You have heard and read it. More and more men are getting into the trend of enhancing their features with the help of plastic surgery.

Let us sift through the data and get the facts straight. In the 2012 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are over 1.5 million cosmetic surgical performed, with 204,146 of that are accounted for men undergoing surgical enhancements. The procedures performed range from facelift, breast reduction in men, liposuction, eyelid surgery and, the most popular of all, rhinoplasty with 61,771 cases.

While there are no statistical data similar to this report, men and women in Australia has spent around $10 billion in surgical and non-surgical procedures, which includes getting themselves enhanced with rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and breast augmentation, among others.

It can be gleaned that men are now seeing and becoming aware of the benefits of plastic surgery to optimize their appearance. Also, this shows that beauty enhancement is no longer a territory strictly for women. However, even if most plastic surgery procedures can be done in both male and female, the anatomy of the sexes are definitely not of the same structures. The concept of the difference between apples and oranges certainly comes into play with cosmetic procedures, especially when it comes to getting a nose job or rhinoplasty.

The Male Nose versus The Female Nose

The breathing appendage in the center of our faces may look pretty much the same, in general. You see a nose bridge, the nostril base and the tip of the nose. However, if you look at it more closely, you see that minute details and nuances make up the distinction of what sets it apart between a male or a female nose. Still cannot picture or imagine the differences? Well, let us make a run through of what sets both noses apart.

The first contrast is the width of the nose. Generally, men have wider nose bridges in the middle of the nose compared to the thinner and more delicate ones in women. If you notice, men’s noses have sharp edges and go on a straight line when seen in a profile. Women’s noses tend to have a curvier slope to their noses when viewed from a profile. Also, the female nose typically does not push out from the face as much as the male nose. Aside from the overall look and shape of the nose in men, men’s noses also tend to have stronger bone and cartilage and a thicker skin.

An additional interesting fact is that the male nose is 10% larger than that of women. You know why? It is because men need more oxygen than women.

This is due to the fact that men have more lean muscle mass, which needs more oxygen to grow and maintain its size. We know that to get oxygen, we need to breathe. And, of course, we breathe through our nose. That is why men’s noses are bigger than women’s to bring more oxygen in to the body for the muscles to grow.

The Male Rhinoplasty

While there are a good number of men who get rhinoplasty done for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes, others also have it done for corrective reasons. This is more common in men whose noses got disfigured in an injury because of an accident, or while playing sports. Others get it to correct breathing problems because of a deviated septum.

More often, men tend to have a fear about proceeding with getting a nose job because they are afraid that a surgical procedure on the nose will give them a more feminine nose. However, because of the slight, yet distinguishable, differences of the structures of the male and female nose, there is also a variation in the approach when performing rhinoplasty in either of the sexes.

When getting the procedure done, more often than not, men request to have a nose that it  is characterized to be masculine – a nose that is strong, straight and high in appearance.

In performing a nose job for men, typically, the new nose should make a 130-degree angle and start closer to the forehead. This will give the new nose a longer appearance. Also, a straight bridge is given to make the look more masculine. Sometimes, a small hump also is associated with a more male nose.

As for the tip of the nose, there is a smaller amount of rotation done to avoid making it up-turned, which is more associated with a female nose. The angle between the nose and the upper lips usually measures between 90 to 98 degrees to avoid making the new nose look feminine, which is achieved through female rhinoplasty. Also, the tip of the nose is less rounded and more pointed.

In the case of Asian men, they tend to have a nose bridge that is less prominent and a rounder nose tip. Generally, Asian men request for a male rhinoplasty to augment the dorsum or the nose bridge to make it more prominent. Also, a columellar strut graft may be placed to support the nasal tip.

Getting A New Male Nose

When getting the procedure done, most men would really want that the result look natural without appearing to have an overdone or enhanced look. Some even have to go through the ordeal of having to go through the procedure again by getting a revision rhinoplasty.

This is the reason why that there should always be a thorough and in-depth discussion between the patient and the surgeon to properly discuss the expectations, procedures and the envisioned result. It may even be best to undergo some nasal examination to check if there are breathing troubles experienced by the patient. It is also of utmost importance to seek out experts to perform your male rhinoplasty.

So, you now have the facts straight and all figured out. If you are on a quest of getting a new male nose, you can book a free consultation with Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Cosmetic Beauty Surgery to talk over your realistic and attainable expectations and know the procedure that will work best for you.

While these facts may give you an idea what getting a nose job for men is all about, each and every person’s facial structure is different. There is still no better way to know what works and will look best on you, especially when it comes to plastic surgery, than with a consultation with a qualified doctor.

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