Helen Flanagan had a Nose Job after bullyingWho would have expected that for someone who was just recently voted as UK’s Sexiest Woman in FHM magazine still have qualms about her body?

The Coronation Street star, Helen Flanagan reportedly had cosmetic surgery done just last month in order to correct her nose which was the subject of years of schoolyard bullying.

Helen’s nose was constantly nitpicked and received “cruel” comments when she was younger. This had made her very self-conscious of this particular feature, enough for her to get it fixed with surgery.

According to a friend’s statement in the The Sun, a daily tabloid newspaper in the UK, “She (Helen) was still racked with self-doubt. She was bullied throughout her school days about the size of her nose and it really affected her badly. Kids can be so cruel and some of what was said to her was incredibly hurtful.”

Based on reports, Helen had the nose job done at a foreign clinic last May so that she could recover in private.

Those who knew her said that being on TV made her insecurities more much worse because it was exposed for the entire nation to see every night of the week.

After delaying the procedure for years mostly out of fear, friends say that she had no regrets of having it done despite it being painful.

The procedure happens to coincide with her equally famous footballer boyfriend, Scott Sinclair’s medical treatment. This caused her to be the subject of backlash from his fans because she seemingly failed to support her publicly. This was probably due to her apprehensions about exposing the early results of the procedure.

Someone from Helen’s camp said, “She couldn’t speak out and defend herself because she didn’t want everyone knowing she had gone under the knife and had cosmetic surgery.”

For anyone who is interested in getting a nose job but also apprehensive about exposing themselves, here are a few tips to effectively conceal it.

First of all you should avoid medications that can thin your blood for two weeks before your nose surgery. You will discuss this during your pre-operative assessment, and your physician will tell you when the right time is to resume this meds. Such medications include aspirin, ibuprofen and even over-the-counter anti-inflammatories. These can cause you to bruise easily as bleeding tendencies increase.

Multivitamins, herbal remedies and even teas which contain high levels of fish oils, vitamin E, Gingko Biloba or Ginseng can also increase bleeding tendencies and bruising.

You can also minimize bruising by applying an ice pack or even a bag of frozen peas to the area.  Herbal supplements such as bromelain, arnica or papaya extract were proven by studies to reduce the appearance of bruises by applying it over the skin.

Simply elevating your head can also help reduce swelling, which in effect also minimizes bruising.

If you have a good hand in applying makeup concealers can be your friend because it can effectively hide bruising. These color correctors are designed to blend well with your complexion while hiding imperfections at the same time.

Makeup is probably the best bet Helen could count on as she returns to the scrutinizing eyes of the media. This might not be too hard for her because according to insiders, she looks great and proud of her new nose.