Recently, there has been an increase in the consultation sessions and procedures performed on Chinese and Japanese women in addition to the existing Korean clientele.

One Japanese patient who received treatment from me recently submitted her experience into the Cosmetic Surgery section of the Japanese monthly magazine “Splash,” which is published in Australia. Miss Yumi’s (age 27) cosmetic surgery experience story from Splash Magazine’s May 2005 issue is represented here.

Despite being told that I’m pretty quite frequently, I always had a complex about my eyes. The big wart next to my left eye was especially disastrous.

After seeing friends who became prettier after a cosmetic surgery, I started to think that I needed to do something about my eye complex and become prettier.

After a long period of agonizing, I visited the Basic Beauty Cosmetic Clinic and Dr. Ahnsup Kim and the Japanese consultant listened carefully to my concerns and problems.

They explained the appropriate surgical procedures in my case and how the procedure would improve my image. They also showed me several photos of patients who have had similar cases as mine.

After a lengthy and thorough consultation, instead of suggesting a cosmetic surgery, they suggested that I think it over very carefully.

I had already talked to my mother and friends prior to visiting the Basic Beauty Cosmetic Clinic, and they all strongly recommended that I get cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, Dr. Kim and his staff all said repetitively that although becoming beautiful is important, one needs to think very carefully about the decision to go ahead with it. It felt like they were even more concerned about my well being than my mother and friends.

After listening to various opinions and thoroughly rethinking about the decision, I finally decided to go ahead with a cosmetic surgical procedure. There was no fear or pain because I had already had a very through consultation session. The double eyelid surgery took around 45 minutes and getting rid of the wart next to the left eye took another 10 minutes or so.

There was a bit of swelling and redness in the treated area for about two days after the surgery. Just like Dr. Kim said, the symptoms started to disappear after a day or two and they were completely gone after a week.

Now, compared to before I have a much prettier eye and the wart that always bothered me is now gone. I became very confident regardless of whom I met and I had confidence in my face. Although I had a very lengthy period of agonizing and consultation prior to the surgery, I am now very happy and satisfied. If you have a complex about a certain part of your appearance I strongly suggest that you muster up your courage and get cosmetic surgery.

If you can meet a physician who you can connect with, and who can fully listen to your concerns and think from the point of view of the patient, then I know that you can become happy as well.