Physical beauty often enabled the lucky ones to reach their dreams, while the less attractive had to settle with shattered ones. As superficial as it may sound, it is the reality for a lot of men and women.

People are judged based on their looks all the time. We may not admit it, but we initially size-up a person based on what we see. Now, let’s say your “look” was pretty “unpopular” and you happened to have the resources to change it, would you? Of course you would, if only to escape the prejudices it elicits from the others.

This brings us to one question: Is it right to get facial surgery to feel better about yourself?

A study was conducted among 30 white female patients who have had facial plastic surgery from 2009 to 2013 that included their preoperative and postoperative photographs.

The participants rated their pictures based on six personality traits and the results yielded a significant improvement in the traits that included likeability, trustworthiness, risk seeking and social skills, along with attractiveness and femininity.

The results show that facial cosmetic surgery can do wonders to a person and below are some of the significant ones.

Why Get Facial Surgery?

Improvement of the Physical

Nothing beats waking up in the morning and looking at a mirror that shows you the physical changes that happened to you. You paid for the change and it is high time you flaunt it.

For example, double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty would be normally dismissed as a vain attempt to looking more western than the person’s Asian race. But what has to be noted is the fact that eyelids make the eyes bigger, taking away the preconceived notions that the original pair of eyes had to endure from his or her community.

There has been this pervading connection between slanty eyes and a flat nose with being passive, boring, and lacking in social skills. To perfectly suit the Asian face, surgeons have developed eyelids that do not scream Caucasian. They are just right for the region and are far more favored than the exaggerated eyelids that used to be popular in the early years of cosmetic surgery.

Nose jobs would also get the same accusations. But scientifically speaking, nose jobs do have concrete basis for their patrons to ask for them. The nose is placed at the center of the face and is one of the first things other people would notice. Studies have also concluded that smaller noses look more feminine and suit female faces. This argument is not a race issue and should never be treated as one. Asians are very aware of this and they shun procedures that make them look like copies of their western brothers and sisters.

Aside from the aesthetics of it, nose jobs are also literally breathers for some of those who seek it. These are the ones who suffer from a condition called deviated septum and only surgery can get rid of it. Aside from breathing difficulties, snoring is also eliminated by this.

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Psychological Improvements

When a person feels good about him or herself, it spreads to all the other parts of the person’s life, including self-confidence. For a lot of people, their insecurities grew because of how they felt about their physical appearance. Society can be really cruel to those with less than perfect features or those that stand out from the majority and sad to say, surgery is the quickest solution one could have for society’s acceptance.

With a new look, your self-confidence is boosted to the highest level, specially for those who got really great doctors who have given really natural looking surgeries that truly enhance the original face.

Such confidence encourages the person to become more daring and bold and it just makes it easier for people to reach for their dreams.

Along with the confidence comes the release from the anxiety that has plagued people with body issues. For some, going out of the house has become a grueling task and the fear is real. Eliminating these crippling issues shall enable those to reach their fullest potential.

Improved Social Life

Let’s face it. Society has a great bias towards a lot of things that make it harder for people to succeed in this life. Looks is one of them. So whoever said that good-looking people get it easier in life was actually correct for most of it. Unfortunately, society will stay like this for a very long time and it is usually the person who has to adjust to the situation.

With pleasing looks, friendships are easily formed, biases disappear and you can just feel how people would genuinely want to know you more as person. Facial surgery can give you that. As self-defeating as it may sound, those who have gone under the knife have found this to be true and are currently enjoying the fruits of their investment.

Professional Growth

Professionally speaking, there are sectors that need to discriminate. These are the ones that sell an image more than the product. The fashion industry has become notorious for choosing models that cater to their very specific standards. Customer relations also required that certain look that is pleasing to the eye while show business is still an industry that embraces that beautiful and the perfect. Sales is also another industry that benefits from people who are pleasing to the eyes of their potential buyers.

In some sectors of society, it is even a sign of how determined you are to succeed in life. That you are willing to change your physical looks appears as a sign of passion and unwavering commitment to the job that you are desperate to get.

As superficial as it may sound, the quest for outer beauty should be really examined and taken for what it is worth versus the search for inner beauty that people should aspire for. For some, it’s the fastest way to achieving their goals in life and the fastest approach to increasing the self-confidence that they really need in their lives.

Others would argue about perspectives, but at the end of the day, the person is the owner of the body who wants to have that surgery done. Feeling good about one’s self is a very personal matter and should not actually be dictated by society and its standards. However, there are cases when the pressure is absolutely overwhelming and the need for a change or an escape is the only thing that would make things right. For those who actually pursue surgery as the final solution, be sure to get the best doctor in town and make it really count. Otherwise the surgery would give you the opposite of the glory that you need to feed to your hurting ego.

If you want to experience these positive effects with a double eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty, you can trust Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery in Australia will provide you with a treatment plan suited to accentuate your natural facial features.

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