The word career has become one of the biggest priorities of our time and has taken its toll on all of those who want to move forward at all cost, including plastic surgery.

Though it was almost considered taboo to have your face surgically enhanced, society has become more accepting of those who chose this path.

However, not all stories end like fairy tales do, and in the hands of the wrong plastic surgeon, the dream can come down crashing immediately as quickly as you had the procedure. The scary part is that this shall unravel after the procedure and there is nothing to do but put your complete and unadulterated trust on your surgeon. So what are the effects of surgeries gone wrong and how can patients avoid them? Read on and find out how change can be for the better or for the worse.

Effects of Bad Surgery from the Wrong Doctor

Physical Damage

For a lot of careers that put a premium on good and youthful looks, the competition is definitely stiff. Coming from that environment, you are forced to keep up, or even surpass the physical beauty of your colleagues. For those angling a promotion, plastic surgery can be the next step. Unfortunately, not all surgeons are that skilled to give the desired results. And if it is the face you had done, then there is no way to hide it and you have to suffer the prying stares of your colleagues.

Even for those that do not need Hollywood beauty, an overly done plastic surgery can also take its toll on your career. Apparently, there are people who are so insecure with others who look really attractive and you easily get their ire when you all of a sudden look stunning. Not only that, there are those who do not take beautiful people seriously. There are some women who know this for a fact and tend to dress down or downplay their beauty in order for their voices to be even heard. In such cases, the patient should be very specific with the changes that you want to happen and make sure that the surgeon is gifted in making those subtle yet natural-looking changes.

Psychological Damage 

Those who undergo surgery have a great need to change their physical looks to feel better about themselves. They do their research; they opt out of vacations and probably work a side-job to save up for this momentous event in their lives, and carefully plan their schedules at work to accommodate this life-changing career move. A lot goes into getting surgery and you cannot blame them for expecting the best results that can humanely happen.

So when the patient looks into the mirror and finds that slightest hint of imperfection, all hell breaks loose. Of course, you need to consider the healing time to finally determine if the surgeon got it or not. But the real test is when you meet someone for first time after the procedure. The expectation is to hear compliments, or at least, something very positive. To get a polite response or the dreaded question of what did you do to your face is devastating.

Down goes the drain your self-esteem and your sanity. All of a sudden, your life shall revolve around the idea of people talking about you behind your back. This level of paranoia affects the way you deal with people and in an environment where physical contact is the norm, you cannot help but be burdened by what your peers have to say. If you are made of weaker stuff, going on recluse might be the next best thing. But of course it is not an option. And you can’t blame them. The mistake might have been really drastic that it was impossible for them not to detect it.

The worst part is thinking of what to do next, now that something permanent has been done to you. Stressful thoughts like these can take its toll on your performance at work and the company will not cut you slack for that. Humiliating as it sounds, there is no choice but to either face the music or go for reparative surgery.

Tarnished Reputation

Though surgery has become more acceptable in society, the more conservative employees of the company would always see it as a minus for you. To them, surgery is not an enhancement, but a desperate attempt to get rid of your flaws. To a society that encourages you to accept who you are, regardless of how cruel it can be to those whose physical traits are not as remarkable as the rest of the flock, your surgery tells them that you need psychological help.

On a personal level, their opinions should not really matter. But professionally speaking, they can make or break your career, make you miss a couple of promotions, or be the favorite small talk topic for a very long time. And when you get that dreaded answer to your promotion, they will come up with so many excuses and never cough out the real one. In such a situation, the prospects of a career growth happening in that company shall become nill and it might be the time to say goodbye to it, or continue to slug it out and face the situation every single day of your working life.

Financial Worries

Surgical procedures are not cheap and they become more exorbitant to those who really save-up for it. A botched-up procedure usually costs more to be corrected and that would mean a longer period of anguish for the poor patient. Some even try to borrow money from the company or from those institutions that offer personal loans. Because the expense was never planned, there is a big possibility for the bills to rack-up and the stress level of the patient is increased, effectively affecting the performance of the employee in a negative way.

Why You Need to Get the Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is no ordinary procedure with effects that are intended to be permanent. If this is the kind of investment that you would like to get in for yourself, it would be ideal to get the best in the field and not just some doctor who placed his or her ad on the internet. There have been a lot of cases that not only led to irreparable deformities, but also to untimely deaths. Scrimping on this part of the procedure is definitely not advised.

How to find the Best Surgeons in Australia

When looking for the best surgeons in Australia, look for the credentials first. There is always a “Checking Your Credentials” section that would reveal the doctor’s expertise and experiences. This section would contain non-geographical factors that would help you chose the best surgeon. Such information includes an explanation of the board certification, general licensing information, and the Internet references that would help you do your research some more.

Thanks to the 1999 New South Wales Cosmetic Surgery Report that really questioned the definition of a ‘surgeon’ it has become a requirement for surgeons to have training as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) or its equivalent. This has become the standard for being appointed to public and private hospitals.

Another important qualification is the membership of the surgeon in the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. This organization requires its members to be a FRACS before they are accepted.

And last but not the least, make sure that the surgeon’s license is still active in his or her territory.

Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Australia who has an extensive experience in performing rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery.

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