Double Eyelid Surgery 

Girlfriends tell each other the way things really are and this is exactly what you need for a life-changing surgery like the double eyelid surgery. After the operation, the eyelids become vulnerable to the elements and this makes it more important for the patient to take care of it as much as possible. Below are some of the bits and pieces of precious information that you need to take heed to make sure that you get the desired results for your new double eyelids. And like any other good girlfriend, it would be better to read them carefully and just make sure that the tips are followed accurately.

What is Blepharoplasty?

More popularly known as the double eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty is a surgical cosmetic procedure done to improve how your eyelids look. It is known for the aesthetic value and comfort it provides its patients.

What to Expect?

The average healing time for a double eyelid surgery is around two weeks for the eyelids to fully bloom. While you are going through the healing process, you can expect certain physical reactions that may not necessarily cause worry, but something you should be prepared about.

First are swelling and bruising on the areas around the eyelids. If you are the type who does not want people asking what happened to your eyes, a break or a vacation would be advised for the duration of the healing period. You are also going to feel some discomfort when you open and close your eyes. Surgeons normally advise their patients to take 10 days off before returning to their daily routines and to be mindful of the area for another two to four weeks after the surgery.

Below are some helpful tips to follow for the eyelids to heal efficiently.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

Advance-Beauty-Cosmetic-Surgery-rhinoplasty-melbourne-relaxingUnder no circumstances are you supposed to do such activities, at least within the first week of surgery. The specific activities include weight lifting, rigorous exercises, and even swimming. These might encourage swelling and bleeding of the affected area because they can hamper the correct healing of the wound.

Brisk walking is allowed a few days after surgery to get your body into the groove of things. This also encourages proper blood flow to your entire body, hence improving healing time.

Eye Movements Should be Restrained

While you are recuperating from this procedure, it is best that you control eye expressions. Refrain from excessive eye movements, such as eye rolling or winking, for the meantime. You will also be advised to minimize overall screen time while you recuperate. This includes your TV, computer, smartphone, or tablet.  These activities can dry up your eyes, which can affect proper healing of the structures.

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Time to Clean-up

If you were waiting for the perfect reason to give up your vices, this is one of them. That means no alcohol or an iota of nicotine should enter your body for a month while you are still recuperating from the procedure. Nicotine and carbon monoxide are known to disrupt the proper wound healing on any part of the body. A month is pretty quick, but this might also allow you to kick start your life minus these detrimental vices.

No Sunshine for Now

The first week after surgery is the most crucial. This entails that you should not expose yourself to too much sunlight. There is a big risk that it would hamper the proper healing of the wound and more importantly, increase the risk for inflammation that would consequently make the swelling a lot worse than expected.

No Dust All Glory


Another natural element that you should avoid for the meantime would be those minute dust particles. These worsen your condition by infecting your eyes with unwanted germs or bacteria. This could be your best excuse to buy that pair of shades that you have always wanted.

Embrace your Bare Face

While it is unforgivable for some women to go out of the house without any form of make-up on her face, you should set them aside for the meantime while your wounds are healing. These products contain some ingredients that could irritate and infect the wound. The best time to start using these again would be when the stitches are finally removed. And once you get back to it, be sure to clean up your face with hypoallergenic products.

Kill the Germs

It is necessary that you keep the wound clean and dry. For this purpose, you can use clean wash clothes or your dependable gauze. If bleeding happens, apply a little pressure on the area to stop it. Generally, surgeons give their patients the best antibiotic cream that should be put on the affected area as a prophylactic treatment and nip any possibility of infection in the bud. However, this should also come with other efforts to reduce the risk.

Disconnect with Your Contacts

While getting a new pair of glasses would be an additional cost, you should bear in mind that the eyes should not be in contact with contact lenses. Surgeons tell their patients to stay away from contacts for around 7 to 10 days because the contact may cause an infection.


Shake the Salt Away

Patients should be aware that your diet is an integral part of the recovery plan This is the reason why patients should stay away from food with high salt content. Salt increases the body’s water retention which could then lead to the bruising and swelling of the wound.

Keep Your Head Up High

Aside from being proud of your surgery, another good reason for you to keep your head held high is that it prevents the swelling and bruising of the area. To stay in this position, all you must do is grab two pillows or sleep on a recliner.

Post-operative care is as important as the consultation and procedure itself to ensure the best results of your double eyelid surgery. Make sure that you approach a clinic that provides complete care and treatment from start to finish. Our board-certified surgeon at Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Andrew Kim, is renowned for his thorough attention to the needs of his patients. Dr. Kim ensures the proper solution is provided for your realistic expectations.

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