Thanks to its central location, any changes made to your nose can be easily detected.  So, when you finally get that nose job, you want people to see it in the best possible light. What perfect occasion to unveil this newly sculpted feature than on Valentine’s Day? Though one cannot really do anything that drastic with the nose, there are still some ways you can do to rock your enhanced feature.

Kinds of Noses

Before we analyze the different ways one can enhance the nose’s appearance, it might be a good idea to the variety of noses and the best approaches on how to make them stand out.

The Flat Nose

One of the most criticized types would be the flat nose. This simply means that the nose appears undefined, or simply put, just plain flat-looking. When you have this kind of nose, the only strategy you have is to make it look more sculpted that it really is. Make-up contouring on each side of the bridge would do the trick.

The Triangular Nose

Because they are much wider at the nostrils compared to the top of the nose, this kind of nose comes out looking like a triangle. What would do a lot of good to this kind is to balance out the shape by contouring the tip of the nose. To further diminish the shape, apply some highlighter under the inner corners of the eyebrow.

The Crooked Nose

As simple as it can be described, the crooked nose is the type that looks a bit uneven or downright slightly slanted. A straight line on both sides of the bridge and the application of a highlighter in the middle would help correct the shape.

The Bulbous Nose

When the nose has a thin bridge and wide-set nostrils, it is aptly called bulbous. Such a type would benefit a lot from the contouring of the nose from top to bottom of the nose and a good highlighter on the center of the bridge.

The Irregular Nose

A nose that has a small indentation on one side of the center of the bridge is termed as irregular noses. The only way to correct the indented area is the use of a highlighter on hit to eliminate all signs of a shadow.

The Narrow Nose

This nose is known for its very thin and narrow bridge. Thickness can be created by highlighting in two straight lines on both sides of the bridge of the nose.

Hairstyles that Flatter the Nose

Because the hair frames the face nicely, it easily becomes a very important tool in flattering the kind of nose that you have, whether your natural or your nose job.

Don’t Layer It

A layered hairstyle puts more attention to the hair than to the nose itself, especially for those with more prominent nasal features, like the one that Jennifer Aniston had. So, if your goal is to make your nose job shine, a straight and long hairstyle will do the trick.

Ride with the Soft Waves and Curls

When a woman gets some soft waves and curls, it helps make the face look a bit wider which then makes the nose look a bit smaller. This can be achieved by setting the hair in rollers or with a loose perm. Such curls would remind you of the famous Giselle Bundchen’s waves.

Bright Colors Take the Spotlight Away from the Nose

Unique hair colors give you an edgy personality and takes away the focus away from your nose. Having said that, for your new nose job, go for the colors that would closely match or fit your skin tone. This would make your nose more prominent than ever.

Go Short

Women with large noses would generally do well with a long or medium length hairstyle. But if the goal is to show the world your wonderful nose job, then the shorter hairstyles would let you achieve this.

Those Bangs

Pretty and smart to look at, the side-swept bangs can easily nab people’s attention while the imperfections on the face become less noticeable. Just do not go for the fringe cut if you want people to see your nose first and foremost before the other parts of the face.

Dust with the Pixie Cut

There are women who love the profile of their nose and for them, the pixie cut would work the best. Go ask Liza Minnelli.

Take Sides

Parting the hair to one side can help take some of the attention away from the larger nose. But if your goal is to really put the nose in the forefront of things, then do the center part to draw the eyes vertically, further emphasizing the nose front and center.

Side Parts

In order to steer some attention away from a large nose, part your hair to one side. A center part draws the eye vertically, putting the nose front and center. This works regardless of the hair’s length, and even a very slight shift in its position can make a difference.

Make-up that Makes Your Nose Shine

People have already mastered the way to create illusions for those whose nose needs some improvement. Below are some make-up techniques that would put the spotlight on the nose that truly deserves the attention it would receive.

Long nose

For the naturally long nose, all it needs is a darker shade of foundation for the tip and under it, in the area between your nostrils, to make it look a little shorter. Blending is still of utmost importance, especially when contouring the nose. The bronzing stick applied on both sides of the nose from the top of the eyebrow down to the top of the nostrils should be blended with the use of a make-up sponge for that seamless base you aspire.

Lessen the Contouring and Color of Make-up

Your new nose should be the focal point of your face and with the nose job you got, it needs as little contouring as possible. Avoid creating the illusion of definition by not putting on so much on the cheekbones and brows.

Because any hint of color on the lips takes away attention from the nose, use a neutral shade or one that is close to one’s skin tone. Incidentally, it gives the woman a more elegant look than what was originally intended.

While a lot of experts think that heavy eye make-up takes away from the eyes, there are some cases when the opposite happens. So don’t be shy and make the eyes as big as you want them to be.

No Concealing Anymore

Because the dark circles under your nose brings a lot of attention to the nose area, better not cover them anymore. Best to keep them natural without any concealer.

Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner. But if you are considering getting a nose job done, there are certainly other special occasions where you can give it the spotlight it deserves. Make sure to remember these sexy tips.

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