Not all are born equal. Some are born with beautiful eyes, high cheekbones, gorgeous hair, and a really elegant nose.

However, there are those who do not belong to this category having to wake up every day to features that may be a bit far from what society perceives to be beautiful. This is not an issue for most people, but for those who have the motivation to change their looks, it can be a life and death decision.

Rhinoplasty deals with the part that is in the center of the face, which draws attention to itself and basically controls the symmetry of the face. It is for this reason that those who have had the procedure can really tell the difference that the procedure makes in the face and lives of the patients. But how does rhinoplasty really affect a person’s psychology?

Why People Have Rhinoplasty

With a big number of those who undergo rhinoplasty being middle-aged or older, there is a growing market for the 20-30 age group.

But one thing they have in common is the insecurity caused by society’s perceived and proclaimed idea of perfection and how they feel they fell short of it, or sadly, how the people around them made them feel that way.

The Influence of Society

Appearance is the first thing that other people notice in you and this makes if of utmost importance to look your best all the time. Some would scoff at the idea and easily see the vanity behind the facade. But those who actually go for it have been embarrassed so much by their looks and just decided to change their lives by beginning with their nose.

Society has really put a premium on looks that some people need to do what they can do to enhance or completely change their looks to be accepted. Peer pressure also plays a big part in the decision of those from the younger set and most of those who succumb to it eventually regret having the procedure and makes the confidence of the person go into a tailspin. This consequently leads to destructive behavior, begging them to get more revisions to achieve that perfect nose that they want on their face.

The Cons of Rhinoplasty

There are some reasons why getting rhinoplasty might negatively affect the patient. Some of them are more lasting than the others, but all are definitely valid.

Feeling Ill Afterward

After the procedure, the patient tends to feel down a bit because as much as it can do wonders to the patient’s face, it also has its bouts of painful episodes as it heals. Minor discomfort and the feeling of having a cold lingers and it sometimes include a very uncomfortable feeling of constipation that could worsen the entire situation.

Such feelings aggravate the feelings of doubt that the patient might have and in some cases, drive them into paranoia.

Feeling of Discontent

When the patient goes to the clinic for the wrong reasons or for expectations that unrealistic, there is a big chance that the patient shall never be happy after the procedure. It turns into a vicious cycle with the patient constantly obsessing with the nose and looking for every way to improve it.

So when it finally dawns on them that they shall never achieve the look in their dreams, they are left with a nose that is disfigured in their heads and are usually helpless at this point. Such a scenario is very stressful and should be taken seriously by those who have yet to book an appointment for their dream nose job.

Feeling of Waiting in Vain

A lot of patients tend to forget that as a procedure, it actually takes time for the effects of the procedure to become noticeable at the very least. To top it all off, while waiting for that to happen, it is expected for a lot of swelling and bruising to happen to the nose soon after the procedure. In such cases, the patient just has to be reminded of the estimated healing time and that the procedure is a work in progress with the masterpiece unveiled in due time.

Feeling of Helplessness

This happens a lot to those who have or indulge in an active lifestyle. Because the wounds need to heal first, patients are advised to rest and stay away from the strenuous activities until the wounds are all healed. It is sheer torture to let go of your sporty lifestyle, but it is necessary for the quick healing of the procedure.

If that is not enough, think of the difficulty of sleeping and finding that right angle that would not allow for the damaging of the nose. Such a situations create many sleepless nights, making it harder for the patient to adjust to the temporary situation. Having said them, the patient needs to consider these setbacks as temporary challenges that they shall overcome very soon.

The Pros of Rhinoplasty

Getting work done on your nose is a decision that puts into play a lot of factors that psychologically magnifies the emotional effects of rhinoplasty. It also heightens the benefits you get from deciding to do it. You can liken the experience to getting a promotion and all your efforts are finally rewarded after a long time of working hard for it. Below are some of the benefits that really make rhinoplasty worth your while.

Great Confidence Booster

For the people who have long been ridiculed for their looks, no matter how slightly imperfect they are, it would mean the world for them to get out of the house without anybody looking or saying about them. They do not need to be told they are beautiful. They just want a life without unnecessary attention.

So when they finally get the chance to change the way they look and the procedure succeeds, they are over the moon and their self-confidence begins to overflow. The changes do not need to be overt. Even the slightest change can empower the individual to start dealing with other things aside from their noses. And with the confidence comes that glow that people love seeing in other people, opening doors to the other aspects of their lives.

Fulfilled Health Expectations

Most patients did their homework and really did a lot of research before taking the plunge. For them, it was necessary to come up with a completely informed decision before.

Psychologically prepared for the procedure, they have a very accurate idea of what is going to happen and shall never be disillusioned after their nose job.

Because of this mindset, these patients are the ones who are generally happy about their procedures.

Though most of the patients get it for aesthetic reasons, there are still some who need it for nasal issues. For such people, the relief they get from the nose job is almost like a dream come true, ridding them of a physical burden that they have been suffering from for a long time.

Getting the Edge

The workplace is a tricky arena where you have to compete with your colleagues to reach the top of that proverbial ladder. Employers would never admit it, but they actually base their career decisions on the appearance of the employee. This shall never be written in the employee handbook, but is a reality that needs to be considered. It is also a concern among family, friends, and even strangers.

That is why it becomes a big deal when an employee suddenly changes his or her look through surgery, especially when it turns out for the better. People begin to appreciate the new look and praise the person, multiplying the amount of self-confidence that the person had before surgery. This alone makes it worth the money and the risks that one has to contend with in getting a nose job.

In a life decision such as getting rhinoplasty done, it is best to reap the positive outcomes and benefits from it.

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