At the center of our faces is a nose that gets everybody’s attention, whether we like it or not. For those who think their nose is not as perfect as the others, or to those who need it physiologically, the only feasible solution would be rhinoplasty otherwise known as a nose job.

Before diving into this drastic solution, one should sniff out the details that surround this life-changing procedure – and there are many. In fact, there have been quite a number of misconceptions about nose jobs that people have regarded as the sacred truth, and should be unmasked for what they really are. Below are some of those myths and we strongly suggest you breathe them in and then make those important decisions.

Nose Jobs Can be Done by Any Surgeon

Nothing can be more serious and critical than a rhinoplasty. So, to think that it can be done by any surgeon out there is most certainly a dangerous thought to consider. Anatomically, the nose is considered one of the most complicated body parts that can be operated on simply because of its intricate structure.

It is very important to seek the best cosmetic surgeons to handle your operation. Seek only those who are board-certified and have performed a number of nose job procedures. The number of operations would tell you that the surgeon is very much in touch with the skills that are necessary for a successful rhinoplasty. This is because like any other skill out there, nothing can replace the accuracy and gut feel of someone who’s been doing it forever.

Nose Jobs are No Sweat

Compared to other body parts, the nose seems to be an easier feature to surgically enhance, but that cannot be farther than the truth. The nose is apparently interconnected to so many important parts and functions of the body that just even a millimeter of enhancement can result in significant changes internally and externally. These changes affect the appearance of the nose, a person’s breathing, and their speech. In a bridge reduction, for instance, the surgeon must shave or remove some parts of the nasal bones to create a balanced look.

You’ll Use up Your Life Savings

There was a time when cosmetic surgery was reserved for the rich and famous, and this was the perception for a very long time. At present there are ways to make it more accessible for those who really need it. You can start with insurance companies who cover the cost of rhinoplasty, however, this is only allowed under certain terms. For example, those who have a deviated septa due to trauma are qualified to be covered by insurance. However, for those who need a nose job purely for aesthetic reasons, express your need for a financial plan that would be more feasible for you.

Your Dream Nose Can Come True

Cosmetic surgery has given hope to a lot of patients who really needed this medical solution. But that does not mean that you can get anything you want. If your idea of an ideal nose opposes with what the doctor suggests, you might be courting danger because your idea might give you breathing problems you do not want to have. Talk to your surgeon and plan on how your ideal nose can be achieved. At the end of the day, he is the professional and it would probably be a good idea to listen to your surgeon.

No Pain No Gain

A lot of patients do not push through because of the idea that nose jobs are painful. Thankfully, there is no truth to this myth. When you undergo rhinoplasty, you are placed under general anesthesia which means there is no way for you to feel any pain while the operation is going on. After the procedure, your surgeon will prescribe you with medications to reduce any discomfort you might feel. What you should expect are the other discomforts that could include the swelling around the eyes, a little bruising, and congestion. The best part is that they disappear on their own after a week.

Men Don’t Need Nose Jobs

Men also get their nose done. Though a majority of the patients are women, men also get theirs for cosmetic and functional reasons. So for the guys who feel that rhinoplasty is just for the female demographic, you are missing out on the opportunity to look good and feel good about yourself.

Westernizing an Asian Nose Jobs

As widely debated within and outside the Asian community, nose jobs have been seen as a way of westernizing an Asian face. Some would frown upon the procedure as disrespectful of their own heritage.

But, the word “westernization” is also considered antiquated, specifically because this was created at a time when Asian cosmetic surgery procedures were practised and successfully perfected by Japanese and Korean surgeons.

What people fail to see is that like any other cosmetic surgery patient, the point of going through it is to enhance the features that they already have and not to emulate their western counterparts. There are people whose nasal features may not be proportionate to other features of their face, while there are those who have legitimate breathing problems. Instead of changing this feature, what they have in mind is to enhance what they already have. Though there are some who finds the western look as the ideal image of beauty, majority simply wish to change the way they look to feel better about themselves.

Now that we live in a globalized world, everyone is exposed to different standards of beauty, which is a wonderful thing. The western world has learned to appreciate their Asian counterparts as well as other ethnicities. Such a reality should also open our eyes to the fact that it all boils down to the patient and what he or she wants to get from the procedure and we should not shame those who choose to do it.


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