For some people, they would go to great lengths to achieve their ideal image. It could be to feel better, get the attention from peers, or help them reach career success.

In certain cultures, it seems that the eyes are truly the windows to the soul and a rounder shape tends to brighten up the face like no other feature can.

However, for some East Asians, this can be difficult to achieve because they naturally do not have the double eyelid crease. However, there are numerous options to choose from to have bigger and rounder eyes. Among these options are the double-eyelid tape and the double eyelid surgery. One can immediately dismiss the latter as the more extreme solution, it being a surgical procedure. But before making a decision between the two, here are the pros and cons to provide you with a deeper insight on these two choices.

What are double-eyelid tapes?

As miniscule as they are compared to the other parts of the body, the eyelids complete the symmetry of the face but unfortunately, there are people who are not happy with their uneven eyelids or monolids. This is a condition that is not limited to Asians, althought this feature is often linked to this race. The asymmetry caused by an uneven eyelid is found in every continent and is a concern that bothers some of those who have it.

With those who are just slightly bothered by the uneven look, there is the eyelid tape to do the job. The eyelid tape should not be mistaken for the eyelid glue, which is also popularly known as the “eye putty”.

Originating from Japan in the 70s, the original goal of the eyelid tape was to get rid of the monolid where a person has no eyelid crease to speak of. So the idea was to create a crease and then create a more defined double-eyelid for all to see. Even if it is a fleeting solution, people just love it for the illusion that it created.

Easy and Convenient to Use

As far as the use of the double-eyelid tape is concerned, it is designed for those who do not really have the time to fix their face, so to speak. Prepared in pre-cut double-sided strips, they are very easy to apply and can be immediately done.

Sticks Efficiently to the Eyelid

The eyelid tape also lasts longer and can withstand ordinary weather conditions. This is not the case with eyelid glues that would often dry out quickly.

Proper Use

Should you decide on this option, just be sure to get tapes that are medical grade to prevent any possible irritation that to the eyes. Since they are in strip form, you have the option to fashion the kind of crease that you want, wherever you want them to be. For maximum control and ease of application, you should get an eyelid fork or tongs that would help you press back the eyelid tape to your eyeball area, securely sticking the eyelid to the tape.

The proper application of this ingenious invention is absolutely important to the way your face would look. Before leaving the house, always double check and be sure that nothing that should not be seen is peeking out.

Why Double Eyelid Surgery over Eyelid tape?

Double eyelid surgery can give you more than a crease or a lid. This surgical procedure is done to remove the excess fat (usually comes with excess skin and muscle) from the lower and upper eyelids. This helps improve the sad or disinterested look associated with uneven eyelids or monolids. On top of that, it also widens the eyes and gives the patient a rejuvenated appearance.

Compared to eyelid tapes, double eyelid surgery is the permanent solution to get the desired lid, and do away with the time-consuming procedure of putting on things on your eyes to make them look wider and youthful. This kind of procedure is mostly recommended for those who do not have a prominent upper eyelid crease.

Best Candidates for Double Eyelid Surgery

There are specific conditions that benefit more from this procedure and they are the ones with small and monolid eyes that are found in most Asians. People who often look tired because of their eyes can definitely come out with a happier and more pleasant appearance.

Perennial eye bags can be finally and permanently removed along with that sunken eye appearance that makes you look a lot older and the dark discoloration that makes the face look more tired that it really is.

Post Surgery Care

After the surgery, there will be a need to lubricate the eyes of the patient with an ointment. The patient should expect some degree of tightening and soreness as soon as the anesthesia loses its effect. Post surgery care would require some pain relievers.

Expect some swelling and bruising within the first week or two after the procedure. While recuperating, the patient should keep the head elevated with the use of two to three pillows. Cold compress also helps reduce the swelling and bruising. Itching and dryness of the eyes are expected, but this can easily be remedied by eye drops.

Aside from the aforementioned concerns, the first weeks are expected to give the patient great sensitivity to light, temporary blurring of the vision, and excessive tearing. Wait for 2-7 days for the stitches to be removed. While all of this is happening, it would be good to wear the right eyewear and a potent sunblock to protect the area.

Don’t Scrimp on the Surgeon

If you decide to have the procedure, one very important concern is to carefully examine the credentials of the surgeon and his team. Focus on the experience that the doctor has had with this specific procedure. There are legitimate doctors who advertise the service, but their experience on the procedure is very limited.

Avoid these doctors at all cost.

You do not want to jeopardize the health and look of your eyes with one careless decision. And one more thing, the experience should also match the aesthetics of the doctor.

Expertise is nothing when the doctor cannot professionally examine what looks best for the patient. To get a good idea of the aesthetics of the doctor, ask for before and after pictures of his previous patients and see how well the results are. Look for symmetry and how subtle the doctor was able to perform the surgery. The procedure should make the face look more evenly balanced without directly pointing to your eyes as the reason for the wonderful change that they are wondering about. If the changes are that subtle, yet still noticeable, your doctor just gave you your money’s worth and more.

Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, who specializes in double eyelid surgery, in Australia. Dr. Kim is known for his aesthetic eye for detail and technical skills in performing the procedure.

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