Asian Nose Job Facts - Dr Andrew Kim

As one of the focal points of the face, the nose plays a special role in creating the symmetry that makes the face look appealing or otherwise. And because of this important role, the increased interest in getting nose jobs have made it one of the most popular procedures of all time.

Having said that, there is a particular sector that has created not only a need, but more of a specialized or customized look for their kind — and these are the Asians. Though there is the stigma of wanting to look like their Caucasian counterparts, the Asian nose jobs have grown into something more appropriate and meaningful to this specific group.

The Evolution and Benchmark of Beauty

In the olden and far away past, society only had one standard to look up to and that was the Western or Caucasian nose that seemed to be the most perfect among races. And who could blame them? Their straight noses were ably complemented by their high and narrow bridge that is perfectly framed by a well-defined tip and nostrils.

But as the world progressed and globalization has exposed people to different standards of beauty, the perfectly ideal nose has been chipped off and Asians have reconnected with their ethnicity by preferring to look closer to their own identity instead of their Western influences.

This did not happen overnight. Up to now, there is still this notion that if you look Caucasian, you look better and you get a bigger chance at succeeding in life. Such a grand promise encompasses the different areas that provide fulfillment to the individual. These areas include career, romance, and social interactions.

Until it has become apparent to them that they do not really want to look Caucasian. They just want to feel confident about themselves, even if it means changing the surface a little. So, when you look at the modern Asians, you will get to look at a race that has found the right balance of physical improvement and Asian pride.

It is for this reason that the Asian patient should carefully discuss it great detail the desired changes. Expectations should be set and corrected with the limitations of the Asian facial structure in mind. Once this has been ironed out, it is time to go for it.

The Asian Touch

What any surgeon should keep in mind is that the final product should look as natural as possible to effectively complement the features of your face and give it a beautiful symmetry that appeals to most.

Scientifically speaking, the Asian nose could be so flat sometimes that it could not support glasses very well. But with a skilled surgeon, the minor changes that shall be made can really change the appearance of the patient without leaving behind a getting the features that made them stand-out.

A popular way of improving the nose through Asian nose jobs is by fracturing the bridge that leads to the moving of the bones closer. This process is called infracture and the change that it brings to the nose is very subtle, but the elevation of the bridge and the consequent thinning of the nose gives it a more appealing look without throwing away its true and ethnic characteristics.

Implants are sometimes used on their own or paired with an infracture to further elevate the bridge of the nose. To further enhance the naturalness of the look, the surgeons of today have developed implants that are made of solid silicone or other more innovative material like the cartilage taken from the other parts of the body and even from another area of the nose.

To further make the changes subtle yet noticeable, the board-certified surgeon then sculpts the tip of the nose while reshaping the cartilage that was used. For the bridge, cartilage from the other sources of the body can be used as well as small silicone implants to produce the desired natural look.

Other things that the surgeon can do is the narrowing of the nostrils by removing the small silver through the crease of the nose. The scars produced are then hidden in the fold. Scarring is one of the issues that should be dealt with because there are skin types that are not scar-friendly.

How to Find the Right Surgeon

This has got to be one of the most important parts of getting a nose job. It is best that you seek the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon who has extensive knowledge about the Asian nose and the manners in which it can be improved using the latest techniques and technologies.

Though their board certification should be more than enough to guarantee you of their expertise, the best doctor would be very sensitive to the nuances of the Asian nose and face in general. Such sensitivity would allow him to enhance the face without erasing the ethnicity of the patient.

A good question to ask the surgeon is how often does he get to perform Asian nose jobs or Asian rhinoplasty. Though it sounds trivial, this would give you an idea on the amount of experience that the good doctor has had. It would also be good to take note of the interval in-between patients. The idea is that this kind of surgery needs a lot of constant practice in order for the surgeon to replicate his success with his previous patients on the new one.

For proof, do not forget to ask for before and after pictures and get as many as you can. Such pictures shall show you to know the aesthetics of the doctor, which be applied on you. If there is a chance for you to talk to his previous Asian patients, go for it. The feedback that you can get from them might save you a lot of trouble in the future.

And most importantly, do not be shy with your surgeon. Be as open and direct as possible before the operation. If you have some celebrity pegs that you would like to copy, bring their pictures to your surgeon. This is another very important phase of the procedure and should be taken really seriously by both the patient and the surgeon.

One of the board-certified rhinoplasty surgeons in Australia is Dr. Andrew Kim. Dr. Kim has been in practice in the field of cosmetic surgery, including nose jobs and double eyelid surgery. He is skilled in providing results to realistic expectations of Asian patients.

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