It is undeniable that more and more people are having cosmetic procedures done one way or the other.

From injectable fillers to the full-blown facelift, cosmetic surgery has to a point become a norm. And learning of someone getting it done is no longer a shocker. Statistics even reveal this. In 2013, there were close to 11.6 million procedures performed worldwide. And if you think that rhinoplasty tops the most performed facial procedure, well you guessed wrong. In fact, double eyelid surgery, which involves enhancing how the eyelids look, is the most popular with close to 1.4 million procedures performed.

Double Eyelid Surgery in Australia

With Australian Asians comprising close to 12% of the total Australian population according to the Australia Bureau Statistics, it is not a surprise to also learn that double eyelid surgery is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures in Australia.

Double eyelid surgery is especially popular Asians who, in majority, do not have the natural double eyelid crease found in Caucasians. This physical trait, while considered distinctively Asian, can sometimes make the eyes look less open and bigger, making them look sad, distant or bored. By surgically removing excess fat and skin around the upper eyelid area, a natural double eyelid crease can be created to make the eyes seem bigger and bolder without necessarily altering the Asian features.

Yes, the eyelids may be considered to be a relatively minor part. Surely it would be no big deal to perform double eyelid surgery on just about anyone, right? Well, this is entirely wrong. You have to fit the qualifications to get the procedure done. This means that you have to be a good candidate for a double eyelid surgery.

You are in good healthy condition.

To be considered a good candidate for any surgical cosmetic procedure, for that matter, you must be in good healthy condition. You must not have a history of excessive bleeding or any abnormality in your blood count. This also goes for your heart health, as cosmetic surgery like double eyelid surgery can cause stress to your body. Your heart is one of the important organs that ensure that you are able to cope with the tremendous stress a surgical procedure can bring. This means that you should be cleared of any heart-related diseases or conditions. As part of your double eyelid procedure, several pre operative tests will be required from you after a thorough consultation with your surgeon. These may include blood work, ECG and Chemical Panel Test. In certain cases, a chest x-ray, urinalysis and pregnancy test may also be needed.

You are not a smoker.

Your smoking habits can be one of the reasons for you to be considered to be unfit for a double eyelid surgery procedure. Smoking reduces the blood supply to the skin, as it constricts the blood vessels. This results in an impaired tissue oxygenation flow and reduces normal blood flow. This means that your surgeon will not have a good indication if he has cut deep enough when making an incision on your eyelids. This also lowers you white blood cells level, which causes a high incidence in wound infection leading to poor wound healing. Not only that, it also impedes the effects of anesthesia.

If you are a smoker, you will be required to quit smoking at least a month before your double eyelid surgery before your scheduled surgery date. You will also need to continue from smoking well into your recovery period.

You do not drink alcohol excessively.

The effect of alcohol on the body is the opposite of what smoking does to your body. It dilates your blood vessels, causing you to bleed excessively during your surgery. Not only that, alcohol also thins out the blood, aggravating the excessive bleeding problem. Also, it can leave you more susceptible to pain, as it does not work well with anesthesia.

Lastly, alcohol dries out the skin. How does this affect your double eyelid surgery? With a dry and unhealthy, the cosmetic results of your double eyelid surgery will not look its best. To achieve the best results, you will be advised to refrain from drinking alcohol two weeks prior to your surgery date until you have completely healed.

You have excess skin on the eyelids.

Double eyelid surgery involves the removal of excess skin, fat, and muscles in certain cases to create a natural upper eyelid crease. Of course, it goes to follow that you must have excess skin on the eyelids. Depending on the amount of excess skin on your eyelids, a different double eyelid surgery technique will be performed.

You understand that the effects will not last a lifetime.

Depending on the surgical technique performed, the results can vary. In the Suture Technique, the results are not permanent and can fade overtime, as the anatomical structures of the eyelid are not excised.

On the other hand, the results in the Incisional Technique are permanent, but will but will not last a lifetime. This is because, as with any other surgical cosmetic procedure, you will need to consider getting a secondary procedure done. This is especially for patients who have gotten the procedure at a much younger age. As you begin to age, the sagging and drooping on your eyelid area can have an effect in the aesthetic quality of your double eyelid procedure.

You understand the risk factors involved in the procedure.

To be considered a good candidate for double eyelid surgery, you must understand what the procedure is and what is involved when getting it done, including all the possible risks and complications. This can include infection, bleeding, poor scar healing, scarring, inability to close the eyes and dry eyes. However, this can only occur in very cases and due to poor technical skills of your surgeon.

You must have realistic expectations.

Lastly, and definitely the most important, you must have realistic expectations when getting a double eyelid surgery done. You have to understand that the procedure is not about Westernizing your eyes, but it seeks to enhance your unique Asian features to make your eyes look bigger and bolder and balance it with the rest of your facial features.

You also must have the reasons for getting the procedure done. It is important to realize that having a double eyelid surgery will not resolve any of your life’s problems and one that you should not do to please others.

These qualifications will be carefully evaluated by your surgeon during your consultation. This helps ensure that you come out of the clinic truly satisfied with the natural-looking results and that you have a safe and healthy healing.

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