We have heard a lot about rhinoplasty. We read about it in medical literature or hear about it on the latest Hollywood gossip.

But if you are planning on getting one done, you might need more than that type of information to even get you started.

Here are ten truths that will set you on the right steps to a wiser decision making process.

Rhinoplasty is a highly invasive procedure.

By invasive it means that the surgeon has to create incisions around the nose in order to separate the skin to reveal the structures below. That is why, if you are a scar former, you must inform your surgeon about this because this might lead to aesthetic and functional problems later on.

Any minor changes created can already make a significant transformation to the nose.

Even If it is just a couple of millimetres taken off, added or adjusted, all these can already make the change needed. That is why you must find a dependable surgeon with the skills, meticulous aesthetic judgment and experience to create a successful result.

Don’t readily trust any cosmetic surgeon to do the job.

Just because someone is a certified surgeon, it doesn’t guarantee that they have the right skills to perform nose surgery. Rhinoplasty is a highly specialized branch of cosmetic surgery since it involves very delicate structures.  For someone to be called an expert, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons states that a cosmetic surgeon should have more than 75 rhinoplasty cases in a year. So when you go for a consult, it is only right to also inquire about the work history of the surgeon.

There is no perfect rhinoplasty result.

As they say, nothing is perfect in this world.  You have to take this very literally, especially with rhinoplasty. Unfortunately what this statement implies is that for every case, there is a 5-50% chance that it may need a revision; whether it is minor or major work.

A good 20% of the patients asking for nose surgery are not good candidates.

A person may not be considered a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty, even though they really want to, if they have pre-existing conditions. Those individuals who don’t have realistic expectations about the procedure may be advised to assess their motives first, because there is a good chance that they might end up frustrated. Those with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) are also considered to be inappropriate patients.

The healing process can take weeks, months, and sometimes even a year to complete.

Don’t be daunted by this statement, because it doesn’t mean that you go around walking with an open wound on your nose. What this means is that the internal structures may need to take some time before they are fully recovered. Remember, bones have to be broken and cartilage has to be taken out or inserted in, so give it some time to settle in. Another thing is that the swelling can also take some time to be relieved, although it doesn’t follow that you’ll have a large swollen nose for the entire course of recovery.

The nose changes over time.

As you heal, or as you grow old, your nose also changes. That is why revisions are possible, and that you don’t have to readily to conclude that yours was a bad nose job. The nose or better yet, your body heals and changes on its own terms.

Revision rhinoplasties have several causes.

A revision nose job is sometimes caused by the surgeon’s substandard work as a result of the lack of skill and experience. Most of the time, it is overdoing it rather than creating less changes that causes the problem.  For instance if the surgeon has shaved off too much bone or removed too much cartilage this can result to a collapse in certain structures.Another cause for a revision is the natural changes of the nose, which was mentioned earlier. With aging for example, it can be inevitable to have the structures of become less resilient or upturned compared to how they are back in the day.Scarring can also be a problem whether it is caused by poor techniques, poor wound care, or by natural factors. Aside from affecting the appearance of the nose, it can also impede proper airflow.

A revision rhinoplasty is more expensive than a primary nose job.

The degree of expertise to carry out the procedure, the complicated structure and the time it takes to finish, are just factors that causes a secondary rhinoplasty more expensive than the first.

The cost of rhinoplasty is not cheap so don’t fall for cheap services.

Something that is of quality doesn’t come cheap. That is why the recommended nose job in Sydney  or Melbourne usually cost around $8, 000 Australia dollars. Revision work can go as high as $10, 000 AUD, and this can still change depending on the region and the clinic where you have it done.

Seek Professional Advice

While it is great to have better knowledge and understanding about rhinoplasty procedure, no amount of research is substantial than getting a professional advice from your doctor. A consultation with your doctor will allow for a proper assessment of your condition. This is also a great opportunity for you to raise some concerns, hesitations and your expectations in getting a cosmetic surgery. Plus, your doctor will be able to explain to you how best you can achieve the eyelid surgery results that you are longing for.

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