In the past, we have covered topics that underline the importance of preparing for a cosmetic surgery.

Of course, this is based on the very fact that any cosmetic surgery is a serious decision one must take and should not be decided upon out on a whim. That is why it is crucial that you take heed of important questions and tips in preparing yourself psychologically before getting a cosmetic surgery.

But, what most people fail to prepare is equipping themselves with the right information for post-operative care and recovery. After all, it is as equally important as having to preparing for one. Researching and getting prior information ahead about post-operative care and recovery before stepping inside a clinic for consultation will help you ask educated inquiries with your doctor. To prepare you for your cosmetic surgery consultation, here are important steps for speedy recovery after surgery that you need to take note and remember.

Plan Your Discharge

No matter what type of cosmetic surgery you will undergo, no matter whether it is a minor or major cosmetic surgical procedure, do not fail to plan your discharge. Make sure that you have a family member or a close friend to take care and make the necessary discharge arrangements before the surgery. Apart from that, request that same family member or friend to drive you from the clinic or hospital to your home after the surgery. This should be done even if you are having a minor cosmetic surgery, like double eyelid surgery.

Make sure that you have already prepared your room even before you have the surgery done, so that you will feel comfortable and be able to rest immediately once you reach home. This way, you do not need to worry about cleaning or preparing your place for recovery. Also, having someone to take care of you until you regain independence in performing daily activities is a great way for you to recover healthier and faster.

Do Not Overeat

One of the things that cosmetic surgery patients fail to realize is the fact that you can go really hungry after a surgical cosmetic procedure. Remember that you will be refrained to eat after midnight a day before your surgery date, that could be at least 12 hours of not getting food into your stomach. It is expected that you feel hungry once the procedure is finished and the anesthesia has subsided.

It is suggested that you do not overeat or, as much as possible, do not eat too quickly to fill your tummy. Eating too much food or quickly after a procedure can cause gassiness, bloating or constipation.

Once this happens, this can disrupt your bowel movement, which most of the time will require exerting too much effort. This can stress your incisions and delay healing and recovery. So, it is recommended that you eat slowly and in moderation immediately after the procedure.

Diet and Vitamin Supplementation

One of the best ways to ensure a speedy recovery is to build your body’s immune system with essential vitamins and nutrients. This can be achieved by eating the kinds of food that are loaded with vitamins and minerals that promote healthy and speedy healing. You may also take vitamin supplements, so you can get the recommended dosage, which proper diet may not do alone. Some nutrients that are needed by your body include fiber, probiotics and protein, as well as vitamins like Vitamins A, C, B complex, K and zinc. 

Get Ample Sunshine

This item may be contradictory to what you may know about post-operative surgical cosmetic care. You may have learned that sun exposure is a bane for speedy healing. However, a little dose of healthy sunshine can actually do you good and is actually important for optimal health. You can get the benefits of good sunlight exposure by sitting outside or by the window early in the morning for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This will also help your body Vitamin D, which helps keep the immune system healthy, maintains blood sugar regulation and reduces the risk of inflammation.

Do Not Tough Out Pain

Side effects are inevitable when you undergo a cosmetic surgery, and you cannot take out the possibility of experiencing swelling, bruising and pain once the anesthesia has subsided. When this happens, never undermine or disregard even the slightest of pain, which greatly varies depending on the type of cosmetic surgery you underwent. Make sure that you follow and take the prescribed painkillers and other medications by your doctor. Pain relief and control medications will help you get up and get moving around faster, as well as decrease the likelihood of chronic pain problems.

However, if you feel like the painkillers do not relieve the pain you are experiencing, make sure that you see and inform your doctor immediately. This can be a sign of a more serious underlying complication that need to be addressed.

Tend to Your Incisions

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a healthy quick recovery is to look after and tend to your surgical incisions. Your doctor will give you instructions on how to properly clean and take care of it, which you should religiously follow. If scabs develop in the incision area, make sure that you do not pick it.

Do Not Be Lazy. Get Moving.

As part of the postoperative care instructions, you will be advised to refrain from performing strenuous activities for at least the first two weeks. This means that you cannot lift heavy weights, do intense exercises or any activities that will let you exert too much effort. However, this does not give you the excuse to laze around and do nothing.

It is recommended that you walk around or do light physical activities with the clearance of your doctor. Moving around carefully will prevent blood clotting from developing and will help normalize your bowel movement.

Get Enough Sleep

A possible and common side effect of cosmetic surgery, especially a major procedure, is sleep disturbance. However, it is important that you resist skimping on sleep and try to return to your normal sleeping routine. Having the right amount of sleep allows your body to heal naturally.

Get Some Company

Apart from having someone take care of you during your recovery, allowing yourself to interact and mingle with some of your closest friends and family members will help you recover better. This will allow you to have good people surround you and boost your mood.

Visit Your Doctor

Your cosmetic surgery does not end once the procedure has been performed. As part of your recovery and healing process, your doctor will closely monitor your progress. This consists of several post-surgery visits to your doctor, which includes the removal of sutures a week after the procedure. This will then be followed by several more visits to the doctor to check for any possible complications that may arise and also allow the doctor to monitor the progress of the work done.

A good cosmetic surgeon will always make sure that you are on the way to a healthy recovery and healing. This includes providing you with post-operative instructions that you must follow religiously, as well.

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