Gone are the days when vanity was exclusively associated with women because it has now become a totally acceptable goal for men as well.

With more men becoming conscious of how they look, a lot of societal norms have changed, including getting cosmetic  surgery. And why shouldn’t men take advantage of the wonders and opportunities that surgery has to offer?

The idea of perfect beauty has hounded mankind for generations past, with only a few who are genetically blessed to take up the challenge. For the not so fortunate, it is extra difficult to maintain the face and body in its most appealing form.

Vanity aside, because of the phenomenon called social media, people have equated success to a person’s look and proved that first impressions are the most important ones.

Male Surgery Statistics

Men have discovered the social benefits of cosmetic procedures and the figures have spoken. For the cosmetic surgical procedures, rhinoplasty is among the most popular with 55,000 patients who have gone under the knife for that ideal nose shape. 

Surprisingly, next was eyelid surgery with 29,000, breast reduction for men with 26,000 (with a huge increase of 14% from the previous year), liposuction with 24,000, and facelifts with 12,000. For the minimally invasive procedures, injectable fillers to diminish wrinkles top the most performed list.

There is a noticeable difference between the surgical and non-invasive procedures, due to the fact that men do not want their procedures to be that obvious. They just want to look like they had a really good sleep the night before.

Celebrity Male Noses

Though men are not outright proud of their male “muses,” some actors have caught their attention and fit their ideals of what a perfect man’s face should be or should have. A big part of the ideal “manly” face is the nose.

Based on several studies of male beauty, the bigger the nose, manlier it appears to women. But manliness is not the only factor to consider in finding the best nose template in Hollywood. Below are some of the celebrities who have been deemed to have the most sought after noses in the entertainment industry.


Photo credit: RED ROMERO RAMOS / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Brad Pitt

Long before the lucky and equally beautiful Angelina Jolie snatched this dreamboat, he has established himself as one of Hollywood actors and all his movies have proven his unwavering appeal to his fans. From his meteoric rise as the sexy lifter on the movie “Thelma and Louise,” he has epitomized the leading man look and has created a mass following soon after. It is a good thing he was also blessed with acting chops that have kept him relevant and loved at the age of 50.

Looking at Pitt’s face, his nose is seen as both delicate and feminine in the upper two-thirds and masculine with a slightly bulbous broad nasal tip. That perfect combination has become the source of surgery rumors, but have never been confirmed nor denied by this incredible actor.


Photo credit: csztova via Foter.com / CC BY

George Clooney

After finally tying the knot, this Hollywood A-lister has been considered as one of the entertainment industry’s most sought after bachelors, a title that he held from the last couple of decades of his career up to the time he said “I do.”

Because of his stature and notoriety with women, he has become a template for male surgeries and his nose is not left out. Though straight and with a strong profile projection to the tip, it is actually relatively short for his face. However, it still conveys a boyish appeal that makes his charm absolutely legendary.


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Tom Cruise

Ambition is a word that comes next to handsome, and powerful in the book of Tom Cruise. Soaring with his popularity in the movie “Top Gun,” he was the handsomest leading man of his time. He has gone to conquer more hearts with his films and currently makes fantastic lifestyle with his “Mission Impossible” franchise.

He has a Roman nose that gives off the vibe that he has a lot of ambition in him, courageous with his life decisions, and a clear-thinker to say the least. Though plagued with surgery rumors, he has maintained his good looks and if such rumors are true, then his surgeons certainly did a good job on the man as his eternally good looks continue to light up the screen like no other Hollywood actor could ever muster.


Photo credit: karen in toronto via Foter.com / CC BY

Liam Neeson

From the early days of his career, he has portrayed roles that oozed with power and undeniable charm. As Oskar Shchindler, he played the role with great authority, but with a vulnerability that humanized the icy political figure effectively. He has used the powerful combination of his facial features to soaring heights with his “Taken” trilogy and has become a global sensation because of the franchise.

Liam’s Irish descent gifted him with a brawny Irish nose that exudes pride with a sense of defiance and a strong will to survive. Though it is primarily noted for its aquiline features, which means it has a prominent bridge that gives it a slightly bent look, his nose has sharp edges and angles that are complimented by a boxy tip and strongly defined nostrils.

John Hamm

Another aquiline-nosed charmer, John Hamm is  an actor and producer who is most notable for his role as Jonathan Daniel Hamm in Mad Men. With his really handsome features and aquiline nose, his trademarks include his dark hair hypnotizing green eyes, and deep stern voice.

As Don Draper, he played the suave advertising executive with an obscure past. Ironically, he almost did not get the part because of his good looks, but was able to compensate it with his talent and the similarity of his upbringing to the character he so wanted to play.

Daniel Radcliffe

This actor has got to have one of the most recognizable faces in the world, thanks largely to his iconic role as Harry Potter. Audiences would lovingly remember how cute he was back then, but he has become a swooner in his own right. With his wide-eyed and piercing stare plus his aquiline nose, he has warmed his way to the heart of his new audience as he convincingly tackles one new challenging role after the other.

Now that he has shaved his facial hair for a new role, you can easily see his nose that symbolizes a cool tactician, an image that Daniel personifies inside and out the movies that he has played in.

These Hollywood actors certainly have become icons when it comes to having the ideal male nose shape. Strong and masculine – their noses are what other men want when getting a nose job done.

While having a reference for your new nose is ideal, it is still important to realize that balance and harmony to your unique facial feature should be your top consideration rather than exactly requesting your cosmetic surgeon to copy another person’s nose.  That is why it is vital that you set realistic expectations and be open to the professional recommendations of your surgeon.

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