Often considered as a vanity job, having double eyelid surgery done has been closely associated with a desire to look less Asian and more western. However, that is not the only reason why people get this kind of surgery. Like any other type of surgery, you need to know as much as you can before having it done. This one in particular affects one of the body’s most important senses and there is, therefore, no such thing as extra care.

What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Commonly called “double eyelid surgery”, blepharoplasty is cosmetic surgery that is done to correct deformities and disfigurations of the eyelids. Aesthetically speaking, it is also done to modify the eye region to make it look more appealing.

This procedure is commonly done by excising, removing, or re-positioning excess tissues like skin and fat, along with the reinforcement of the corresponding muscle and tendon tissues in the eyelid area. As insignificant as it may seem, it can correct functional and cosmetic problems of the area from the eyebrow to the upper portion of the cheek or the periorbital area.


Double Eyelid Surgery Among Australians – Eye Opener



The Questions to Ask                     

If this is your first time, the questions should really focus on the quality of the work that the surgeon can provide and what makes the surgeon the most qualified to provide it.

Is double eyelid surgery your specialty?

Nowadays, there are a lot of practicing surgeons who have decided to tread other paths in lieu of their original specialty. In the process, they have lessened their experience in a specific surgical field. As a surgeon, it is important to continuously practice what you have learned because while your mind may not lose the information, your hands could definitely use the practice. In some cases, this lack of experience can be dangerous because it might compromise the quality of the desired results.



How long have you been doing this?

Experience is very important in issues that require great skill and talent. Nobody does something perfectly on the first attempt and it does take a lot of practice for a surgeon to know the best way to do things, especially for those who perform this kind of procedure.


How many procedures do you do annually, and what is your success rate?

Seemingly trivial at first, this piece of information will allow you to gauge the dedication that the surgeon has to this kind of surgery and the success that he has had in the field. This information also reaffirms his capabilities as a surgeon. The more patients he has, the more practice and experience he has under his belt.

His success rate is also important to know, and do not just take his word for it. Ask for documents and pictures of his “successful” operations because success is objective and his definition should align with your expectations of what a successful operation ought to be.


What are the benefits of this surgery?

Such a straightforward question deserves a straightforward answer. But there are surgeons who cannot answer this very basic question. Be wary of such individuals because they certainly do not know what they are doing. If your surgeon begins to offer you his other services instead of answering this question, you better leave his office immediately.


What can I expect from the surgery?

This question definitely separates the fakes from the professionals. A good doctor would be able to explain the procedure to his patient like a 7-year old without making the patient feel like one. If his answer is filled with just the aesthetic side of the operation, he has only one thing in mind and it is not your best interest.


What are the complications and risks of the surgery and how likely are they to happen to me?

Aside from knowing what the operation is all about, this is another piece of information that you should clearly understand. The legitimate cosmetic surgeon does not even need any coaxing to give you this because every operation has risks and possible complications. And, they know that it is their duty to inform the patient because it is part of the informed decision that the patient should make for himself.


Is there another way aside from surgery?

To a salesman, this sounds like a warning siren that signals the loss of a client. So if the surgeon says no immediately, without offering any logical answer, you better ask for the opinion of another one. If the surgeon incessantly pushes you towards surgery, know that there is a motive behind it and you should never take part init.


Can you provide any reading material or published sources of information about my surgery?

Doctors have studied long and hard to build their careers and they know their sources. When a doctor cannot give a straight answer and struggles to give you a website, he certainly has not been reading up, which is a bad thing. Or, he just does not know what he is doing and is pretending to know it. Aside from exposing his legitimacy, it is also something you really need to further understand what you are about to go through, so go ahead and get these materials.


Is it possible to talk to any of your former patients?

Testimonies are great indicators of the surgeon’s legitimacy and quality of work. However, take note that a sham doctor can easily fabricate this, too. So, if the doctor refuses immediately, he has something to hide from the patient. Word of mouth is still the best advertising there is, and if a patient is truly happy with a procedure, the patient will not have any problems sharing about it, especially if it is with a stranger like you who just wants to have what the others have had.


What do I need to do before the surgery and should I expect pain or discomfort while getting it?

If the doctor asks the patient to just go to the office on the appointment date without asking for any documents or tests prior to the procedure, he does not know exactly what he is doing, because like other procedures, one has to be healthy to get it done. Health concerns like high blood pressure, allergies, and anxious thoughts should be all addressed before the surgery takes place for a safe and accurate assessment of the patient’s ability to handle it. And if he says the procedure is completely painless, he is just there to sell his expertise and not to take care of your needs.


Asking these questions during consultation with your surgeon is very important. Make sure that you keep these in mind when going to a clinic.


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