After giving birth, a majority of mothers will experience the need to overcome with effects of childbirth physically, emotionally and psychologically.

This is especially true for first-time mothers, who are caught unaware with such drastic changes. The most obvious of these is the transformation that happens to their bodies. With a society that praises a slimmer form, the desire to return to their pre-pregnancy figure is inevitable. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it seems, and this can certainly affect a woman’s self-esteem.

Post-pregnancy body Issues

Loss of self-esteem is an issue that cripples mothers and prevents them from moving forward after their pregnancy. Given how harsh society can be with women’s appearances, there is always the need to conform and fit into the high standards that have been set. In some cases, women cease to be their old confident and lively selves and often prefer to live in recluse to avoid the damaging opinions of people who know nothing of what they are going through.

To a certain extent, there is the lingering feeling of depression that haunts women whose pregnancy has drastically changed their looks and physical condition. In some cases, this can damage relationships with their partners and can even hamper their ability to properly take care of their of their baby. Unfortunately, some women cannot rise to the challenge and suffer by themselves in the process.

Post-pregnancy body changes


The first few days will leave you with swollen or sore breasts that are engorged with milk. This will subside after a couple of days. Unfortunately because of the additional weight of the breast milk, here begins one of the dreaded body changes in mothers – sagging breasts. Aside from the appearance, milk leakage is expected to happen, even if you do not breastfeed, which can take place for a couple of weeks.


After giving birth, the mysterious brown lines down the center of your abdomen is bound to disappear. What will not go away would be the stretch marks that developed during your pregnancy. They come in red at first and eventually turns into a shade of silver before it blends back to its original color. Nothing can stop this occurrence, which explains why even the fittest moms are prone to this skin discoloration.


Hair loss is normally experienced by anyone with an average of 100 strands of hair lost per day. It increases to an alarming rate after a few weeks of delivery. Pretty temporary in nature, your hair is expected to return to its normal growth cycle after a few weeks.


After pregnancy, your abdomen is stretched and tends to become a bit weak, not to mention the fact that your body actually put a little weight. All these put extra strain on your back and causes the pain until the abdominal muscles become tight again. Posture is also another factor that causes back pain, but this problem should go away within the fist six weeks after giving birth. For persistent pain, you might want to visit a chiropractor for therapy.


Nose swelling is one of the drastic changes that can happen during pregnancy. This occurrence is linked with the increase in estrogen levels. Weight gain can also be one of the cause, as the tip of the nose is made out of fat. Ideally, the shape of the nose will return as soon as your weight returns to pre-pregnancy state. Unfortunately, there are rare cases when the nose does not regain its original shape.


The tan-colored areas around your eyes are called the “mask of pregnancy” and develop during pregnancy. However, they fade in time so there is nothing to worry about them. Other skin changes include red rashes around their mouth and chin and extreme skin dryness.

Mommy Makeovers on the Rise

Because of the changes that could be permanent sometimes, mothers have sought out surgical procedures that are performed together, which are popularly known as mommy makeovers.

According to statistics, 62% of mothers have sought out plastic surgery to regain the pre-pregnancy body’s old former glory. While the age of women who get cosmetic surgery to bring back their former physique have become younger throughout the years, the average age of mothers who jump the surgical enhancement bandwagon has risen to 24.6 in 2006 compared with the data in the 70s with 21.4.

Based on the figures, the need to look good after becoming pregnant has become a real concern for mothers who have given birth. The technology used in performing credible surgical cosmetic procedures has grown by leaps and bounds and has made it safer for women to have it performed.

On top of this, society nowadays is less critical about going under the knife. And this can be attested in female celebrities, moms or not, brandishing their new and enhanced bodies.

Mommy Makeover Procedures

The top procedures that are given for the makeovers include breast augmentation that restores the breasts to their original size and shape, mastoplexy or breastlifts that bring back the perkiness of the breasts, tummy tucks that flatten the abdomen, and liposuction that removes the unwanted fat on the hips and thighs.

Rhinoplasty with Mommy Makeovers

Moms who have encountered and developed enlarged noses or difficulties in breathing after they give birth have rhinoplasty as one of most requested procedures.

This helps to make the nose smaller, change its angles with reference to the upper lip, change nose tips, eliminate bumps, and other defects of the nose. Since new mothers are on the warpath of physical change, the nose gets included almost automatically.

The Best Time to Get Mommy Makeovers

Timing your mommy makeover is a very important aspect that you need to consider before you head to a clinic for a consultation. You have to take note that body will still undergo the process of transformation before it returns to its pre-pregnancy shape. Also, it is very important to consider your ability to carry out your motherly duties to your baby, like breastfeeding.

While there is no definite criterion on the best time to get a mommy makeover, it is important to put the welfare of your child first. Also, certain surgical cosmetic procedures may need to be carefully planned or even put off if you are intent on having another child.

That is why it is crucial to seek out the professional advice of a board-certified and credible cosmetic surgeon. He will provide you with the best treatment plans that will suit the demands of the busy life of being a mother in quest to looking your former best.

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