Rhinoplasty remains to be among the top 5 cosmetic procedures requested by women in 2011 along with likes of breast augmentation and tummy tucks. Successful results are able to provide women with enhanced nose that are more appropriate for their faces, and boost in their self-confidence as well. However there are unfortunate cases where women come in to get revision rhinoplasty done.

Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is a special branch of nose surgery that is aimed at correcting poor and untoward results. This is considered to be a rather difficult procedure requiring more skill and expertise from a surgeon which is why it is also more expensive.

There are different reasons why women come in to get rhinoplasty revisions done. Here are 5 of the common ones they have.

1. Botched Primary Rhinoplasty Results

In unfortunate cases, some women end up trusting their noses to poorly competent surgeons. This leads to botched results such as a pinched look, a hooked nose, a hanging columella, scooped or severely angled.

Poor judgment leads to poor results which could end up giving the nose a more awkward appearance than it had before surgery. The over-operated look is something that women complain about because they don’t want the world to know that they had something done. These women want to go for the subtle results that also create significant improvements.

2. Complications

Rhinoplasty consists of a number of complications, from the bleeding, infections to more severe cases such as skin necrosis. A secondary surgery would be necessary in order to correct the affected nasal structures, to stop the progression of a recurrent problem that stem from the surgery. If not attended to promptly this could lead to more serious complications which could lead to permanent disfigurement of the nose.

3. Asymmetry

Asymmetry is one of the common problems that drive women to get a revision done. There are times when a surgeon fails to fashion the nose more appropriately that it becomes balanced on both sides. This could result to imbalanced nostrils or a crooked nose. However most surgeons would suggest to wait for a couple of months to a year before getting anything done yet again because this could very well be just post-surgical swelling.

4. Complaints over functionality (e.g. breathing problems)

One of the common complaints that women have after rhinoplasty are issues in breathing due to structural problems. There are various factors causing this but primarily this is a result of 2 major causes which is unrecognized pre-existing nasal conditions and over resection of nasal cartilages leading to a decrease in the diameter of the nasal valve area. Women also have revision for this reason because structural problems also resulted to them snoring in their sleep.

5. Dissatisfaction with earlier results

Some women also become simply dissatisfied with the results even though there is really nothing wrong with it overall. Those who have body dysmorphic disorder would have these concerns usually resulting to them coming back for multiple rhinoplasty revisions.

Seek Professional Advice

While it is great to have better knowledge and understanding about rhinoplasty procedure, no amount of research is substantial than getting a professional advice from your doctor. A consultation with your doctor will allow for a proper assessment of your condition. This is also a great opportunity for you to raise some concerns, hesitations and your expectations in getting a cosmetic surgery. Plus, your doctor will be able to explain to you how best you can achieve the eyelid surgery results that you are longing for.

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