When you see that your new nose is nothing but a disappointment rather than a relief, then it’s probably time that you consider get a revision rhinoplasty done.

But how do you get right back when things just got all messed up for you? Here are some steps that can help you out.

So now you are probably doing the “rhinoplasty autopsy” of what your surgeon has done to your nose.

You could probably be observing asymmetry, hear snoring when you breathe, a bad nose tip or simply just ending up with an awkward nose in general. You could be angry at the world or your surgeon but you can also take a more positive approach that will bring you better change; something that is sure this time.

Naturally the next step that you need to do is to approach your surgeon about it. Show him where the problem is and ask him what his possible corrective plan is. You can even discuss with him about the cost of the revision especially when the problem was clearly made out of poor aesthetic judgment.

But if you are no longer confident in the skills of your previous surgeon, it is high time that you sharpen you’re sleuthing skills to scout for the surgeon who is experienced in performing nose job revisions. You can always turn to the internet to find a listing of the best surgeons who have this specialization.

Forums are always a good avenue to find honest and raw reviews from other patients. They can be very candid about their opinions and they can help by pointing you to the right surgeons. But these discussions can also inform you on the surgeons who are not providing the quality results that you deserve.

When you have narrowed down your choices and decided to go for a consult, you should always ask for before and after photos of primary rhinoplasties as well as revisions. This way you can get a good look at how his works look like and whether this suits your preferences.

It is best that you approach several nose surgeons so that you can compare as to which one can give you the best treatment option.

Another way to ensure that your corrective nose job turns out better than the first, you must also prepare yourself to be healthy. The condition of your body will determine the healing process and the result.

Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, vitamin E and certain foods that impair blood clotting. This can lead to poor wound healing and scarring, some of the major factors that also led you to get that corrective procedure in the first place.

You must also be prepared financially because secondary rhinoplasties cost more than a first time procedure. The reason for this is that it takes more skill and careful precision to repair a previous nose job. The usual cost of revision nose job in Sydney can run around $10,000 on top of other miscellaneous fees.

If you want to ensure that your next nose job provides you with a successful result, this time trust the right surgeon, prepare your body and be financially ready.

Seek Professional Advice

While it is great to have better knowledge and understanding about rhinoplasty procedure, no amount of research is substantial than getting a professional advice from your doctor. A consultation with your doctor will allow for a proper assessment of your condition. This is also a great opportunity for you to raise some concerns, hesitations and your expectations in getting a cosmetic surgery. Plus, your doctor will be able to explain to you how best you can achieve the eyelid surgery results that you are longing for.

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