What was once a quick and easy solution to unwanted lines and sagging body parts has become an option for the very people who are not supposed to need them – the younger generation.

They are teenagers, who are sometimes not even of legal age who are now considering surgical enhancements on their very young bodies.

There are unfortunate situations that involve body deformities that make their owners the target of bullying or unwanted attention. Some really need it for their physical well-being. But for those who are not just happy with how they look, a serious look at these youth, their parents, and the doctors who accept them are in order.

At this point in their lives, kids are very impressionable and can be very sensitive about their body issues and how they find their worth in how they look. The parents should be the first line of defense, giving the child the much-needed emotional support to help the kid rationalize the issue and live with it like most people in society do.

However, the buck stops at the surgeon who readily accepts the teenager patient, regardless if their features have are fully developed or not. Let us take a closer look at this growing issue.

Why teenagers?

Gone are the days when teenagers are left alone to figure out things by themselves. Peer pressure has become so cutthroat that a lot of teens nowadays crave for acceptance from their family and more from their peers. Such acceptance begins with the personal appearance, and every physical flaw is magnified – not only in real life – but also on social media.

The exposure of such imperfections to a bigger audience makes it really difficult for teens – who have features that are different from their peers – to feel good about themselves. Inevitably, the body issues lead to the erosion of their self-esteem and the creation of doubt on their worth as human beings. No parent would want that to happen to their children and this could encourage some parents to propose cosmetic surgery as an option to end the insecurities one and for all.


A staggering number of 18,000 teens, aged 13-19, actually availed of anti-wrinkle injections to remove their “wrinkles” in 2014. Though not exactly in the millions, the figure is still huge and the trend is on the upswing with the most requested surgical procedures lead by rhinoplasty (nose job), followed by breast augmentations, and otoplasty (ear surgery).

The influx of patients is expected to grow at an alarming rate, and it is a telling sign that these kids and their parents mean business. Below are two popular procedures, and what you need to know about them if the patient is a teenager.

Youth Rhinoplasty

When you look at the mirror, one of the things you inevitably see is the nose, and how it protrudes like no other. Some are unfortunate to have structural defects, while others are gifted with a nose with a shape or form that is far from what the media and peer pressure makes you emulate. There have been cases when patients as young as 15 who wanted to have a nose job done but were told to have it when they reach 16 or 17 at the very least.

Right Age for Rhinoplasty

Since a teenager’s body is not yet fully developed, there are concerns that they should let their bodies grow into their fullest potential first before surgery is ever considered. The answer is that it is on a case-to-case basis.

An important part of the nose is the septum, which is the wall that separates the two sides of the nose. It is the focal point or center of mid-facial growth. This part should not be touched or disturbed because it could lead to the abnormal development of the person’s face. This requires the careful evaluation of a facial surgeon to determine if the planned surgery should be carried out or not.

For teenage girls, the ideal time is a year after their first menstrual period. Teenage boys are more complicated to determine, but most successful operations were done at the age of 16.

Aside from the physical maturity required for the teen to have this kind of surgery, a certain psychological maturity should also be present in the patient. This is to avoid possible mental issues that arise from permanently altering your body.

This highlights the participation of the parents because professional doctors prefer the motivation to come from the patient and not the parents, which usually happens when the parent pressures the kid too much. At least one of the parents should be present during the procedure due to the delicate age of the patient.

Rhinoplasty Concerns

If your kid is worried about school, it would take about eight days for the surgery to heal. No need to worry about the pain – it can be uncomfortable – however, it is manageable. Soreness on the area can be expected up to a week after the procedure. Though this is the case, it would still take an entire year for the nose to completely heal, giving time for your nasal skin to slowly contract over the structural framework of the bone and the cartilage.

If they are wondering if their nose will grow after surgery, it will not, unless the surgery was done at the wrong time.

Youth Blepharoplasty

Also known as double eyelid surgery, this procedure changes the appearance of the upper, lower, or both eyelids – and is typically sought after to improve the appearance of the eyes.

Surgery Concerns

The upper eyelid surgery is separate from the lower eyelid surgery, so expect to have two separate operations and the doubled cost because these two are charged as separate procedures. 

Also, a lot of other medical issues have been brought up with this procedure, so it is important to ask your surgeon about them before having them done on you.

After the procedure, you can expect mild pain or discomfort, numbness, swelling and bruising of the eyes, a feeling of wet or dry irritated eyes and extreme sensitivity to light.

Expect a significant change in your overall appearance after the procedure, which will be more evident within several weeks. Complete healing is expected to happen after a year – or sooner – in some cases.

Credible Doctors for Youth Surgery

Because of the nature of teenagers and their inability to carefully decide for themselves what is good for their body or not, the procedure is actually in the hands of the surgeon.

Credible surgeons need to determine if the desire for the procedure comes from the patient or the parents. If the teen passes this stage, the kid needs to know exactly what is going to happen to the body part they wanted to be enhanced and set realistic expectations. Most importantly, they need to be mature enough to handle the downside of these operations. They are young and hardly know their bodies. Any changes can trigger emotional scars that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

Only the surgeon can assess the physical and mental state of the teenager to see if they are qualified for any cosmetic surgery – or if they have realistic goals in mind.  No surgeon in his right mind would neglect the aforementioned concerns and compromise his integrity in the process.

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