorded a whopping 87% of patients who were satisfied with their procedures.

A similar study that used the 36-item Short-Form Health Survey in a study evaluating the life of breast-reduction surgery has noted a 95% improvement in the health and well being of the participants. Another study has found a significant improvement in the lives of the patients in areas that include general health, satisfaction with appearance, freedom from anxiety, freedom from pain, and independence from help or care. The questions used were from the Questions of Life Satisfaction questionnaire, which is a standardized test on satisfaction and quality of life.

Positives for Rhinoplasty

One of the most popular types of surgical procedures would be rhinoplasty or what is commonly known as the nose job. This type of surgery can change the size and form of your nose for facial symmetry, get rid nose humps or depressions on the bridge as well as nasal tips that are enlarged or bulbous and decrease the opening of wide nostrils. Aside fro can also improve the obstructed airway of the nasal structure, improving airflow and breathing through tm the appearance of the nose, this procedurehis part of the face. Below are the positive effects of rhinoplasty and cosmetic procedures on the relationships of the patients with their loved ones.

A Great Confidence Booster

Self-confidence is one of the most important factors for a person to succeed in life. Unfortunately, it has eluded those who have issues on their bodies, issues that affect the way they act and form their personal relationships. Most end up socially inept, lost in the ways of communicating or dealing with the people around them. With surgery, the source of their insecurities is directly addressed and the results are almost immediate.

Skyrocketing to the highest heavens, their new physical form brings the patients to an all-time high that they have never experienced and it just gives this energy the enables them to do things that they never thought were possible. With relationships, this can translate into a more collaborative environment for the couple and a new source of pride for the other spouse. Change will be inevitable in the dynamics of the couple, but it shall lead to more authentic image and knowledge of the person within the relationship.

The Bed Becomes a Bigger Playground

For a lot of couples, intimacy is an issue that comes from body issues. This barrier prevents the couple from exploring each other’s bodies and learning how to give sustainable pleasure that is essential to any marriage.

Such embarrassment is normally erased after a cosmetic surgery and the patient feels this new sense of power and control that was never experienced in the past. This kind of confidence makes it easier and more comfortable for the person to react to situations that expose the body and the spouse shall definitely benefit from this as well.

For people who have made the decision to have cosmetic surgery and have educated themselves and have realistic expectations, cosmetic procedures are a positive experience. Now that there is this renewed confidence, the willingness to explore things in the bedroom would ultimately lead to wonderful discoveries that would make the bond between the couple a stronger one. The spouse also benefits from the situation because it can also inspire the other person to be a better spouse inside and outside of bed. With the additional energy in bed, the patient and the spouse are expected to renew the bond that they already have.

Health Improvements

Patients who have succeeded with their procedures, specifically those who got a rhinoplasty really get value for their money. Not only do they get to have the nose of their dreams, they also find the physical benefits that it actually gives like being able to breathe easier. It is a pleasant surprise for a lot of patients who just walked in the clinic of the doctor to get their noses fixed and ending up with fixed nostrils as well.

The alleviation of the person simply enables the person to do more and react better to situations that include relationship ones. A happier disposition just makes it easier for the person to focus more on the things that need to be dealt with, including their partners, families, and friends.

Sleep Like a Beauty

Rhinoplasty is not just a cosmetic surgery. It is also a corrective procedure and the benefits it gives to the patient include the capability to sleep better. Creating open and clear airways encourages an even pattern in the breathing of the patient and this definitely rids you of those nightly snores that your partner had to endure during the post-surgery stage. Sleep is as important to the body as eating and exercise.

Getting the right amount of sleep absolutely improves the well being and disposition of a person. There is more energy to use for important matters and it just makes the patient function better as a person. The spouse can only be thankful for the peaceful nights that are finally in the horizon.

Pride Makes a Partner Proud

There are moments when a spouse feels inferior because of a physical flaw that obviously is not an issue with the other. It is painful to deal with that for both parties and sometimes causes tension between the otherwise, sweet and loving couple. The nose happens to be a focal feature of the face and is just difficult to hide. Such a concern pushes the patient to hide or stay in the background, or just not join photo shoots or other face exposing activities. With rhinoplasty, there will be no need to hide anymore.

People are bound to notice the difference, but that is exactly the reason why the patient had it in the first place. More than the improved version of the nose, it also gives off a younger vibe, encouraging the person to show it off to the world. For some people, it would open a whole new world of possibilities and share it with the love of their lives.

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