Asia conjures the face that is as exquisite and exotic as its name.

One distinctive facial feature of Asians are their eyes. While others admire this physical asset, a lot of Asians are conscious of how their eyes look, especially those who have monolids. But cosmetic surgery has made it possible for typical Asian eyes to look bigger through  double eyelid surgery.

If you are thinking of getting double eyelid surgery, here are Asian beauty icons who have captured the entire world with their stunning eyes.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

From her childhood, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s beauty has always been legendary because of her blue-green eyes that are truly mesmerizing to behold. She joined the Miss World Pageant in 1994 and won the title.

There was no turning back and her career steadily soared to greater heights. Her beauty was amply complemented by her natural elegance and quick-witted charm. These made her the most successful actress in Bollywood, particularly remembered for her stellar performance in Devda. The world was enamored and also appreciated her acting chops.

Maggie Q

Born and raised in Hawaii, Maggie Denise Quigly is a child of an Irish-Polish father and Vietnamese mother. Sultry and seductive with her piercing eyes, her star prominently rose after she played the lead role in “Nikita” and was immediately known as on of the hottest Asian actresses of her time.

She used her stint as a model to show that grace, which she perfectly projects onscreen. And because she is the youngest in her family of five, she never lost that playful soul in her. Such beauty inside and out did not go unnoticed by Shiseido who asked her to be one of their spokespersons.

Later on, she also got involved in television and successfully managed it with a movie career that further illuminated the brilliance of her beauty.

Sushmita Sen

A former Ms. Universe, Sushmita was born in Bengali and grew up in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. This beauty was schooled in the Air Force Golden Jubilee and Air Force Silver School in Delhi. Because she was really studious, eventually learned to speak English.

This served her well when she joined the Miss India Beauty Pageant and won against Aishwarya Rai in 1986. That was also the start of her acting career and later on, she became the first Indian woman to bag the title of Miss Universe. Her face and deep-set round eyes were the epitome of Indian beauty, which she passed on to her daughter, Renee.

Hye Kyo Song

Considered as one of the most beautiful Asian actresses, her parents were told that she would not survive. It is a good thing she did and has shared her beauty with the millions of viewers of her TV shows in South Korea.

Known for her very popular shows like All In, The Wind Blows, Full House, Autumn in My Hear, and That Winter, she was actually a figure skater and then went on to model for a school uniform company.

The rest was history. She started with a minor role in First Love, but her breakout role was with Autumn in My Heart, catapulting her to beauty icon status that she totally deserves.

Dia Mirza

Indian actress Dia Mirza was born to a German father and Indian mother. While working for a multi-media firm during her college years, she also pursued modeling for brands like Liption and Emami.

She later participated in Femina Miss India Pageant, in which she stood as the second runner-up and won three other titles. She became Miss Asia Pacific in the year 2000, which cemented her name in the list of The Most Hot Asian Women. She started her career from the movie Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein in the year 2001.

Maggie Cheung

Famous for the moral ambivalence that her characters portrayed in her movies, Maggie Cheung was regarded as China’s Greta Garbo, and her striking eyes and features certainly helped her earn that honor. Born on September 20, 1964 in Hong Kong, she moved with her family to London at the age of 8.

She went back to Hong Kong after finishing her secondary schooling and that is where she began to model and appear in commercials. She even became the first runner-up of the Ms. Hong Kong pageant in 1983.

She later on became an actress and is remembered for her role in “In the Mood for Love” and eventually became the first Asian actress to win a prize at the Cannes Film Festival as Emily Wang in the movie “Clean.”

Marian Rivera

A “mestiza” Filipina with very strong Spanish blood in her veins, she has become one of the Philippines’ brightest stars and one of the most beautiful on anybody’s list.

She reigned supreme in the local television scene playing iconic Filipino comic book characters, as well as headlining Filipino version of Mexican telenovela Marimar and South Korean soap Temptation of Wife. Her stunning almond-shaped eyes, lovely face and sexy body garnered her the distinction of FHM Sexiest Female of the Year award in 2008 and 2014 in her country.


Daniel Henney

At 35, his dashing good looks has made him a living Ken doll. Henney is of Irish and Korean descent and his features prominently display is heritage, especially his mesmerizing eyes.

He is touted to have skin as soft as a baby and a perfect set of teeth. He used his gorgeous face to carve a name for himself in Hollywood and started out as a model, and eventually moved on to appear in several movies including Seducing Mr. Perfect, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Last Stand.

Ken Watanabe

At 50, he remains to be as handsome, or even more handsome than his contemporaries. Born in Koide, Nigata, his mother was a schoolteacher while his father taught calligraphy. He has always been into music and was a band member in high school. He went on to study at the Musahino Academia Musicae which is a conservatory in Tokyo.

His love for music progressed to acting and he eventually started taking theater roles. Known primarily for his samurai roles, he glided into the hearts of many and eventually became a celebrated Hollywood actors with roles in important films like Letters from Iwo Jima and The Last Samurai, Batman Begins, and Inception. His piercing eyes make him the perfect actor to play the thinking roles people have associated with him.

Jet Li

As one of the most famous Chinese actors in Hollywood, the boyish charm and stealth movements in his action films have earned him the admiration of his fans. Aside from his action hits, he also dabbled in acclaimed films like Shaolin Temple, One Upon a Time in China, and Romeo Must Die. In spite of being 51, he remains to be the dashing action star that he is loved for.

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