Rhinoplasty is probably at the top of the pack as one of the most popular and common cosmetic surgical procedure.

You might have heard your next-door neighbor getting one, a co-worker or even your favorite celebrity was even rumored to having a little nip tuck on the nose. People have their own reasons why they get a nose job. And we have to admit that a bit of a tweak in the nose does drastically improve a person’s facial feature when done by a high-skilled cosmetic surgeon. It enhances and balances out the facial structure of a person.

But, why the need to get a nose job when you can just embrace the God-given physical attributes that you already have? Again, people have valid reasons to getting a rhinoplasty done.

Medical Woes

While we often associate nose jobs with vanity, some people undergo rhinoplasty procedure because they want to correct a deformity that has severely affected their health. Such is the case of people who have a deviated septum. It is a condition where the nasal wall that separates the two chambers of the nose is abnormally displaced. Some are born with the wall, which is made out of cartilage, is cooked or off-center. Though this may not seem unusual and noticeable for some, but it can usually cause difficulty in breathing, nasal congestions, infections, sleeping problems and nosebleeding, to some extent.

In some extreme cases, when difficulty in breathing is severe causing sleep apnea and loud snoring, a reconstructive rhinoplasty may be recommended by the doctor to correct the deviated septum. A rhinoplasty will allow for a more better air flow to normalize breathing.

Accidents Happen

Another reason why people get nose jobs is when they figured in a major accident that has caused a broken nose. This could either be because of a car accident, a major fall and, in some cases, domestic violence. Rhinoplasty is needed, not just to restructure the nose in its original form, but more importantly, to reduce the risk of further accumulating complications.

Vanity and Pride

Of course, we have to admit that the most common reason that we hear about why people get nose jobs is because they want to improve their appearance. For some people, they might consider this a form of vanity or narcissism. But, what you may not know, some of the people who get rhinoplasty are scarred deep within because of taunts and name calling due to the deformity of their noses. Those who live with self-esteem issues are given a boost of confidence and a sense of sureness that they can be as attractive as others with a better-looking nose.

However, there are really people who just want to have a more prominent nose. Who would not, if it can improve the way you look. There is no feeling better than holding your head up high knowing that you look good with a new well-balanced nose.

Hiding Behind the Nose

But, you might have noticed that there are only a few of those who get rhinoplasty, especially famous celebrities, who admit that they have a little procedure done on their nose. Some go at great lengths at hiding so that nobody would see them coming out of a clinic with a bandaged up nose.

There are certainly no clear-cut reasons as to why a lot deny and hide the fact that they have had a nose job. Their reason for denying and hiding could be as varied as the reasons why they had it done. But, no matter what their reasons are, we still have to admit that the little change in the shape and size of the nose does alter and improve the over-all appearance of a person’s face.

“I Had A Nose Job!”

While there are a lot who never speak about getting it done, there are quite a few famous personalities who have stepped into the light and proudly declared that they had a procedure done on their nose.

Friends star Lisa Kudrow recently revealed that she had her nose job done right before she transferred to a new high school when she was just 16 years old. She was proud to say that she was happy with her decision that she was able to change her nose from “hideous to not being hideous”. Fellow Friends celebrity Jennifer Aniston has also been candid about her nose surgery to correct a deviated septum about twelve years ago. She has also admitted that she had it done twice, with the second one to correct the first nose job.

Another celebrity who has publicly declared that she had a nose job done is former Disney star Ashley Tisdale. She said that she had her nose done because of her breathing problems. We have to admit it that she does look much better with her restructured nose now.

On the other hand, famed actress Cameron Diaz has had a few affairs with going into the doctor’s clinic for a nose job. And she had the procedure done several times because of accidents that had to a broken nose, which made it difficult for her to breath. Same is true with former Abercrombie & Fitch model and One Tree Hill heartthrob Chad Michael Murray who has had a nose job surgery when he met an accident earlier in his modeling career.

Other celebrities who have stepped out of the shadow and proudly admitted to getting a nip tuck on the nose are pop royalty Janet Jackson, singer Ashley Simpson, controversial actress Amanda Bynes, former Olympian Kris Jenner and radio personality Howard Stern.

While, there are still a lot of celebrities who have constantly denied their encounter with the knife at the clinic, some fans speculate that these celebrities in hiding did have their noses altered in one way or another. Let us just wait for now until they too will step into the limelight and list of celebrities who are proud of their restructured nose.

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