The Asian culture has been revered for its significance to the advancement of humanity and for the innate and exquisite beauty it possesses.

The west has always been in awe of the difference that the Asians have clearly honored and kept on from one generation to another.

Unfortunately, Asians seem to have found this fascination for the western face and have either internalized the idea that their Caucasian  counterparts are superior in every other way, or were just given the seed that allowed them to see a whole new world outside the borders that they are used to ruling.

Whatever the reason, the soaring popularity of getting wider eyes through surgery for Asian people speaks volumes on how they view themselves as part of this globalized earth and the extent of what they are willing to do to pursue their white dream.

Look Straight at My Asian Eyes

As far back as this generation can remember, Asian representation in mainstream culture, otherwise known as Hollywood, has always had that funny Asian character who is ridiculed for their “slits” and the peculiar, somehow aggressive way of saying things, even in the calmest of situations.

Regardless of this unfortunate image that Asians have been trapped into, there is an ounce of truth to some of the popular stereotypes that continue to pervade popular culture up to now.

Asian eyes are characterized by the slits they possess on the sides of their faces. Unwittingly, this facial characteristic has given the impression that Asians are always tired or angry even if there has been no word out of them to suggest even the remotest idea that they are. The thin slits do not allow the eyeballs to come out in their full, energetic glory and do not allow other people to see what they are truly feeling inside. That alone in itself is a valid reason for anyone who wants to change the look of his or her eyes.

Double Eyelid Surgery Statistics

On a global scale, double eyelid surgery has become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures among the top ten countries according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Ranking third on the list in 2012, there were no signs of its popularity waning in the near future with a 5.4% growth and has maintained its number three position since 2003.

In the United Kingdom, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has ranked double eyelid surgery a strong second in list of top five surgeries in 2013, a very significant increase from its 2012 figures.

As for the Australians, they have caught up with the trend as early as 2009, with the procedure representing a whopping 23% of the total cosmetic surgical procedures, translating into 15,000 procedures in that year alone.

With the said figures mentioned, it should still be curiously mentioned that eyelid surgery remains to be an Asian thing, deservingly earning its Asian eyelid surgery moniker.

The Asian Reasons for Eyelid Surgery

It would be inaccurate and unfair to lump all Asians and come up with the reasons for their preference of eyelid surgery in a huff. But there are several truths that are worth discussing and looking closely into.

The Physiological

Double eyelid surgery on its own is beneficial for a lot of reasons that are sought after by other races.

For one, it gets rid of the sagging or loose excess skin on the upper eyelids that has the potential to impair your vision. On the aesthetic level, it reduces the puffiness in the upper eyelids that makes anyone look forever tired. The crepe-like wrinkles on the lower eyelid are also taken care of, along with the bags and puffiness or dark circles under the eyes that gives the weary look.

Western Idolatry versus Asian Perfection

On the surface, it would be so easy to conclude that Asians get eyelid surgery as their sign of unwavering admiration for their western counterparts. And why wouldn’t they? History, culture, and media have claimed the supremacy of the Caucasian look that there is virtually no choice for Asians but to look as similar as they can to that “ideal” face.

However, when you ask the Asians who have gotten the procedure, you would be pleasantly surprised that it is not the case at all. A majority of those who have gotten the procedure had very strict instructions to not make them look Caucasian. So what does that mean? That they are fully aware of the limitations that their facial features have as far as aesthetics is concerned but they will not be sitting ducks, not even when they have the means to change their face.

It was because of this that the Asian eyelid surgery was born. Though a double eyelid is as Caucasian as it can get, this version is a very subtle one. The kind that you would not think of any, but would notice some changes that seem to make the patient look her or his prettiest. The idea is just to enhance the face, and not change it. The subtlety is comparable to the psychological reasons behind it.

A Better Life

Parents have nothing on their mind aside from the great well-being of their children. And if they are in the position to secure that, along with the bright future they so want for them, they will definitely do it.

Here is where the irony strikes. The parents are supposed to be the first to plant the idea of self-worth into their children’s minds, but are now the ones who are willing to finance their kid’s surgery, sometimes elevating the procedure to the prize for the good grades they were able to get.

Can anyone blame them? These adults have walked the earth and seen how those who do not meet society’s idea of beauty have fallen off the radar or simply lost the competition to the prettier ones. And this is not without merit. Employment for a lot of Asian companies has favored those who are refined in their features, never mind how obvious the procedure looks. For these companies, your bravery for getting that job done is an indication of your dedication to your career and how far you are willing to take it.

For those who have gotten the surgery, the rewards are indeed there and the wise words of the parents would have proven the wisdom of their years. They get to live a better life compared to their peers and the opportunities keep on knocking and preparing them for bigger things that are now available to them because of that one bold step to get that double eyelid surgery.

This happily-ever-after ending does not necessarily leave those who have decided to keep what they have out in the cold. Because it is interesting to note that not all the kids want the procedure, but are coaxed or coerced by their parents to do it. And this shows hope. That someday, looks would be as variable as skin color and would never deny anybody the right to employment or acceptance in a community.

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